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Leading authority on creative leadership and innovation.


Since 2000, Jason has been a Director of Minds at Work, a commercial collective of autonomous thinkers and problem solvers dedicated to supporting anyone interested in Making Things Better.

Their mission is to Help People Think and their work has involved them (in one form or another) in just about every government department, many not-for-profit organisations and some of the largest corporations on the planet.

Previous experience

Lecturer: While establishing Minds at Work, Jason also worked as a lecturer teaching Innovation, Logic and Problem Solving at Melbourne Business School, in courses of his own design. He was a guest lecturer in Innovation at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship and for the Stern Business School of New York.

Founder: In 2003 he co-founded (with Larissa Brown) the Future Environmental Leader's project, which quickly blossomed to become the multi award-winning Centre for Sustainability Leadership. Jason is still an active contributor to the project.

Creative Director: In 1994 he became the Creative Director of AAV Australia, the country's largest multimedia production company. He was responsible for the creative output of 200 media professionals on big budget creative projects for large business and government clients.

Film: From 1988 to 1994 Jason worked as an idea merchant and freelance wordsmith for the commercial film and advertising industry, at least by day. At night he developed and taught Creative Writing and Thinking at Holmesglen TAFE.

Producer: Between 1984 and 1988 he was a Producer at Australian Business Theatre, one of the most creative and commercially savvy successful media production houses in the country.

Stage Manager: From the late 1970’s to the mid-1980's Jason was a stage manager, presenting and touring everything from kid’s pantomime and stage magic to Shakespeare and Grand Opera. He worked with Playbox, MTC, St Martins Theatre, The Pram Factory and the Victoria State Opera.

Talking Points

Turning Disaster into Triumph: The secrets of the disaster masters

Ever notice that some people seem to have an uncanny ability for turning a bad situation into a golden opportunity? They fall face first into the Great Cowpat of Life and come up smelling like roses. How do they do it? Is it a secret, a trick, or just plan old-fashioned dumb luck? Or could it be that the difference between triumph and disaster is really only a matter of perception, a product of the way we think?

Teaching Your Mind to Fly: How to fire up your imagination (or someone else's)

Einstein wandered. Mozart played billiards. Da Vinci threw leftovers at the wall. Archimedes and Douglas Adams took baths - but never together. Freud got high, Edison got annoyed. Each of the great innovators has had their own secret technique for releasing their creative genie and it's time to share them with the rest of the world. Find out why you're more likely to find inspiration in the bathroom than the boardroom, why innovation is easier for individuals than for institutions, and why sometimes great ideas come to those who weren't looking for them.

Unlocking Hidden Talent: How to unlock the talent you've already got

When you hire people, you essentially rent their bodies... but if you treat 'em right, you'll get their ideas for free. The people you work with are hard-wired for creativity but over the years they've learned not to use it, to keep it hidden and out of sight. Discover where it is, how to coax it into the light and how to get it working again... and why you won't even need coloured hats to fire it up.

Getting Minds to Work: How your mind works and why it sometimes doesn't

You rely so uniquely on your brain but do you know how it works? Do you know why you can remember the chicken dance but not your PIN number? Discover basic mental hygiene and maintenance to help you get more out of your head, especially when you need it.

Inspiring Innovation: How to build a culture of innovation

Discovering your own creativity is one thing, but it won't go far if it's not supported by an innovative working culture. Learn the key ingredients to the innovative culture, where to find them, how to mix 'em up and most of all, how to keep them fresh.

Embracing Change: How to ride the waves of change You can't avoid and you can't even really manage it, especially when you consider that you're supposed to actually create it, which is much more fun. Learn how to spot the waves of change and how to surf them without going under.

Seeing the Future: How to see the future out of the corner of your eye

The future belongs to whoever sees it first, but how can anybody do that? See how the future may not be as unknowable as you've been lead to believe, especially since What is About to Happen is the first child of What is Currently Happening and the grandchild of What's Already Been.

Problem Solving: How to bring new thinking to old dilemmas

It's hard to focus on the big stuff when you're drowning in the little stuff: too much to do, not enough time to do it and never the right people for the job, whatever the job may be. No matter how you try, the backlog of old problems gets bigger and every day fresh ones join the pile, both at work and at home. Discover a powerful new technique for seeing your problems in a whole new light. You'll explore how you got into your current siutation and just how many ways there are to get out of it. Understand your problems and develop effective strategies to solve them. Identify what's stopping you from doing great things... and get past it.


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In just 90 minutes you managed to get our large group to share, learn, question, have fun and walk away with simple techniques to promote innovative thinking at work. A highly stimulating experience. Chief Financial Officer's Forum
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