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Lucia Mackay

Leadership, influence, people and performance


Anna-Lucia is a highly acclaimed educator, speaker, writer and consultant in the fields of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing, and Innovation. In 2012 she was recognised for her work as a finalist in the National Telstra Business Women's Awards and is now a Judge for the prestigious Telstra “Best of Business” awards.

Current work
As an Educator and Moderator for Harvard Business School, she is also an international speaker and the best-selling author of "The Four Mindsets - How to Influence, Motivate and Lead a High-Performance Team.

Anna-Lucia has been working in the field of Emotional Intelligence for 25 years and was one of the first people globally to introduce Emotional Intelligence into the fields of Business and Leadership.

Today she works throughout Europe the Middle East and Australasia for many of the world’s leading companies and has published numerous
articles in national newspapers and business magazines.
Anna-Lucia is also Board Chair for Mercury Private and a Chairperson for the CEO Circle in Australia.

Previous experience
Educated in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Australia, over the last 20 years she has consulted, trained and spoken to many of the world’s leading corporations in human behaviour and performance, talent management, change management and mentoring.

Talking Points

How to Unlock Creativity, Innovation and Potential

How to develop and create The Innovation Mindset.
The Innovation Mindset Model.
The core competencies required and where to start.
Understanding and maximising the Thinking Styles within your team - and how they will come together?
The role of intuition and how to develop.
Why most organisations are failing in innovation and creativity - and what you must do to overcome.
The role of emotional intelligence in creating new products, services and ideas.

Leadership Workshop

Update your managers in modern day management and leadership principles relating to effective leadership mindsets, Emotional Intelligence and the brain.

Provide an interesting and fun angle on how to increase communication effectiveness, how to manage and control perceptions more effectively, and how to read signals and cues in other people - in order to better influence performance outcomes.

Further build on team work and collaboration in their own teams - and across functions.

Ensure a high level of knowledge retention due to a variety of learning and teaching methods used.

Ensure high engagement and an interesting session.

Typical Learning Outcomes:

Part 1: Leadership Today - it’s all changed!

What it means to be an inspiring leader in today’s business world.
What makes people, the generations - and teams tick today?
What is the role and impact of a manager and leaders mindset?
Emotional Intelligence - what it is and why it is so important today in business?
What differentiates average from outstanding leaders?
The three “must have “competencies - self awareness, self-management and empathy.
How to build skills in each - the starting points.

Part 2: Leading and Communicating with Influence (incorporating Thinking Styles?)

How people think?
The Four Thinking styles.
How do you think and your team members think?
How does this relate to management, communication and teamwork?
How will this help you in all types of management and leadership conversations including coaching and mentoring?

Emotional Intelligence: The key factor to positive mental, wellbeing and stress management

Emotional Intelligence is the number one place to start for ALL mental health and well-being initiatives. It is critical to the future of your business and to those who work for you.

Everything starts with a thought. The quality of this thought will then either induce a positive or negative emotion - and it is this emotion which will drive behaviour and actions.
Without emotional intelligence, people do not understand why they experience certain thoughts and emotions, and are less likely to truly understand those in others, and this results in an inability to control situations effectively - and even more stress.

Stress, burnout, and mental health issues all require a strong foundation in Emotional Intelligence so that we can effectively perceive, anticipate and manage day-to-day problems - and so we can become more resilient and effective in today’s new world.

Future Proof: Leading of the future, how to unlock performance, potential and creativity

Mastering our minds, thinking skills and the ability to influence and persuade are all critical to leadership and
business success. Every future skills list for 2025, 2030 - and beyond - has human thinking skills at the top of the list.

More than ever before the ability to solve complex problems, ideate, create, and manage oneself - will absolutely determine your future - and the future of your business.

Understanding three critical human intelligence is essential to ensuring you continue to outsmart your competition and continue to give you the edge in sales, service, leadership, innovation and AI development.
Future Proof is designed to show you how to develop your teams and leaders and provide you with a clear pathway, with proven tools and techniques, to use along the way.
While this book focusses on the role of the manager, this knowledge is heavily relevant to everyone looking for personal growth and development and in particular for those wishing to build and retain great quality relationships in any part of their life. A great reference tool for all. Merlin Entertainments PLC

Anna-Lucia Mackay has partnered with Nestlé Australia Ltd for the past 8 years and her style and use of the four mindsets approach in conducting the programs has significantly helped us build employee capability. The feedback from the programs consistently shows that Anna-Lucia’s approach truly engages participants and helps them to take their learning back to their role for immediate application.

Oceania Nestle

My belief is that being a manager is not about power, it’s actually far from it. It’s about being a positive influencer and enabler built on a foundation of respect, sincerity, consistency & authenticity. These values are at the core of Anna-Lucia’s training. The time I spent with Anna-Lucia gave me the confidence to stay true to my own beliefs and values as a manager yet have the tools and framework to navigate my way through unfamiliar and sometimes confronting situations with personnel.

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