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As a kid, Alissa Proctor always dreamt about amazing futures where technology and humanity are indistinguishable, where you can express your own uniqueness in a myriad of new ways, where reality and virtual are blurred and you are no longer limited by biology, only by your imagination.

When she grew up she wanted to be an astronaut or a cyborg. Not much has changed really. Alissa is a sci-fi addict but it's power is far more than simple entertainment value. Sci-fi has and shaped our reality far more than we realise and can be a powerful tool for creating the future we want.

Alissa’s work experience lies in IT architecture and technology strategy working with clients across Defence, utilities, higher education and government. Alissa’s passion is in the positive potential of new perspectives, understanding the real problem, the connection between body, mind, social and world, and taking responsibility by considering the broader social, ethical and environmental impacts.

Talking Points

Workshop: Science Fiction Design Intelligence

This fun and mind bending workshop takes participants of a journey through time into how the science fact of today has been shaped by the science fiction of yesterday, and how tomorrow will be shaped by the future we imagine today. Participants will ideate the future of their industry (10+ years) combining industry trends and insights with proven storytelling techniques that humanise and connects with their future stakeholders and selves.

Target audience: Senior leadership, business leaders, teams, students. A diverse group across different areas is recommended for maximum creativity

Key Takeaways:
? Come away with increased mental flexibility and loosening of status quo mindset.
? Develop a set of industry leading future stories for your business to guide and inspire your long term roadmap.
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