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Elias Corneliussen

Global leader on International Relations and Current Events


Arne Elias Corneliussen is a geopolitical advisor and keynote speaker. He provides truly eye-opening and highly insightful speaking engagements.

He is a political scientist and he studied in the US, Egypt, and Chile. He travelled around the world from a young age, and he has a broad and unique global understanding of geopolitical and strategic events. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of NRCI - a geopolitical advisory firm. He founded NRCI in 2010.

Previous Work

Arne travelled to more than 125 countries, and he conducted a wide range of long overland fact-finding expeditions by train, car, and bus across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America where he mapped geopolitical, security and business risks and opportunities, infrastructure developments, logistics corridors and local conditions. He travelled on 10 fact-finding expeditions to 42 countries in Africa and he crossed 30 countries on the African continent alone by public bus.

He travelled on an expedition by train, bus and car from Shanghai across China, Central Asia, and the Caucasus to Istanbul to map infrastructure developments, logistics clusters, and the geopolitical landscape along One Belt One Road - or the New Silk Road as it is also called, which China now develops. In the fall of 2022, he travelled by bus and train across 19 countries in eastern, southern, and western Europe and assessed geopolitical and strategic dynamics in Europe and Europe´s future. These overland fact-finding expeditions gave him extraordinary geopolitical, strategic, and business insights.

His vast global on-the-ground experience combined with managing a geopolitical advisory firm for almost 15 years makes him uniquely experienced and highly knowledgeable about geopolitical and strategic events and dynamics worldwide.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London - a world-leading society for geographers and explorers. Arne Elias Corneliussen maintains a close dialogue with a vast network of insightful and informed contacts on all levels in academia, business, diplomacy, and governments worldwide. He is the program chair, conference host, moderator, and keynote speaker at Norwegian Risk Forum - NRCI’s annual geopolitical conference focusing on geopolitical risks and business opportunities worldwide.

Arne provides truly eye-opening and highly insightful keynote presentations, speaking engagements and conversation sessions.

Talking Points

The Changing Dimensions in Global Geopolitics - Impact on Investment Outlook and Business Strategy

In this eye-opening presentation, you gain insights into evolving geopolitical and strategic dynamics across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America impacting businesses and investors.

Strategic forecast on a range of current topics in global affairs, and eye-opening key insights which will drive geopolitical dynamics across these regions in the future.
A wide-ranging and clear-eyed assessment of key geopolitical and strategic trends that will shape our world in the future.

Audience Takeaways:
- A clearer understanding of how geopolitical events and dynamics around the world are connected and impact supply chains and the global economy
- Understand how China´s global infrastructure strategy - One Belt One Road - impacts economic development, investment outlook and geopolitical dynamics
- Eye-opening insights into how geopolitical and strategic developments across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa evolve now and, in the future
- How geopolitical events impact investment outlook and business strategy

The Geopolitical and Strategic Implications of AUKUS

Australia´s new security partnership with the UK and the US entitled AUKUS has a range of geopolitical and strategic implications. In this eye-opening and highly informative presentation, Arne Elias Corneliussen examines the geopolitical and strategic consequences of AUKUS and provides a strategic forecast for Australia in the wider global context.

Managing Risk in an Unpredictable World

In this presentation, Arne Elias Corneliussen, provides a highly informative presentation of the key risk factors impacting global business today. He examines the geopolitical and strategic implications of China´s One Belt One Road strategic, geopolitical dynamics across Asia including Russia, India, Iran and the wider Middle East. In addition, he examines and explains how companies should understand the changing risk landscape across the African continent and position themselves for the major business opportunities in Africa. He also provides key advice on how companies should prepare and plan for various risks and also how employees should prepare when operating in risk environments.

Strategic and Geopolitical Dynamics Shaping Asia Today and in the Future

Brief Description:
- Arne Elias Corneliussen travelled on a range of overland expeditions by train, bus, and car across Asia from China to Turkey, in addition to other overland expeditions across the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South Asia. He has an in-depth understanding of strategic and geopolitical dynamics shaping Asia today and in the future.

Audience Takeaways:
- In this highly informative presentation, you gain a deeper understanding of geopolitical and strategic drivers and dynamics shaping Asia today and in the future.
- Strategic forecast of the most important geopolitical issues confronting Asia including the rise of China, India´s role in Asia, Russia´s role on the Eurasian continent considering the war in Ukraine, and key countries including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

The Future of Europe

Brief Description:
- Arne Elias Corneliussen conducted a 2,5-month long overland fact-finding expedition by bus and train across 19 countries in eastern, southern, and western Europe in the fall of 2022.
- In this insightful and eye-opening presentation, he shares his observations, perspectives and insights on how geopolitical, strategic, and economic dynamics impact the future of Europe.
- He shares his observations and insights from travelling on the ground across geopolitical faultlines and historical conflict territories including Ukraine, the Balkans, and Northern Ireland - and how historical conflicts may resurface and impact the future of Europe.

Key Takeaways:
- Eye-opening geopolitical and strategic insights into Europe today and in the future.
- A sense of deep understanding of how Europe is evolving and how we can prepare and plan for the future of Europe.
- Understanding of how historical conflicts may resurface and impact the future of Europe.

Africa - Understanding and Exploring a Growth Continent

Brief Description:
- Arne Elias Corneliussen travelled on 10 fact-finding expeditions by public bus across 30 countries in western, southern, and eastern Africa. He travelled to more than 40 countries in Africa in total.
- In this fascinating and eye-opening presentation, Arne shares his unique insights, observations, and perspectives from travelling on the ground across the African continent.
- He shares perspectives on geopolitical, economic, and infrastructural developments across the African continent - and he provides key insights into finding the right local partner and building an on-the-ground team that will enable your business to grow in Africa.

Key Takeaways:
- An insightful and balanced understanding of how Africa evolves.
- Key insights into Africa´s investment outlook and how companies and investors should adapt their business strategy to explore growth opportunities across Africa
- Informative and clear-eyed understanding of Africa.

International and Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation

Brief Description:
- Arne Elias Corneliussen combines his academic background studying intercultural communication and negotiation with his long international experience living and operating on the ground around the world.
- This highly informative presentation provides unique insights into how companies, investors and organizations should collaborate, communicate, and negotiate internationally.
- Useful and eye-opening real-life examples of how to build robust, dynamic, and agile teams that operate effectively in complex international environments.

Key Takeaways:
- Useful and relevant team-building strategies.
- Negotiation techniques to tackle complex and changing international business environments.
- Conflict-resolutions mechanisms to build organizations that ably meet the challenges we face in a complex geopolitical landscape.

Conversation with Arne Elias Corneliussen

Brief Description:
Arne Elias Corneliussen provides conversation sessions with questions and answers in which an interviewer and audiences may ask questions directly. His unique experiences travelling on overland fact-finding expeditions across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America provide unique and extraordinary value to his strategic and geopolitical insights.
These sessions may cover a wide range of topics - a global panorama of geopolitical and strategic issues and current events, how to build strong and robust teams operating in challenging international environments, how a leadership group or board can develop a sophisticated culture of listening, respect, and agile leadership to meet the geopolitical and business challenges facing our world today

Key Takeaways:
- A deep sense of insight and understanding into the most pressing questions and challenges of our time
- Experience a listening conversation atmosphere where deep thinking and reflection enable sophisticated strategic thinking
- Wide-ranging and insightful knowledge and insights useful and relevant in different business, corporate and organizational environments
NRCI's CEO Arne Elias Corneliussen gave an excellent virtual presentation to AIG, providing a compelling and insightful analysis of the challenging geopolitical environment for business. In 45 minutes he expertly covered an impressively wide range of global topics. Arne has broad and deep expertise, and the ability to combine detailed regional knowledge with a genuinely global and ‘big-picture’ perspective. AIG

Arne Elias Corneliussen delivered an excellent keynote address at our recent Global Infrastructure Investment Conference in London. Arne did a great job keeping the audience engaged. His presentation was very insightful and the delivery seamless. Leading up to the conference Arne was very responsive, friendly, and helpful in making pre-event preparations as efficient as they can be. I would strongly recommend to book Arne as a keynote speaker for any similar industry events.

Informa Connect

We had the pleasure of having Arne E. Corneliussen as our keynote speaker at the Danske Bank Annual Transaction Banking Conference 2022. Arne gave an excellent presentation on the global geopolitical landscape and answered our customers questions in a very enthusiastic and insightful manner, providing his own personal perspective. For these reasons and consistently positive customers feedback, we would definitely consider having Arne as a keynote speaker in our future events.

Danske Bank

NRCI´s CEO Arne Elias Corneliussen delivered a fantastic 2-day virtual geopolitical risk management training course. The participants thought it was an excellent training course and very engaging. Feedback from the participants was extremely positive

Risk Learning
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