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Sustainability Is Magic


Adam is a breath of fresh air and a welcomed exception to the rules. Fusing psychological illusion with powerful language and storytelling, he confidently explores vulnerability, transforming setbacks and failures into alchemical gold. Far more than a mentalist or magician, Adam’s visions of sustainability, mental health, travel and connection inspire new ways of thinking about the world and our role in it.

Current Work

In 2014, Adam settled in Sydney, carving his own lane as performer and presenter by layering mind-blowing illusions with meaningful messages. Aside from his own unique presentations, Adam’s raw approach and relentless creative output lends itself to online mini-episodes, sell out runs of ticketed shows and consulting for other talent.

Previous Experience

With a sharp-wit, relatable humour and a focus on important issues, Adam’s interactive keynote presentations, workshops and close-up performances have earned attention from businesses, NGO’s and local government. He has run educational programs for prison inmates, fundraised projects for Sydney Children’s Hospital and inspired tens of thousands through a series of online videos which use magic to educate on sustainability and environmental practices.

EnvironMENTALIST: As a magician, mentalist and environmentalist, a third of Adam’s work focuses on environmental issues such as conservation, sustainable practice and community. With his cool, infectious optimism and poetic prowess, Adam dwells less upon the difficulties and more on our potential to overcome.

Rulebreaker: Adam was raised in a home that taught him “rules are for everyone else”. As a teen in East London, self-providing through any means necessary, his path could’ve taken a more sinister turn. Supporting family while his father was imprisoned, Adam used a small inheritance to pay for a Practitioner’s Course with NLP founder Richard Bandler. Out of this difficult time came his greatest realisation; these skills of lying, deceiving, cheating and stealing can be channelled to create something greater than himself. Now these same skills, along with his journey, are used to invoke wonder, joy and inspiration for audiences across the world.

Talking Points

Sustainability & Environment

An engaging, realistic and relatable approach to sustainable ideas, demonstrated through interactive pieces of world-class mentalism and visual magic. Just like Adam, the show is super-contemporary, cool and innovative, encouraging the audience to contribute and even use their smartphones for a shared digital experience (directing the audience to the client’s online presence). After crowdsourcing some sustainable decisions, gifts such as keep-cups and metal straws are handed out in a magical way to our volunteers on stage, setting a beautiful example to the audience. This show builds to an impossible, awe-inspiring finale which can be shared with the client as a digital souvenir for them to share.

Rule-Breakers are Innovators

What do the innovators of the world have in common? Their attitude to rules…

A truly unique magic & mentalism experience guaranteed to provoke exciting new ways of thinking.
After a run of sellout shows, the standout pieces from RULEBREAKER are carefully tailored to fit the timing and messages of your event. This show is upbeat, realistic and sharp-witted, rewiring the way we think about the world and our part in it.

Casual, interactive and impactful, RULEBREAKER challenges us to view this modern world through a “no nonsense” lens, tackling topics such as mental health, sustainability and social media fame as we build to an awe-inspiring, unforgettable final moment.

Virtual Magic & Mentalism

Adam is now bringing his engaging, mind-blowing and fully interactive, professional magic & mentalism show to your device.

Adam fuses visual illusions, stunning displays of influence and impossible predictions into an action packed, captivating experience. The show uses group decisions and collective audience input to produce an extraordinary shared journey through mind, time and distance.
Thanks so much Adam, you are a real master. The feedback has been absolutely fabulous with many of us still trying to figure out how you do it! Thanks again, it was the most entertaining hour in the day! AMP

That was awesome! the team are all saying what a great way to wrap the day it was. Thank you again!

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