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Cultural Intelligence and Leadership Expert

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The future of work is increasingly mobile, diverse and human.

Anoushka Gungadin is an experienced CEO, Board Director, Entrepreneur and author with a career across four continents in the last 20 years. She works at the intersection of Cultural Intelligence and Leadership.

Recognising the shift in economic forces, highly globalised societies and increasingly diverse talent and market, Anoushka set up GlobalCQ to help leaders understand, connect and realise the potential presented in this new era. GlobalCQ has been recognised for its innovative vision and is the winner of the 2018 Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow Award.

Current work:

Anoushka is the Chief Executive Officer of The Australia India Chamber of Commerce (AICC), a business to business and business to Government focused organisation that drive the economic, trade and investment relationship between Australia and India. Anoushka is a Non-Executive Director on the Board of the Anglo-African Investments.

She is also an International Speaker and facilitator on Cultural intelligence, inclusion and diversity, and future. For an exclusive clientele: she combines her wealth of CEO and Director experience, and her cross-cultural expertise to work with CEOs, Executives, Directors as their strategic advisor and sounding board.

Anoushka is also an MBA Lecturer at the Kaplan Business School on Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Diversity.

She is also working on a new book, Cultural Intelligence: the future currency of smart leaders. Her book draws on her deep connections with the business community and features interviews with Government including the Former Premier of Victoria, Australian High Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Trade Commissioner of Peru, Consul General of Mongolia; Minter Ellison, B team Australasia, Emergent and Telstra CEOs; and many other distinguished leaders.

Anoushka speaks six languages, has lived and worked across Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia with global brands such as UNESCO and L’Oreal.

Previous Experience

CEO: Anoushka is the former CEO of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Victoria, the world’s leading youth achievement award.

Head of Finance: Prior to this, she was the head of Finance and Clients Department for an International French law firm in Beijing where she lived for 11 years.

Talking Points

Cultural Intelligence: the competitive tool of the future

Our world is becoming increasingly small and diverse. Economic powers are shifting from West to East and from North to South, from USA and Europe, to Asia and Africa. Mature economies face an ageing population, while Asia and Africa have a young population with a significant middle class.

The future employee and the future customer are significantly different to the one we know today.
Global trends are creating new and gigantic opportunities, but how equipped are today’s leaders and businesses to unlock these opportunities?

Anoushka shares why Cultural Intelligence is one of the most important skill for leaders, teams and organisations to become future ready.

Who this is for:
Business leaders, teams,entrepreneurs and anybody who wants to grow through engaging with diverse workplace and marketplace.

Key Takeaways:
- Global trends: opportunities and challenges
- What is Cultural intelligence and the benefits of CQ
- The CQ-5 framework to build CQ in organisations

Disrupt Unconscious Bias at Work

We live in increasingly diverse societies creating ‘super-diversity’ in the workplace across gender, age, nationality, race and more. Bias affects how organisations make decisions that impact employee engagement, retention, organisational culture, client experience and brand perception.

Research shows that employees at large companies who perceive bias are more disengaged and active disengagement costs companies $450 billion to $550 billion per year in the U.S.

Anoushka shares how unconscious bias is an obstacle for a company's people and business growth and details how to disrupt this.

Who this is for:
Business leaders, teams leaders, People Strategy and Growth leaders, HR managers, all employees

Key takeaways:
- The origin of bias and its importance
- Understanding and assessing your own bias
- Ways to move from bias to inclusion

If I Can, You Can

Anoushka's bio details a long and impressive work history and she is very grateful for the opportunities she's had. However, there is another side to her story, one of starting over and over again from scratch, a story of re-invention, of not giving up and finding her truth.

Anoushka knows we are more powerful than we believe and if we get out of our own way, half the job is done.

Who is this for:
For those who know that that life is finite and there is more to them, for the crazy braves.

Key Takeaways:
- Self belief & our DNA
- Change your narrative and change your life
- If I can, you can: step into your power
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