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Dr Barbara

Expand Your Mind: The Art & Science of Harnessing Creative Intelligence.

Once you’ve seen a wider mind you can’t un-see it!


Dr Barbara Dolan is a renaissance woman with an extensive creative and educational portfolio ranging across psychology, neuroscience, sociology, urban planning, design and the arts.

Barbara brings to life nuanced ‘aha’ understandings of creativity in action and her expertise is sought at the cutting edge of arts, science and innovation. She works with globally acclaimed intuitions and projects including Australia’s leading performing arts conservatoire NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) and SPHERE – a frontier health program.

As a transdisciplinary artist, she has twice won the United Nations Bioethics and Art Award for Photography and displayed her work on both the national and international stage.

Barbara’s recent book 'Creative Reboot. Catalysing Creative Intelligence’ offers a practical set of creative tools that are valued by people looking to grow creative confidence and accomplished artists alike.

​Barbara ignites the vital power of creativity. She expands our understanding of the mind and plugs you into possibilities you have never considered before.

Talking Points

Reimagining the Mind

How recent neuroscience shines a light on an expanded view of what it means to think. This is game changer for how we live, work and learn.


Learn how Neuroaesthetics brings art and science together and shines a light on untapped intelligence.

Creative Intelligence & Neuroplasticity

How stimulating new connections supports life long learning and widens our bandwidth.
I have had the pleasure of working/collaborating with (Dr) Barbara Doran with clients over the last few years and her work is ALWAYS the highlight. She connects the latest research and science with a call to embrace the creativity that we all have and that the world the world desperately needs. Importantly, she creates a space for people to explore the new, go beyond self-imposed boundaries of what we think is possible and most importantly. be comfortable in that space at the same time. This is at the heart of innovation and big, meaningful change. Simon Banks, Creativity, Innovation, & Design Specialist
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