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Global Expert in Work Engagement, Productivity and Burnout.


Dr. Amanda Ferguson is a global expert in work engagement, productivity and burnout with a Masters Degree and PhD in Organisational Psychology.

Current Work:

A registered organisational and general psychologist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Amanda has been in practice for 30 years and has worked extensively with multinational organisations such as IBM Global, AMP, Macquarie Bank, Telstra, NSW Health, Ernst & Young and Johnson and Johnson Medical and more.

She has provided keynotes, training and has served as a mentor to professionals from all walks of life.

As a published author, keynote speaker and podcaster, Dr. Ferguson is passionate about helping people find meaning, satisfaction and successful transitions in life, work and their relationships and is widely regarded as the go-to source on all things work-related.

Dr. Ferguson regularly provides her insight in the media and has appeared on national prime-time television, radio and major print as an expert in professional and self-development since 2002. She shares her expertise alongside a variety of guests on her 'Psych For Life with Dr. Amanda Ferguson' podcast, discussing topics such as personal and work issues, relationships, professional and personal development, performance and more.

Her first book, 'LifeWorks: Rediscover Yourself and Transform Your Relationships' published by HarperCollins in 2002 was a sell-out in its first year and received excellent reviews in The Sydney Morning Herald and by Relationships Australia's CEO and The Australian Psychological Society. When she is not sailing her boat on Sydney’s beautiful Pittwater or in clinic, Dr. Ferguson can be found sitting by her window working on her next book, which discusses achieving at work.

Talking Points

The era of uncertainty, crisis and navigating change

We have entered a new era of uncertainty, pandemic, climate disasters, riots, political unrest and economic downturns. Managing our mental heath, staying productive and helping others is so important now. History and evolution show us that adaptability and resilience are in our natures and by further developing these skills we can manage and even turn adversity into opportunity.

In this keynote Amanda discusses:
- Change and the unknown
- What is Intolerance of uncertainty - and how to reduce this.
- Adaptability, resilience - regaining balance and happiness
- Self-regulation and how to stay productive
- Mental health - Anxiety, depression, and stress -and how to manage mood.
- Managing lockdown fatigue
- Managing the fallout for work and relationships

Key Outcomes:
1. Increased awareness of this uncertain era and why mental and psychological health matters more now than ever
2. Confidence and skills in self-management, Adaptability, resilience and happiness
3. Why staying productive is more critical now than ever - and how to do this
4. How to manage others - be compassionate, encouraging and patient.

Employee engagement, psychological safety, burnout and productivity

Employees have never faced such trying conditions. They want to be engaged, included and empowered. Engaged workers have energy, involvement, advocacy. They feel psychologically safe and avoid burnout. Organisations that provide resources, positive social context and meaningful recognition have greater profitability. Engagement is proven to increase retention, productivity and business outcomes.

It is more relevant now than ever before, as workers and organisations must be more conscious in driving engagement through times of uncertainty, disasters and stress.

In this presentation Amanda unpacks:

- What is engagement and why is it even more important now?
- Why is the relationship between a person and their workplace key?
- What are positive, learning cultures, with “bottom-up” strategies?
- Why is it important to know if you work to live or live to work?
- What is optimum engagement vs burnout?
- How do people feel part of a community and involved?
- How do people feel their work is meaningful and makes a difference?
- How do people feel valued, trusted and respected?
- How do people feel psychologically safe, secure and self-confident?

Key Outcomes:
For workers - learning about their personal style of engagement, how to manage, build and gain from it personally and professionally to be more satisfied and successful.

For employers - the importance and how to help people feel part of a safe community, sharing critical information, empowering, valuing and trusting people.

Meditation, hypnosis and sleep: Maximising the power of your mind

Meditation and hypnosis are rapidly gaining importance and are increasingly used at schools and in the workplace. Quality of sleep has become a critical health issue. These three abilities can enhance our health, happiness and performance in areas of life - work, personal and relationships.

In this presentation Amanda will unpack:

- Why meditate? What is mindfulness?
- Why do people increasingly turn to hypnosis, including in the workplace?
- What is the science behind meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis?
- How does it work? Can anyone do it? Are there risks?
- What is the science behind sleep
- Common causes of sleep deprivation or why you’re experiencing sleep problems
- Your pathway into sleep: What to do - Exercises and methods

Key Outcomes:
1. Understand the world of the mind and how much more use and management you can have over yours and how much more healthy, happy and productive you can be
2. Gain an experience of being led in and out of a trance state and through a meditation (not hypnosis)
3. Develop your own unique pathway to better sleep.
I wanted to thank you for being an important part of our D&I conference. Your panel was incredibly engaging and informative, and we received really positive feedback. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and experience, and for being part of this important discussion. AHRI

Amanda was the Keynote Speaker at the ACE (NSW) State Conference ... Ferguson presented an extremely poignant session... Our post-conference evaluation feedback was very positive in regard to Ferguson's presentation. I would certainly recommend her as a capable and thought-provoking motivational speaker.


I have regularly engaged Amanda Ferguson in a professional capacity since 1999. Amanda has provided corporate training and personal development services for myself, my senior management team and staff within the GIO Workers Compensation Division. This includes presentations at seminars, workshops and conferences in respect to building awareness and commitment to change, dealing with and delivering change and building team awareness and performance. ... Over this time, Amanda has excelled in her engagements and has a very high standard of professional confidentiality. I would recommend Amanda for any public speaking engagement or group work within a corporate environment.

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