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Leader & Educator.


Adam is a real leader who walks the talk. His speaking offerings are filled with stories, messages, tools and hope developed from years of successful School Leadership as a Principal in some of Australia’s most challenging locations. Adam is a leader & speaker who has genuinely ‘been there and done that’.

Current Work:

Adam is taking his message about schools and leadership to a new level and also providing high quality interactive training for School Leaders and Teachers through Real Schools. And further he transforms businesses, companies, teams and organisations through Real Learners.

Adam’s speaking and programs have taken him across Australia and internationally. Just some of his achievements include:

- Being featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise program as a Bullying Expert
- Presenting a TED Talk at the inaugural TEDx Darwin event
- Winning his first Principal position at only 35 years of age.
- Presenting on School Culture at the 2012 ACEL Conference in Brisbane
- Opening a brand new Northern Territory school as its inaugural Principal.
- Speaking at International Conferences about developing successful school cultures in Singapore and then also more recently - in Kazakhstan.

Adam is connecting with leaders and educators locally and internationally with bias for long-term Partnerships that sustain change. His determination to impact and empower all leaders with this message is endless and this shines through each and every presentation.

He has a passion for empowering as many dedicated leaders and educators as possible with the tools, skills and attitudes necessary to build meaningful, productive relationships wherever they are. And for these relationships to be leveraged for a new level of performance and leadership potential.

Talking Points

School Culture In Focus

A lively, engaging and thought-provoking session built around challenging misconceptions around School Culture and redefining it for today’s schools. This presentation commences by highlighting the gap between believing that School Culture matters and really knowing what it is and how to work on it. Peppered with stories from real experiences in real schools, the presentation then speaks to three key imperatives in every successful school culture:
- Committed Teachers - measured by their willingness to reflect and improve rather than the hours they work.
- Caring Students - elevating student empathy and motivation to achieve.
- Connected Communities - re-positioning schools as the relational hubs of their communities.

This presentation makes accessible to action points required for all schools to make their ambitions around culture a reality from the moment they get back to school.


Most Australian schools have heard about Restorative Practices. Some have had great success and some have floundered and become frustrated with the approach. There’s a reason for that. And this presentation unpacks:
- Why RP is the best available vehicle for driving towards the culture you seek in your school.
- How to implement and understand the full restorative framework and how it connects purpose with practice in your school.
- What we’ve done wrong with RP in the past and what we need to do to gain the full and enormous benefits of it.

In the end, this keynote speech builds the case for a new level, a new frontier, of practicing restoratively. Rather than a tweak on the old approaches, RP2.0 is a bold, new ambition that every educator can believe in.


A presentation for both educators and leaders in all fields, Conduct is all about building the capacity in your people to conduct themselves in ways that reflect your organisations values.

Too often, we espouse what we believe in and place values, codes of conduct and mission statements on walls and letterheads - and nothing changes.

Chiefly, this is because we’re seeking to formalise, through documentation and policy, that which is inherently informal. It’s really all about the rules and patterns by which people get along.

Whether your team comprises young or old people, experienced folk or greenhorns, enthusiastic players or anchors - this presentation will be a turning point in being able to understand how to engineer progress, relational rigour and unification.

The Learning Culture

Arie de Geus said that “The ability to learn faster than our competitors may just be the most sustainable competitive advantage” … and then he went and turned Shell into a global superpower. And despite this example, most businesses are glacial in their progress from a learning approach mired in the classroom model of the industrial age to a new, inspiring approach that takes team members beyond knowing, through doing and into being the contributors you are looking for. Learning lights people up. And organisations that embrace learning as a lever for culture are those who also light up their customers. This keynote presentation is only for those who are interested in a competitive advantage that can’t sustains and transforms. When exactly, will your people ever really learn?
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