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Team-building specialist and Founder of Gain Line Analytics.


Ben Darwin is the CEO of Gain Line Analytics and former Wallaby who invented the theory of Cohesion Analytics.

Ben’s specialty is Governance including identifying the drivers of success impacting the Portability of Talent, Change Management, Team Culture, Team Building, and Team Cohesion.

Current work

Ben started Gain Line Analytics in 2013 driven by a desire to introduce a greater degree of empirical analysis into professional sport,. Gain Line Analytics is an operations and management consultancy with a unique perspective on success in professional sport and business. It is based on the belief that great teams are more than just the sum of their parts; great teams are the product of the linkages and connections within the organisation.

Ben has now been investigating the performance of teams with Gain Line Analytics for six years. Informed by his career with the Wallabies and Brumbies, as well as coaching and data analytics Ben found that the clues to successful performance were not being explored and so began Gain Line Analytics. Some topics that Ben brushes on (but not limited to) during his presentation are as follows:

Cohesion Analytics: Using data analysis in such diverse industries as stockbroking, military, emergency services, airlines and professional sport, they have built a methodology around both the critical components of team success and more importantly why teams break down. This means Gain Line Analytics offers clients solutions that are grounded in evidence and real-world experience. Gain Line Analytics Measures, Analyses, Predicts and Creates Cohesion.

Culture: Why are team building exercises wasting your time? How your strategy effects your culture, and how in the end culture may not really be the driver of performance after all.

Talent Portability: Why external performance of potential hires is simply a mirage.

Skill Acquisition: Why do some teams develop amazing talent and others struggle to produce any?

Ben delivers an entertaining and highly informative keynote speech or half day workshop on how to truly understand what the building blocks of team success are.

Previous experience

Sport: Ben Darwin is a former Australian rugby union footballer, he played 28 times for the Wallabies between 2001 to 2003. He made his international debut for Australia in June 2001, against the touring British and Irish Lions in Brisbane.

It was during the Wallabies' World Cup semi-final win against the All Blacks in 2003, that Darwin sustained a neck injury that forced him to retire from rugby at the age of 27. After retirement, Darwin made the switch from player to coach and media and then to an entrepreneur as the Co-founder and CEO of Gain Line Analytics.

Talking Points

Cohesion Analytics

What are the common traits of successful teams and how Gain Line Analytics is changing the way people think about the drivers of long term success. Ben will discuss why some commonly held beliefs about teams are usually misunderstood

Talent Development

How do we create a learning environment where the right people improve at the optimal rate. How do we help them to innovate and drive growth for the team.

Portability of Talent

Acquiring talent through the purchase of people or companies has long been a process fraught with danger. We help to understand how skill acquired may not be skillful any more.


The most misunderstood and yet overused topic in business and sport. Do you need to have a good culture to be successful? What does it even mean?
My Dealings with Ben and his strategies has given myself and our club an idea of what success looks like based around cohesion and familiarity. Ben understands teams, he has been first class in every way and I am sure his work will be at forefront for years to come. Newcastle Knights

Upon hearing Ben speak, I was able to reflect upon my own experiences on the rugby field and directly relate to what he was talking about. It’s obvious his knowledge of rugby is high, but the way in which he has expanded his research and applied it across a myriad of other team sports-and to comprehend how logical his findings are-really is an incredible feat. He is an expressive and motivating speaker who knows how to connect with his audience.


The 'GAIN LINE' programme that Ben has assembled is the result of thousands of hours of high performance analysis. He has gone to great lengths to identify the points of difference and points of advantage in the high-performance arena. The results will challenge your paradigms of thought and will be well worth the time you allocate to invest in the future.

Panasonic Wild Knights

Ben Darwin is an engaging speaker, who knows his subject matter inside and out. The way he connects incredible research in sports to real life scenarios in board rooms and club houses was something that really resonated with the room and left everyone wanting more. Bens ability to break down huge rafts of information into easily digestible and relatable chunks was a breath of fresh air. His self-effacing approach and dry humour make his style one that instantly relaxes the room and connects with everyone. I would engage his services again in a heartbeat.

Channel Zero

Ben presented at our National Dealer Group Conference in Singapore to over 150 financial advisers, staff and partners. We were thoroughly impressed with his ability to connect with his audience and nailed the brief provided to him. His presentation was engaging and entertaining and left the delegates wanting more. He was the highest rated speaker from the feedback received and I would definitely use him again. Would highly recommend Ben if you are thinking of a platform speaker.

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