International Women's Day
March 8th 2018

We have been asked by many of our clients for ideas for International Women's Day on Thursday the 8th March, so we thought we would send you a list of some of our most requested high achieving women.

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Hon Julia Gillard

hon julia gillard | 27th prime minister of australia

Ita Buttrose

ita buttrose | passion and panache

Rachel Botsman

rachel botsman | the changing rules of trust

Naomi Simson

naomi simson | ready to soar

Gill Hicks

gill hicks | live a life-affirming story

Kirstin Ferguson

dr kirstin ferguson | inspirational business leader

Layne Beachley

layne beachley | record breaker and history maker

Holly Ransom

holly ransom | harnessing change to drive results

Lily Serna

lily serna | mathematician and tv presenter

Turia Pitt

turia pitt | resilience and grit

Dr Bronwyn King

dr bronwyn king | the fight against big tobacco

Lisa Wilkinson

lisa wilkinson | television and media personality

Liz Hayes

liz hayes | renowned tv presenter

Megan Quinn

megan quinn | the spirit of creativity

Jules Allen

jules allen | the other side of hard times

Clare Payne

clare payne | ethics and trends for a better world

Sara James

sara james | mc, journalist, author, commentator

Nadine Champion

nadine champion | ten seconds of courage

Michelle Payne

michelle payne | against all odds

Dr Catherine Ball

dr catherine ball | drones for good

Sam Mostyn

sam mostyn | sustainability in business

Heather Swan

heather swan | courage, confidence & commitment

Margie Warrell

margie warrell | live and lead with courage

Annabelle Chauncy

annabelle chauncy | building communities

Sami Lukis

sami lukis | television and radio personality

Jodie Fox

jodie fox | do everything before you're ready

Fabian Dattner

fabian dattner | envisioning the future

Khadija Gbla

khadija gbla | breaking down barriers

Sam Bloom

sam bloom | a true story of hope

Tan Le

tan le | you think, therefore you can

Catriona Rowntree

catriona rowntree | multi-talended media personality

Catherine Devrye

catherine devrye | conquer the challenge of change

Cyan Ta'eed

cyan ta'eed | co-founder of envato

Marita Cheng

marita cheng | the science of empowerment

Nicole Eckels

nicole eckels | the sweet smell of success

Rohini Kappadath

rohini kappadath | capturing global markets

Emma Welsh

emma welsh | the rocky road to overnight success

Greta Thomas

greta thomas | the art of audacious vision

Jenine Beekhuyzen

jenine beekhuyzen | tech girls are superheroes

Jana Pittman

jana pittman | hurdles of life

Amanda Gome

amanda gome | uleash your digital entrepreneur

Dr Ranjana Srivastava

ranjana srivastava | health, ethics and communication

Ann Sherry

ann sherry | get up and go

Tammie Matson

dr tammie matson | wildlife warrior and conservationalist

Anna Daniels

anna daniels | comedic journalist, presenter and producer

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