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& Jaine Morris

Founders of Coreo & experts on the Circular Economy


As Co-founders of Coreo, a leading Circular Economy advisory firm out of Brisbane, Ashleigh and Jaine Morris are a dynamic duo of optimism, systems thinking and storytelling.

The pair are committed to catalysing a global transition to a circular economy. They are renowned for delivering circular solutions across diverse stakeholders, including government, business and community in sectors as diverse as mining, agriculture, property development, textiles and beauty products.

Current Work:

As CEO of Coreo, Ashleigh has an unwavering commitment to be of service to the creation of an economy that respects and values people and nature.

In recognition of her strategic foresight and experience in the private and public sectors, Ashleigh has been awarded the Lord Mayor of Brisbane’s 2020 Young Business Person of the Year Award; is a Prime Minister’s Scholar; an Australian ASEAN Emerging Leader; was an invitee to the 73rd United Nations General Assembly; and is an Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy Champion, a title granted to only a handful of people worldwide.

For her work pioneering business involvement in the circular economy, Ashleigh has presented to two Australian Prime Ministers, travelled with the Federal Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment to Japan on a Future Leaders, Future Cities Business Mission and represented Australia as a panellist and speaker at the World Circular Economy Forum alongside the former European Commissioner for the environment. She is an Associate Professor of Griffith University.

Jaine, COO of Coreo, is a much-loved speaker for her disarmingly playful nature, coupled with her ability for brutal truth telling. Jaine’s expertise lies in her capacity to take her audience on a circular exploration that is compelling, inclusive, and tangible. Underpinning engaging storytelling with deep operational expertise, Jaine's work has been recognised and celebrated, notably having been invited to share her views at the 2019 United Nations General Assembly.

Jaine has also been appointed an Associate Professor at Griffith University and is a Technical Editor of Wiley’s publication ‘Circular Economy for Dummies’. Jaine has been Listed as number four in the world of CSR Influence Leaders 2020 and was invited to serve on the Property Council of Australia’s Circular Economy Committee.

Talking Points

Taking the Circular Economy from Theory to Action

The circular economy is an economy that serves people and nature, rather than one that people and nature live in service of. In 2017, Ash and Jaine quit their jobs to undertake Australia’s first Circular Experiment, working with 42 businesses in a city street to implement a range of circular solutions. The experiment showed undeniably that our finite take, make, waste economy can and must be replaced by a circular model of create, value, create, value infinitely. Learn the three underlying principles of a circular economy and the five business models that will enable you to catalyse change in your home, community or workplace.

- Understanding of what the circular economy is and how it relates to you
- Learning of the three principles and five business models of the circular economy
- Case studies of where and how the circular economy has been put into practice Applicable to heads of sustainability and procurement, board directors and transformation leaders across business government and community organisations.

Reevaluating your Appreciation of Value: What Does a Wasteless World Look Like?

Culturally, we have viewed the circular economy as a waste management solution - this is a wasted opportunity. The circular economy takes a systems view of the world and regards waste fundamentally as a design flaw. Globally, 91 per cent of all raw materials are wasted after their first use, which means that not only are we wasting the materials themselves but also the value they could contribute to the economy, such as jobs. What would a waste-less world look like and how can we supercharge innovation, partnerships and shared values to eliminate waste in the first place, rather than manage it once it’s created? This keynote focuses on a cultural shift of doing more good, rather than less bad.

- Understanding waste as a design flaw
- Learning various circular economy approaches to innovate waste out of the system
- Explore what we value as a culture and how that relates to the value we might create Applicable to senior leaders and managers of people and culture, executives and managers across manufacturing, food and beverage, agriculture, property, state and local government, and education institutions

Living, Working and Thriving in the Circular Economy: A Vision for the Future

The circular economy represents a 2 trillion dollar opportunity over the next 20 years as reported by PwC in April 2021. A circular economy would likely abate 165 million tonnes of carbon pollution each year in Australia, an outcome that closely aligns to the Paris Agreement. The question is not why accelerate the move to a circular economy, it is why not. Ash and Jaine engage, energise and excite the audience with their pragmatic and attainable vision for the future. As recognised global changemakers, they believe shared understanding is the hidden metric that will scale the shared value creation of the circular economy.

- Understanding the circular economy as a systems-based solution
- Learning the metrics of doing good being good for business
- Exploring Yarrabilba, a community thriving through circular economy design

Applicable to people from all walks of life including corporate teams, community groups, students and policy makers.

Co-founders, Sisters and Entrepreneurs: Bringing the strategy and the sparkle

It’s not every day you get to experiment with economic power structures, design waste out of humanity’s lifestyle and protect the longevity of our planet’s resources - all while standing alongside your sister…. Unless you’re Ashleigh and Jaine Morris, co-founders of Coreo. The pair exemplifies the benefits of cognitive diversity in decision making. While CEO Ashleigh is a systems-thinker, naturally targeting boardrooms with governance frameworks and C-Suite strategy, Jaine humanises the challenges with storytelling and inspires action in the here and now with grounded operational experience. Hear their unique story of overcoming immense personal challenges to embark on a journey of a lifetime together. And learn how these very different personalities use their difference as a key differentiator to fuel their impact in transitioning our most powerful establishments to a more circular economy.
- Learn how to break from the silo of likemindedness and leverage differences of perspective for good
- Build inclusivity into your culture, systems and processes to ensure diversity brings its full value to the table
- Be inspired by the entrepreneurial journey of starting from where you are, with what you have and believing that anything is possible

A highly inspirational talk applicable to entrepreneurs, not for profits and community groups.
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