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up close and personal

Up Close and Personal was a series of intimate sessions held at AIME 2017 with world leading authorities from a diverse range of fields, designed to give the attendees a personal experience of the presenters and an understanding of the cutting edge topics that are affecting us all today.

Session 1

The Future Now

The futuristic technology we are waiting for has arrived in ways that are invisible to most people. It’s a matter of knowing what to look for. The experts in this session are at the vanguard of these exciting technologies.

Marita Cheng is the engineering visionary who runs interactive robotics workshops and founded Robogals Global.

Dr Catherine Ball, known as the ‘Dame of Drones’, is recognised as a world pioneer in the application of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

Chris Riddell is a sought after futurist and commentator, as well as renowned strategist and global emerging trend-spotter for businesses and leaders in today's disrupted world.

Moderator Brad Howarth is the ultimate tech authority, with decades of experience researching and writing on technology for top publications.

This is a must-see session for anyone grappling with the technological trends and developments that will be effecting business in 2017 and beyond.

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Session 2

Global Success In Media And Music...
What's The Link?

Twice voted Australia's most admired woman, Ita Buttrose is a legendary media editor and businesswoman. Kirk Pengilly sold over 35 million records worldwide with INXS.

Together for the first and only time, these two stars will share their insider teachings with an exclusive audience. The in-conversation style session will be extra special with Ita and Kirk exploring the links between their respective fields.

Emmy-award winning former NBC reporter and masterful host Sara James guided us through how these two got to the international pinnacles of music and the media – two of the world’s most highly competitive arenas.

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Session 3

Mindfulness... Why All The Hype?

The word on everyone’s lips is mindfulness. Why is it seen as a crucial factor in achieving success?

This session brings together true authorities on mindfulness research and practice in Australia.

Michael Carr-Gregg is one of the country's highest profile psychologists and sits on the board of the highly regarded Smiling Mind.

Michael Bunting speaks on leadership and mindfulness at Sydney University's award winning Exec MBA, in addition to being a highly successful business person.

Moderator Sabina Read is a well-known psychologist, media commentator and communications specialist.

Mindfulness means something else entirely for Australia's #1 magician, illusionist and escapologist Cosentino - it's the difference between suffocating in a flotation tank or rising calmly to the surface. Along with the other experts, his insights into this intriguing topic are invaluable.

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Session 4

The Cutting Edge Workplace

Youth leader and millennial expert Holly Ransom, global HR guru Lucy Adams, andAnnabelle Chauncy, the amazing young leader in the philanthropic space, have something in common. These women are no strangers to the complex problems in the workplaces of 2017, and all three are renowned for generating innovative solutions to the challenges.

This session asks: How can we prepare for tomorrow’s workplace today?

What are the changing needs of the team members who make up our organisations? How can we continue to engage and serve the needs of stakeholders into 2017, 2018, and beyond?

Moderating was Margie Warrell – herself a celebrated expert in workplace dynamics and how to get a team firing.

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Session 5

From Little Things Big Things Grow

Few small businesses survive, even fewer scale. The rates of success to be found in this group of extraordinary individuals are rare.

Orange Sky is a world-first free mobile laundry service for the homeless. Its incredible founders Nicholas Marchesi and Lucas Patchett are the 2016 young Australians of the year.

Brad Seymour built Wizard Home Loans with his business partners into the 5th largest home lender in the country, and was instrumental in the establishment of the Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management brand.

Andre Eikmeier is co-founder and CEO of Vinomofo - one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies and a leader in innovation, disruption and culture.

This session challenges young businesses to navigate the path of expansion and growth in a disruptive environment.

We were most fortunate to have the renowned business expert Ricardo Goncalves from SBS Small Business Secrets moderating this most powerful panel of business influencers.

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