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Leading creativity and innovation psychologist.

We live in a world littered with digital distraction and temptation. It's time to reinvent the way you work.

Dr Amantha Imber is an organisational psychologist, founder of Australia’s leading innovation consultancy Inventium, and co-creator of the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies list. Amantha has helped companies such as Google, Apple, Disney, LEGO, Virgin Australia, Commonwealth Bank and many others innovate more successfully and reinvent the way they approach their work.

Current Work

In 2019, Amantha was named as one of the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence. Amantha is also the host of the number one ranking business podcast How I Work, where she interviews some of the world’s leading innovators about their habits, rituals and strategies for structuring their day.

Amantha’s thoughts have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fast Company and she is the author of two best-selling books: “The Creativity Formula” and “The Innovation Formula”.

Talking Points

Innovation Survivor: How to outthink, outsmart and outlast your competitors

It is our ability to generate breakthrough ideas to business challenges and opportunities that is what literally enables us to outthink, outsmart and outlast our competitors. Amantha will take you through the latest scientific findings in relation to what really drives highly inventive and disruptive thinking - and how participants can apply these findings to their role.

You will walk away with a set of practical tools that you can use in your own role and also with others across the organisation to innovate what you do and disrupt the competition.

Who this is for:
- Business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, marketers, small business owners, anyone who needs to think more creatively in their role.

Key takeaways:
- A set of practical tools to drive breakthrough thinking;
- The skills to literally outthink and outlast competitors;
- Tools that can easily be communicated to your teams and others within the organisation to help spread the innovation virus quickly and effectively.

Digital Distractions and Tech Temptations: How To Find Your Focus

Email. Social media. Endless pings and dings. We live in a world littered with digital distraction and temptation. And when we need to do focused, impactful, and creative work, protecting that time is precious.

Dr. Amantha Imber will take you through the latest productivity research from psychology and neuroscience. She will reveal evidence-based strategies that will help you transform your work habits, turbo charge your output, and optimize your work hours.

Who this is for:
- Business leaders, executives, small business owners, knowledge workers, entrepreneurs, anyone who wants to achieve more with less.

Key takeaways:
- Understand how your current behaviour is killing your ability to do impactful work.
- Learn practical strategies to turbo-charge your progress on your most important projects and maintain focus effortlessly
- Discover hacks that can be applied immediately to tune out digital distractions
- Learn tips on how to make these behaviour changes stick.

How to Create a Culture where Innovation Thrives

It is universally recognised that innovation is key to growing a business. As such, creating a culture where innovation thrives is critical. However, when surveyed about what they think creates a culture of innovation, over 95% of business leaders get the answers wrong. They are basing their decisions on intuition rather than science.

Dr Amantha Imber will share with you the 14 key drivers to creating a culture of innovation - according to what has been scientifically proven. In a highly interactive keynote, the audience will get to see how closely their intuition matches with science.

In addition to the science, Amantha will share stories from some of the world’s most innovative organisations about how they are applying these principles.

Who this is for:
- Business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, marketers, anyone who is trying to achieve growth through innovation.

Key takeaways:
- Understand the 14 drivers that matter when it comes to creating a culture of innovation
- Learn the top five most impactful areas where you need to focus your innovation efforts
- Hear case studies and strategies from the world’s most innovative companies on how they are creating a culture where innovation thrives
- Gain practical ideas to unlock breakthrough thinking through creating the right type of working environment

How to Create the Best Place to Work in the Universe

Only 15% of employees are fully engaged, which means the other 85% are just rocking up to do their job, get a pay cheque, and go home. To thrive at work, people need autonomy, flexibility, and to be treated like adults, not children.

Hear from Dr Amantha Imber, the founder of Inventium, who attracted global attention by being the first CEO in Australia to introduce unlimited paid leave. Amantha will share some of the insights gained from Inventium’s headline-grabbing practices, such as:
- What impact did Inventium’s unlimited paid leave policy actually have, three years on?
- How does a workplace function when there are no managers, and what have been the biggest challenges of running a Holocracy?
- Is it a good idea to pay people to leave?

Amantha will share her key lessons in providing staff with extreme autonomy, letting staff take as much leave as they like, and even having a CEO who works a thousand kilometres away from the rest of the team.

Who this is for:
- Business leaders, executives, human resources professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, anyone who is passionate about creating a great place to work.

Key takeaways:
- Practical strategies on how to create a group of truly energised staff
- Counter-intuitive methods to keep people fully engaged
- How to create the best workplace in the universe

Webinar: Thriving At Home: Science-backed strategies for turbo-charging productivity and wellbeing when working from home

While many companies have flexible work policies, working from home 100% of the time is a whole new world. It's a world filled with mixed emotions, ranging from guilt (am I working hard enough? long enough?), confusion (is it okay to put a load of washing on during work hours?), lack of direction (what should I be prioritising?), and loneliness (who am I going to chat to about Married At First Sight?).

Dr Amantha Imber has helped thousands of people turbocharge their productivity, wellbeing and energy levels when working from home. Her programs have increased productivity by over 25% and have increased people’s job satisfaction and energy levels by over 30%.

In this interactive virtual keynote, Amantha will cover:
- How to create the optimal structure for your home workday, based on your natural energy levels and brainpower
- The simple strategy that will let you win back at least two hours in every workday
- How to eliminate distractions in the home so you can get work done
- Why the traditional to-do list is killing your productivity, and what to use instead
- How to bookend your day to create clear boundaries between your work and non-work lives.

Amantha guarantees this keynote will transform the way your people approach working from home, and will make them much more productive and happier in their home office.

The science of how to design your most effective workday

We are living in a world where productivity books litter the shelves in bookstores, to do list apps frequently top the iTunes charts, and the idea of getting things done (GTD) has practically become a religion. Yet with all these tools and advice, many of us feel like there are not enough hours in the day. What’s more, so many people leave work and wonder “what did I actually achieve today?”

During this highly interactive and energising presentation, Dr Amantha Imber will share with you an evidence-based approach to completely change the way you work, to enable you to do better work. She will take you through the latest research that will help you transform your work habits to ensure you get high impact, meaningful work achieved every single day.

- Understand how your current behaviour is killing your ability to do impactful work.
- Learn practical strategies to turbo-charge your progress on your most important projects.
- Learn how to change your work habits so they support your ability to do great work rather than hinder it.
Like most people, I'm only half listening to the presentations towards the end of conferences. That's because my attention is focused on the long list of emails on the BlackBerry I'm hiding under the table. Amantha Imber's presentation was different. It was compelling, intrusive, provocative and insightful. I powered off my BlackBerry and listened. Wunderman EMEA

It was during the final session of an incredibly boring seminar that Amantha made her first impression on me. She blew me away. She was quirky, engaging, energetic, energising and incredibly insightful. Since then, I've involved Amantha in running my part of the business because she causes people to be more productive in their roles by helping them to be more creative. Amantha is one of those great educators who does not teach things, she helps people to discover things. Through group workshops and one on one coaching Amantha has introduced a new language and a set of concepts into my team. These concepts act as triggers to remind us when we should be thinking more creatively and tools to help us make this happen. The evidence of Amantha's value, to my business, has been made clear to me through my teams' increased willingness to embrace and apply creative thinking as a critical discipline for running a large and complex business. I have no hesitation in recommending Amantha to any business leader.

Medibank Private

Amantha is a person who makes a lasting impression and changes people's lives. There aren't many who can claim that. Of course it helps that she has a PhD in cognitive behaviour, but she combines her deep expertise with an exceptional gift to teach and inspire and enthuse and build deep personal connections with people from all walks of life, culture creed and colour. She teaches the most complex science in a way that makes it seem simple, easy and very do-able. She is also one of the most professional people I have ever worked with- reliable, prepared, personable. I love working with her!


Amantha provides her audience with strategies that are directly translatable into practice - no small feat given the phobias and anxieties that a large number of people experience when reflecting upon their own personal levels of creativity. I recently invited Amantha Imber to present both a keynote address and a workshop at a conference for Tasmanian teachers. Amantha's keynote was exceptional and profoundly moving for me as a person and as an educator. The conference has since proven to be something of a hit. The 'secret weapon', in my opinion, was Amantha Imber!

Vocational and Applied Learning

Amantha Imber's presentation was a refreshing change. Clearly a gifted public speaker, she implored us to 'crush our assumptions', 'go wide', and 'step into the shoes of others', in order to stimulate creativity in our marketing teams. It set a creative tone for the conference and engaged the delegates on several levels. I would recommend Amantha as a conference speaker to other conference organisers looking to get the most for their delegates and add a little spice to their planned schedule.


Amantha recently led an interactive keynote with the Disney Consumer Products team, which bowled everyone over. Amantha’s style is disarming, engaging and thought provoking. She presented pragmatic insights in such a way that the team felt really empowered to take the information and run with it. Was a wonderful reset moment and we’re all looking forward to living more of our best work life. Thoroughly recommend.

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