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Serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, activist and expert brand builder

When you let go of what you currently are, you open yourself up to what you can become.

Anne McKevitt is a serial entrepreneur who has been highlighted as among the world's most admired and powerful business leaders by many publications including Time Magazine, Forbes, The Times and the New York Times. She was honoured as a Leading Woman Entrepreneur of the World in Paris.

She has advised and worked alongside 52 Heads of State including 3 US presidents; President Bill Clinton, President George W Bush and President Barack Obama on poverty alleviation, global health, climate change and education.

She grew up in Scotland in a government council house. Aged 15, she ran away from home to escape from domestic violence, and moved to London on her own to create her dream life and career.

Now more than three decades later as a high-profile entrepreneur and business leader, Anne McKevitt has led the way in many business fields, including fashion styling, property development, interior design, retail, publishing, TV and high level business consultancy-all with enormous success.

Current Work

Sydney has been Anne’s main home for the last 15 years. Through her business MDPC Global she still travels the world each month while she guides exceptional and high-profile clients-many of whom are Oscar winning Hollywood A-listers, Grammy winning musicians, elite sports personalities, bestselling authors and remarkable entrepreneurs seeking to grow their brands. These clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, Jay Z and our own Australian fitness guru Michelle Bridges as well as the 2019 Telstra Business Woman of the Year- Natasha Chadwick.

The scale of the individual projects Anne and her team worked on in the past year varied between $5 Million to $31 Billion.

Previous Experience

Leadership and Consultancy: Anne sat on Harvard’s Women’s Leadership Board for many years. She has also assisted many Fortune 100 corporations and global corporate entities in growing their organizations including Mercedes, Ikea, Royal Doulton, Peugeot, Ernst & Young, Wal*Mart, Deloitte, Waterford Crystal, Jeep, Bloomingdales, Saks, Pottery Barn, Moet et Chandon, Sainsbury's, Debenhams, Wedgwood, Marks & Spencer, Commonwealth Bank, Optus, Toyota and Hewlett Packard.

Media: Anne spent a decade as a prime-time TV host and celebrity on British lifestyles shows. She rolled out five interior design books all of which became best-sellers and a large range of home-ware products.

Talking Points

The Power of You

People underestimate what they are capable of doing. They’re raised not to believe in their capabilities, which is shaped and reinforced by those around them, their circumstances and society’s way of supressing ambition. They lack self-belief and are afraid of being a tall poppy so they try to fit into a mould that is expected of them.

This talk is about making a choice to be brave, to reveal what you really want to be or do, and then the negotiations you need to make to be that person-even when those negotiations are frequently with yourself! Anne helps audiences understand the unlimited power of what each of us can do and achieve.

The Game Plan

Entrepreneurs often overcomplicate the journey. They operate in chaos and only see the big picture, failing to realise the power in the detail. In this talk, seasoned veteran and serial entrepreneur Anne McKevitt shows audiences there is a smarter way, one that is leagues apart from traditional business practices. It is about being better, doing better and creating better results. She shares her critical Game Plan, the sequential success methodology every business owner needs to reach the finish line with less hard work and less stress. When applied, the outlined principles create exponential results.

SheSuccess - Confidence

Although it is widely accepted the gender gap must close, we’re a long way from that goal. In this talk, Anne McKevitt focuses on the one thing that holds many women back - lack of confidence. Anne identifies why women are frequently filled with self-doubt, struggle with fear and all too often suffer from imposter syndrome. Anne will share her formula to conquer insecurities, eliminate anxieties and build confidence to overcome all disadvantages and fulfill potential.
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