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Polar Explorer and Sustainable Development Facilitator


Through a regenerative portfolio, Barney Swan accelerates ecosystem protection, carbon drawdown and leadership expeditions.

Current Work
He is currently in Far North Queensland, Australia, leading a project to restore 450 acres of the world’s oldest rainforest: Daintree.

Prior to founding the charity, ClimateForce Limited, Barney skied 1000km over 60 days to the South Pole, pulling a sledge with supplies and shelter. Surviving off clean technologies including a NASA-designed solar ice melter, biofuels made from waste products, vacuum flasks, and solar batteries.

With a spirit of collaboration, he connects audiences to better understand their environmental footprint and the responsibility to do more about it. Open-sourcing solutions and making sustainable development inclusive to businesses, students and families.

Talking Points

ESG Accelerator

Promoting NextGen Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategies that are relevant to employees and broader communities surrounding a project, business or institution.

Intergenerational Impact

Bridging the gap between millennials and baby boomers, learning to navigate the middle ground between perspectives in how we all see the world differently.

South Pole Leadership Story

Lessons from living in -40 C for two months whilst skiing 1000km, which have allowed Barney to understand the source of his convenience and the true cost of basic products and services. Sharing stories on fundraising, resilience and keeping humour despite hardships.
As the testing ground for many of history's greatest leaders, it was very fitting to have met Barney in Antarctica and to see first hand his passion towards sustainability. Antarctic Operations - Intrepid

Barney is one of the few exceptional young leaders who is committed to making a positive difference to the world around him. Leading by example, Barney in such a young age, has already made an profound impact in environment conservation inspiring all the next generation leaders.


He’s a person who isn’t afraid to roll his sleeves and do the work, from picking up trash to organizing community events and challenges to engage more people in reducing impact and leaving no trace.

Global Himalayan

He unites people behind the cause and drives impact through diligent project management and fundraising efforts. In addition, Barney is an outdoors expert and has an amazing ability to make people feel calm in extreme and dangerous situations.

Daniel D'Hotman Senior Researcher
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