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Multiply your business x10.


Michael Hewitt-Gleeson has taught more people to think than any Australian in history. He is Australia's best-selling business author of Software For Your Brain, NewSell and his new book The X10 Memeplex: Multiply Your Business By Ten!

Current experience:

He is the Founder of the School of Thinking with Edward De Bono in New York in 1979. School of Thinking lessons are exported to over 40 countries every day and have already reached over 50 million people worldwide since 1979.

Previous experience:

Based in New York for 14 years, the United States government described Dr Hewitt Gleeson as a "national asset". He has been an international consultant on strategy to a veritable Who's who of the world's movers and shakers. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson's advice has been sought by leaders like Jack Welch of General Electric, Edward de Bono and The Dalai Lama and by organisations from The United Nations, The White House and the US State Department to IBM, Fujitsu, BMW and CPA. Dr Hewitt-Gleeson has lectured extensively throughout the world.

Talking Points

Sales Surge: Double your Sales in 30 Days with Newsell

SALES SURGE: Double Your Sales in 30 Days with Newsell

A keynote presentation to inspire sales meetings to get back to basics with a powerful technique to produce an immediate surge in sales activity that will help generate quick and sudden growth their business.

Word of Mouth: How to Duplicate your Satisfied Customers

Your customers influence at least ten other people. In any target audience the 10% lead the 90%. There is usually a small group of heavy-hitters who call the shots. They may be a handful of trade journalists, a few market-leaders, some early-innovators, an industry spokesperson, a recognised guru or a high profile customer.

What Recession? Use Newsell to Boost Sales this Quarter

Over the years hundreds of studies have been conducted to prove companies should increase sales activity during a recession. Don't cut your sales activities, increase them. Let your competition cut theirs. When you increase your activity, you reassure your customers and buyers can feel they are minimizing risk by doing business with you.

Keep your friends. You know who your loyal customers are. Keep in touch with them and let them know what you have to offer. Maintain continuity to sustain awareness. Selling works cumulatively so you have to remind people frequently about your brand or they'll forget you. This is a time to stress quality and value and do it more often than ever before

Newsell: a Billion Customers Can't Be Wrong

NEWSELL: A Billion Customers Can't Be Wrong

Newsell is now the fastest growing sales strategy in the world! Everyone is talking about it. More and more businesses, every day, are escaping from oldsell and moving over to newsell. Millions of sales people and their managers are now using newsell in the marketplace. Why? Because customers like newsell and they don’t like oldsell and a billion customers can’t be wrong!


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Michael has just given the best keynote address I have ever heard. Sir Ninian Stephen, Governor-General of Australia
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