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Founder Good Empire & Co-Founder of Vinomofo.

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We need to change our culture of business, for good.

André is a $100m startup founder, brand visionary, adventurer, storyteller, and passionate thought leader on purpose, culture, growing tribes and being human. He talks openly about his own failures and the insights that have shaped him and built his success.

Current work

In 2018, André launched Good Empire - a brand agency and software platform to transform organisations, align purpose and brand, unite tribes and change the culture of business.
André and his team are at the very forefront of what they do, and what they do is fiercely relevant and vital as organisations look to stand for something and create sustainable value for their customers, employees and the world.

Previous experience

Speaking: André has inspired, challenged, and moved audiences with his keynotes and workshops for some of the best companies and entrepreneurial conferences in the world, including Microsoft, Telstra, Westpac, Mercedes, Visa, Sunrise and Business Chicks. He is raw and funny, energetic, entertaining, and brutally open.

Failures: With a fascinating entrepreneurial career that includes dropping out of university, a failed family business, an acting career in four out of five of Australia's worst TV shows, a singing career that never transcended being lead singer in a One Hit Wonders covers band, a theatre company that imploded on its first production, two years on the phones in customer service, and a year-long kombi wine adventure around Australia...

Vinomofo: André co-founded and built renowned online wine company Vinomofo from his garage into a $100m global wine retailer, renowned for their strong culture and brand, and their passionate tribe of mofos. In its 7-year history, Vinomofo has been awarded Deloitte’s Fastest Growth Company, Telstra Victorian Business of the Year, Online Retailer of the Year, AFR Most Successful Staff Engagement and one of the Great Places to Work Australia.

Talking Points

Road to Vino - A Story of Failure, Resilience, Transformation and Happiness

It took twenty years, five failed businesses and three unsuccessful careers to build the overnight success that is $100m global online wine startup Vinomofo.

Woven through a moving story of 50 Stones and an epiphany, André shares a very real and raw account of the failures, triumphs and hard and vital lessons that have shaped the company and him as an entrepreneur.

This is the real truth - the fears, the impact of being an entrepreneur on friends and family, the soul-searching.

Who this is for:
Founders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, teams going through disruption or transformation, people looking for happiness and balance

Key Takeaways:
- How to create a culture that is not afraid to fail
- Tools to help teams cope with failure, adapt to change
- A new perspective on life that just may be the secret to happiness

Human Business - Changing Culture for Good

Our culture of business is broken.

The relentless pursuit of growth for growth’s sake, no matter the cost; more over better; profit without purpose; manipulating customers and employees for optimisation and efficiency; taking no responsibility for community or the planet - it’s not sustainable.

People are holding organisations accountable, and even the mighty are falling on account of poor culture. Companies are realising they must create value not only for shareholders, but for all - customers, employees, suppliers and the community. Organisations want to change, even if only because they know it’s the only way to survive and grow. But they need help.

André shares with us the Human Business Manifesto - a model for changing the culture of business for good.

Who this is for:
Founders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, teams, and anybody who wants to see a change for good

Key Takeaways:
- How to create a sustainable, enduring human culture
- New human business definitions of success
- Inspiring examples of companies leading the movement, and how you too can be a human business.

How to Grow a Tribal Brand

In modern marketing, you cannot afford to buy and churn attention, you must create a brand that stands for something, that is a beacon that unites a tribe of people who care.

André shares his insights from creating one of the most engaging wine brands in the world, and shows us how to align purpose, culture and brand, how to tell a story that people will care about and talk about.

Who this is for:
Founders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives, marketers

Key Takeaways:
- Tribal Methodology for defining purpose, your why, how and what you stand for
- Community Canvas model for finding your tribe, and what unites them
- Brand Values, the Core Idea and telling stories that people will talk about
Andre Eikmeier’s presentation was the highlight of our graduate networking dinner with senior leaders. The personal values that drove his journey and the authenticity of his presentation style aligned with our business and leadership behaviours. He shared deep insights into his career that inspired our group, demonstrating resilience and humility. He shared his business model and their customer-focused strategy which also rang true to our group, all in an incredibly engaging and entertaining presentation that had the room laughing and participating. We would definitely recommend Andre. RSM Bird Cameron
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