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Saxton and AIME invite you to a
truly unique experience at AIME 2018

up close and personal

Saxton and AIME invite you to experience ‘Up Close and Personal’, a series of intimate sessions with world-leading authorities from a diverse range of fields. These sessions are specifically designed to give insight into cutting edge and trending topics while experiencing some of Saxton’s most in-demand speakers.

Sessions will include:

session 1

man vs machine...

are robots challenging humans?

Tuesday 20th February, 10:30am for 10:40am sharp. Sessions will run for around 55min.

In a world that’s quickly becoming more motorised and automated, are robots really the future? Can they be taught human qualities such as intuition and emotion? Can the power of our mind be used to power a machine?

Hear from the fascinating Dr Jordan Nguyen who has changed the world by creating mind-controlled technology.

You’ll hear from Australian filmmaker and thought leader on intuition, Bill Bennett, on whether or not intuition is something that can be ‘programmed’.

Joining the discussion will be Casey Hyun globally recognised trend futurist and former chief designer for Hyundai on how the design of machines are integrated into our lives and what that means for human beings.

Moderated by technology futurist Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen, who will examine how we can prepare for an unknown future.

This session brings some remarkable thought leaders together to ponder questions within our ever changing world and in particular the intersection between technology and humanity.



session 2

get with it...

how gen y and gen z will affect the workforce now and in the future

Tuesday 20th February, 2:30pm for 2:40pm sharp. Sessions will run for around 55min.

Workplaces are an intergenerational melting pot. How do we best utilise the skills of each generation to maximise business and social success? Gen Y, also known as the Millenials, now aged between 21 and 35, by 2020 will make up 35 per cent of the global workforce while ‘Generation Z’, now aged 20 and younger, will make up 24 per cent. So in three short years, more than half the entire workforce population around the world will be made up by workers under the age of 38. How will this change your business and how can you attract and retain them not just as employees but as clients?

This session is packed with insightful industry experts including Stephen Scheeler who most recently led Facebook ANZ as Managing Director, spearheading its success as one of the largest technology and media companies in ANZ, and one of the most successful Facebook businesses in the world.

You’ll also hear from social researcher and Gen Z authority Claire Madden, author of Hello Gen Z, and entrepreneur Finn Kelly, co-founder of award-winning Gen Y community, Wealth Enhancers and Grow My Team, a global recruitment company for remote workers.

This insightful session is moderated by global strategist on intergenerational leadership, Holly Ransom, who was named by Richard Branson as ‘one to watch’.

This session is certain to fill quickly and is essential for businesses seeking to better engage and utilise all the skills and talents of their people within a constantly changing team.



session 3

the future...

what's happening and how will it change our world?

Wednesday 21st February, 10:30am for 10:40am sharp. Sessions will run for around 55min.

In an ever-evolving world, what are the next big ideas that will change life as we know it? From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to self-driving cars, the way humans interact and trust technology will have an enormous impact on our everyday lives and, in particular, how we do business.

Moderated by leading financial journalist, Alan Kohler, you’ll hear from sought after futurists such as technology innovator Matthew Michalewicz and Dr Hugh Bradlow, who’s had a 22-year career with Telstra as chief scientist and future technologies ‘scout’. Joining the conversation on what the future might look like is ethical trends and social commentator Clare Payne.

This session is a must for those keen on staying ahead of technology trends and knowing how emerging technologies will see businesses and societies evolve in the near and distant future.



session 4

resilience and acceptance...

two powerful life-changing tools

Wednesday 21st February, 2:30pm for 2:40pm sharp. Sessions will run for around 55min.

When life deals us with a challenging hand, we have two choices: to let them define us, or to use them as a springboard for something greater than ourselves.

This inspiring session will see the remarkable Nasir Sobhani, known globally as ‘The Streets' Barber’, who’s made huge social impact with a simple gesture of kindness.

Be doubly inspired by the tireless youth advocate and standout TEDx presenter Jules Allen as well as the remarkable Sam Bloom, who despite the challenges life has dealt her, made headlines globally for her unique friendship with a magpie named Penguin.

Moderated by Australian broadcasting legend, Richard Morecroft, this unforgettable session is certain to move you and leave a lasting impression.

This session is packed with stories that exemplify the power of the human spirit in the face of extraordinary challenges with lessons for us all in both our personal and business lives.



Tickets include free entry to AIME 2018.

While at AIME 2018, be sure to visit Saxton at booth 4130, near the entrance to the Up Close and Personal Theatre. View floor plan.