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Dr Rick

Unlocking our Emotional Immune System.

D.Phil(Oxford Uni)


Dr. Rick Stevenson is leading the practice of guided verbal journaling to unlock self-discovery, emotional intelligence and personal narrative empowerment.

He has filmed 5600 in-depth interviews with kids and teens using his StoryQ method of inquiry.

A creative and passionate combination of award-winning filmmaker and Doctorate of Philosophy from Oxford University, he has directed, produced, and/or written 12 feature films and 100 hours of television, working with artists such as Robert Redford, Hugh Grant, Kiefer Sutherland, Meg Ryan, and Patrick Dempsey.

Talking Points

Your Emotional Immune System

Rick’s 5600 interviews have revealed that we each are born with an inexplicably deep well of wisdom that can be used to guide us and heal us but it is only unlocked by developing our EQ(Emotional Intelligence).

Which 40 Thoughts are filling up your Mental Hard Drive?

The world's top business, philanthropic and political leaders share one thing in common with the world's top athletes: they have mastered their mind game. Developing our most valuable asset-our EQ-unlocks the door.

Acing Campfire 101

Hidden in our oldest tradition--telling stories around the campfire-is the key to personal transformation, human connectedness and viral communication. Unlock that which is already in your DNA.
A successful life all comes down to listening to people. Rick’s talk, sharing lessons he’s learned from more than 5,000 interviews, was both captivating and insightful. The takeaways can improve corporate cultures, friendships and families. America Online
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