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The art of FLOW.


Let’s face it, life is getting faster and faster and shows no signs of slowing down. Business is more competitive now than any other time in history. Companies and individuals now more than ever need to out create, out innovate and out market their competition. The result of this is a workforce that is having serious issues around sustaining high performance. 83 percent of employees are indifferent to or hate their job, 65 percent or all strategy is never implemented and approximately 73 percent of all change efforts fail.

Dr Adam Fraser is a human performance researcher and consultant who studies how organisations adopt a high performance culture to thrive in this challenging and evolving business landscape. While other speakers talk about research, he does the research, partnering with various Universities through Asia Pacific. He is at the forefront of how neuroscience and positive psychology can be used to improve work place performance. In fact he is thought to be the only keynote speaker in the world to have had the impact of his keynote presentation measured in a University study (It improved the behaviour of attendees by 41%).

He has worked with elite level athletes, the armed forces and business professionals of all levels. In the last 5 years he has delivered more than 600 presentations to over 50,000 people in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. He has worked in many industries and his clients include, CBA, Westpac, Optus, IBM, ABN AMRO, PWC, Asteron, AON, Tower, Local Government Managers Association, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, Queensland Law Society, and the Department of Education.

His topics included the psychology of performance, improvement of productivity, transformational leadership, engagement of teams, work life balance and development of high performing cultures.

Previous experience

Media: He is regularly featured in the media. Having appeared in the Australian Financial Review, CEO magazine, Business Review Weekly (BRW), Fast Thinking, Readers Digest, Human Capitol magazine and Management Today. He has held regular radio spots on ABC 702 and his own slot on Sky Business. He is also regularly on Channel 7’s Sunrise & The Morning Show, Kochie’s Business Builders, Channel 9’s Today show and Mornings, What’s good for you and Close Up in Auckland.

Talking Points

Strive: Embracing the Gift of Struggle

Challenges the Keynote Addresses:

The future of work is changing dramatically. Huge shifts in technology, automation and client needs are requiring our work force to completely evolve their mindset and behaviour. However the challenge businesses face is that their people are not evolving their behaviour fast enough.

For the last 10 years Dr Adam Fraser and Deakin Business School have been studying how leaders and teams can evolve, innovate and be resilient in times of change, to stay commercially relevant and profitable. The research shows that the key factor that allows teams to transform and evolve is their relationship with the struggle and discomfort, that is inevitable in any change.

Outcomes from the Presentation:

People will walk away from the presentation with:
- A constructive and resilient mindset towards change and transformation.
-A simple three step process that they can use in the moment to overcome struggle when striving towards any
type of evolution, like a new strategic outcome, new sales target or new behaviours that drive better
performance, collaboration and innovation.
- How to create a STRIVE culture in your teams, where people reflect on progress, learn from failures and have
greater levels of perseverance and tenacity when under pressure.

Problems it Solves:
- Stops people retreating back to old safe behaviours when faced with the opportunity to evolve.
- Helps teams band together and create a culture that supports transformation.
- Helps align teams and individuals towards strategy.

No Thanks Kevin: The Psychology of Courage

Challenges this Keynote Addresses:

Over 15 years we have interviewed over 1800 senior leaders in organisations about the biggest challenges they face. The most common response is, ‘Our leaders and team members are not doing the courageous behaviours they know they should be doing. They have been on every course known to man but they are still not having hard conversations, holding people accountable for results and impact on culture, seeking honest feedback, coaching their people and being authentic and vulnerable with their teams.’ Organisations are being held back due to their peoples inability to be courageous.

Dr Adam Fraser has unpacked the psychology of courage. New research has shown that the traditional approach to being courageous has been wrong. We incorrectly thought that to be courageous we had to feel positive emotion and think positive thoughts. This approach simply leads to procrastination.
In this presentation Dr Adam will show people how to be courageous even in the
presence of negative thoughts and emotions.

Who is Kevin I hear you ask? That will be revealed in the presentation.

Outcomes from the Presentation:

Leaders and team members will earn to:

- A four step psychological process (the four elements of courage) that can be utilised in the moment when
they need to be courageous
- They will learn that you don’t have to feel good before taking courageous action
- This entertaining, informative and most of all practical presentation will get you to rethink everything you
thought you knew about your brain

The Third Space: Developing Behavioural Agility

Challenges this Keynote Addresses:

Would you like to learn how to:
- Have a bad day and not take it home with you?
- Have a stressful meeting and not let that mood infect the next meeting?
- Endure a de-motivating set back yet still be able to attack your next task with optimism and enthusiasm?

Your job as a team member, leader or sales person is to adapt your behaviour to meet the needs of the next role, environment or task. However too often one setback or bad meeting can derail a person’s day by having a domino effect, robbing them and your business of energy and focus.

Dr Adam’s cutting edge research with Deakin University shows that what high performers have in common, is they use THE THIRD SPACE to overcome setbacks and assume a mindset to get the most out of what is coming next.

THE THIRD SPACE is the transitional gap between “What the hell just happened?” and
“What’s next?” High performers use this space to decompress, jettison the negative and bring new focus and energy to the next task at hand.

Outcomes from the Presentation:

Teams will learn how to;

- Use THE THIRD SPACE to transition effectively between the different roles, environments and tasks that
make up their day and how to extract the maximum value from each, eg: have a stressful meeting and not
let that mood infect the next meeting?
- ‘Show up’ at work fully responsible for the energy they bring to positively affect the behaviour and culture
of the organisation.
- Use a simple three step process on the way home from work to dramatically improve work life balance and
overall happiness.

Rechargeable: Building Sustainable Performance

Challenges this Keynote Addresses:

All organisations today are seeing margins being squeezed, budgets tightening, workloads rise and targets increase. As a result burn out is a real issue for many people in business today. When team members burn out their performance plummets, they are at more risk of mental health issues and they tend to have a dysfunctional impact on the culture of the team.

But how do you prevent burn out when you still have a mountain of work to get through?

Dr Adam Fraser’s research has proven that it is possible to improve your wellbeing while working at a fast pace. The mistake most people make is they think that in order to recover they need to take long breaks off work. Dr Adam Fraser and Deakin University’s research shows that the best way to prevent burn out is short, regular consistent bursts of recovery. Recovery is a regular habit we need to do each day, week and month. We can recover while working hard.

Outcomes from the Presentation:

People will walk out of this presentation with an individualised recovery plan that they will implement in the following months. The plan is designed in a way that it is built around
peoples existing habits, this increasing the success of the plan.

The Ripple Effect: How we All Affect Culture

Challenges this Keynote Addresses:

One of the biggest blocks to cultural transformation is when team members outsource culture to the most senior people. Team members incorrectly believe that it’s only the leader that shapes the culture of a team, they say things like, “The fish rots from the head down”.

However when you look at the true psychology of how cultures work, you realise that these statements are incorrect. Science has made incredible break throughs in our understanding of how the culture of teams and organisations works. We have discovered that culture comes from the bottom up as well. In this challenging and competitive business landscape we can no longer outsource culture to the senior leaders. Every person in an organisation affects its culture. Every behaviour from each individual sends a cultural ripple that affects the people around them and thus shapes the culture.

Outcomes from the Presentation:

This fascinating, humorous and enlightening presentation will completely change the way your team views how they affect their organisation’s culture. They will learn that:

- Every member of a team has a profound impact on what that culture looks like, not just the leaders.
- Human behaviour self excites, meaning we copy the behaviour of the people around us.
- Every time you exhibit behaviours that are not aligned to the desired culture of the team, the culture is
- Small behaviours are often thought of as trivial however the wrong small behaviour can have a huge
negative impact on a team or culture.
- They can have a clear list of positive ripples each person in the team can send to improve the culture of
the team
Adam was great at our offsite. It was my second time in his audience and I was entertained as good as the "first time. Adam moulds interesting research results and statistics into a humorous, informative and engaging presentation. His message clearly showed us how to maximize our performance each day. Personally he got me to sit up and question my understanding of things, especially things about our rituals and habits. I strongly recommend Adam’s presentation to others. Commonwealth Bank

We had the largest response from our customers to this seminar, with over 67 acceptances. The feedback was exceptionally positive and the presentation provided a fantastic mix of information and interaction. Just watching the room people were nodding approval and understanding, you clearly hit the mark! Thank you for you professional and energetic and positive approach. I appreciate that it’s not easy to ‘rouse’ an audience at 8am in the morning. Thank you once again. Would you please come back to us another time?

Quay Appointments

Adam’s speech was high energy, entertaining and thought provoking. The audience responded well to the key points of his speech and my managers and team leaders have been motivated to use the techniques that Adam presented. They now have a clear understanding of how they can better prepare and motivate themselves, and their teams, during times of high pressure and the accompanying stress that results. Adam has been consulting to me on a personal level for a number of months and has enabled me to be much more e!ective as a manager and to maintain high personal performance levels. I would strongly recommend Adam as a speaker at any presentation focusing on the key interdependencies of energy, health and stress management in raising the effectiveness and performance of staff and management.

Thomson Legal & Regulatory Limited

Thank you Adam, for an amazing and most enjoyable presentation. You certainly are an excellent presenter and communicator. Your stories and personal experiences not only encouraged all the attendees to relax, enjoy and be challenged, but also set you apart from other presenters. I am very appreciative that I have taken away tools to implement in my life and working habits.

High Pro!le Events Pty. Ltd.

Both my clients and I found your talk to be informative, amusing, anecdotal and extremely well delivered. It is obvious from your performance that you were well prepared, practiced and familiar with both your topic and with speaking in public to groups. As our guys were _ of the way through lunch when you commenced your talk it was a credit to you to be able to capture their attention and keep their interest throughout. It is without hesitation that we would recommend you to other organisations looking for someone to inform, excite or rev up their teams, or represent them in front of clients and customers.

Century 21 Australia
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