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Magician & Wordsmith


Magician & Wordsmith Adam Axford is a Renaissance Man on a mission.

Never once bound by conventional employment, Adam grew up as a market trader, polishing his verbal swords on the streets of East London. By 21 he began his career as a hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, guiding others through transformative transitions.

Current Work:

Unconvinced by the efficiency of these one-on-one sessions, Adam explored new ways of adjusting people’s perception en masse. Diving wholeheartedly into the world of entertainment through magic and mentalism, his skills of psychological influence and linguistic finesse proved a sturdy foundation.

Adam’s unrestrained creative thinking and refreshing perspectives are punctuated by jaw-dropping visual illusions and mind-blowing mental deceptions. Off the stage, Adam runs self-defence workshops as a Krav Maga instructor. His work not only inspires people to make a positive change, it arms them with the tools to do so.

Talking Points

Show - Transformative Ideas

Up to 45 minutes

Transformative Ideas is an interactive journey that transcends the boundaries of a magic and mentalism show. Through a mastery of magic and words, Adam Axford creates visual illusions and psychological deceptions to captivate the mind and heart of his audience.

Beyond awe, wonder and mind blowing moments, Adam’s fascination lies with ideas which have the power to transform us. Transformation of self, of others and transformation of the planet - this show offers an exciting and relatable exploration of ideas which are greater than ourselves.

Show - The EnvironMENTALIST

30 minutes

Magician, mentalist and environmentalist, Adam Axford puts his magic where his mouth is. Exploring ideas of sustainability and conservation in a positive light, Adam creates visual illusions and mental mind-blowers to inspire his audience about important issues in a fun, relatable manner.

Through his unique brand of EnvironMENTALISM, Adam has collaborated with countless Councils, local governments, schools and organisations, inspiring new ways of thinking about the future of planet Earth and our role in it.

Virtual Show - Virtually Impossible

Up to 60 minutes

When the global disruption wiped his event calendar clean, Adam Axford saw this as a call to adventure.

Embracing a transition into the virtual world, Adam’s charisma, energy and captivating content flows through the screen with ease. This fully interactive online show has been celebrated internationally from the likes of Google, Amazon, Cisco & Adobe.

Encouraging group participation and collective decisions, the show mixes visual illusions and psychological experiments, building to (virtually) impossible moments.

Using multiple cameras, a professional studio and high bandwidth broadband, the quality of the show is matched only by the brilliance of its content and countless glowing reviews.

Keynote - Treating Life as a Game (that will kill me)

30 or 40 minutes

With the event calendar wiped cleaned, Adam Axford took a fresh approach to life and within 6 months became the most in demand performer in the country.

Throughout this fully interactive experience, Adam challenges the audience to contend with him in a game, where each turn opens up a new level of understanding on how to win at the ultimate game - our own life.

Sharing insights, hacks and cheat codes, Adam’s tried and tested methods reveal the Easter eggs and bonus rounds of base-reality.

In this interactive session with Adam you will learn:
- How to conceptualise reality in a way that gives you full autonomy and authorship
- Ways of aligning your mental and physical state for achieving ones potential
- Adam’s formula for transforming disruption into discovery
- How to extract gold from the lead-lined gift box of self-critique

Fun, challenging and powerful, this session demonstrates that you don’t need to be a magician to achieve impossible things in your life and career.
Thanks so much Adam, you are a real master. The feedback has been absolutely fabulous with many of us still trying to figure out how you do it! Thanks again, it was the most entertaining hour in the day! AMP

That was awesome! the team are all saying what a great way to wrap the day it was. Thank you again!

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