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Do It Anyway


Baron is a regular guy who has had some significant, real life challenges that everybody can relate to. His life went from charmed to challenged, and he shares what he learned in the process. Instead of admitting defeat as his new business suffered, his wife became deathly ill and his ability to provide for his family of 5 children became extremely strained, Baron learnt, and now shares how to dig deeper, exploring what actually makes life worth living.

Current Work

Baron has recently written and published a book titled DO IT ANYWAY, which outlines this story and aids the readers to act in spite of the challenges that life throws at them.

He also hosts a podcast series called DID IT ANYWAY, where he interviews people who have overcome significant challenges in their lives, and who continue to pursue their passions. Whether those challenges are financial, emotional or even health related, Baron finds out what keeps them going during the dark times, giving his listeners tips and ideas to help them focus on what is really important. This helps them on the path to chasing their own dreams.

In addition to his inspiring message of ‘acting in spite of life’s challenges’, Baron is an experienced trainer and facilitator, and frequently speaks on other topics such as understanding and developing your personal WHY, becoming a Master Salesman, Resiliency and Commitment.

Baron is also a Certified trainer for the TRACOM Group, with vast experience delivering programs on Social Style and Versatility, an adaptive mindset for Resiliency and agility, and Behavioural EQ.

Talking Points

Do it Anyway

Sometimes life smacks us around the head - challenges come to us in a variety of ways. They could be health, Business, Financial or even relationship challenges. At those times we can often find ourselves scared to make decisions, almost paralysed by fear. I share my story of some real life challenges that I have faced and overcome. I encourage everyone to continue to act in spite all of the challenges they are facing in their lives. To look for and to find the good things in what they are experiencing. In addition to my story the main takeaways are as follows. 1. Chase your dreams 2. Know you can win 3. Ready, Fire, Aim 4. Work like hell 5. Don’t look back

What is your Why?

We spend so much of our lives running on the treadmill of life, living day to day losing sight of what is most important in our lives. When we start chasing materialistic things there is a hole in our lives that those material objects will never fill. In this keynote speech I share my personal struggle as my life went from charmed to challenged. Instead of admitting defeat as my new business suffered, my wife fell deathly ill and my ability to provide for my family of five children became strained I dug deeper exploring what actually makes life worth living. I help people connect with their own personal why. Helping them to refocus their daily lives on what is most important.

Going All in

Many of us are too scared to take a chance in life; or if/when we do we do it almost half-heartedly because we are scared to fail. Whether that be starting a new business, a new job, or even a new relationship. We think that if we just do it a little bit it will work and be amazing. The reality is actually the opposite. Without fully committing to something, greatness can never be achieved. In this keynote I inspire people to take the leap and go all in - to fully commit to whatever goal they have. I also share with them the importance of having a mentor as you make the leap, the key characteristics of a good mentor, and how to get one. People leave the session believing in themselves that if they commit more fully to their goal they can achieve it.


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Baron spoke at VIC/TAS/SA PGA Trainee Championships as a part of the Championship Dinner prior to the commencement of the tournament. His very personal challenges and ‘Do it Anyway’ attitude truly resonated with the young trainees in the room who are just embarking on their lives and careers. I have had comments from many people since that night that they are implementing Baron’s attitude and strategies into their lives to help them throughout the traineeship and in their general lives. His presentation was both confronting and inspirational, that regardless of the challenges being thrown your way, you can get past them and achieve what you want. A fantastic speaker and presenter that had the whole audience engaged and thinking about how they can be better. I highly recommend him for your next seminar or convention to inspire everyone personally and professionally. Professional Golfers Association
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