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Co-founder of CTRL Group


Bastien is the co-founder of CTRL Group - Australia’s progressive information security firm, protecting businesses from cyber risk. CTRL Group offers best in class security solutions ranging from audits, hacking, monitoring, advisory and education.

With operations in Singapore, Thailand and Australia, CTRL Group is on a mission to safeguard organisations from brand and reputational damage, as well as increasing public awareness about the importance of cybersecurity to their financial and personal well being. Bastien is dedicated to inspiring everyone to appreciate security as it starts to become an essential part of our lives as we move into a hyper digitized world.

Bastien has developed a progressive security methodology to enable CTRL Group clients to achieve a respectable level of cyber maturity, effectively helping them mitigate critical risks posed to their stakeholders and shareholders.

Bastien is also the host of the CyberHacker podcast series which has achieved over100,000 subscribers and is currently in production for season 2.

Talking Points

Cyber Security - The Dangers Explained

A terrifying delve into the world of hackers and how easy it is to hack into peoples lives, businesses and destroy them. Bastien covers off these threats in an easy to understand manner. A hacker is like someone hiding under your bed, do they have a litre of petrol, a knife or a key to your safe? Making the connection between the intangible and real-life examples of hacks and some fun and clever strategies to stop them.

Cyber and Politics

Fake news, media and deep fakes are affecting the way we vote, we shield our views and surround ourselves with like-minded people... Could this be the end of the world as we know it? Will technology ruin us or save us? Bastien dives into this topic with examples, shocks us with demo's and ends with a positive spin on the world that will leave you thinking...

Future Proof your Business

Bastien covers off the threats business face today, provides examples and demo's that will keep you up at night... Okay, now you know! What can you do about this bold and scary new world?
Bastien covers off some exciting new technologies that can future proof your business.
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