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Global Future of Work Expert

Any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous.

Dr Ben Hamer is an accredited Futurist and is a global expert on the Future of Work, having trained with Institute for the Future.

He heads up the Future of Work market for one of the world's leading advisories and has worked at the World Economic Forum leading projects on the future of work, skills, and education. He is also a Board Member for the Australian HR Institute, where he was appointed as the youngest Non-Executive Director in the organisation’s history at the age of 31.

Current Work:

Ben has a Doctorate of Public Administration, which included time spent as a Visiting Scholar at Yale University, and is an Adjunct Fellow with the Centre for the New Workforce at Swinburne University. In 2014, he was also the recipient of the HR Rising Star Award. Ben regularly features across Australian media providing expert commentary on the Future of Work and as a representative voice of Millennials.

With these insights, Ben has advised ASX CEOs through to Government Ministers. He is a sought after keynote speaker on the Future of Work and related topics. Ben is the host of PwC’s Future of Work podcast and author of The Kickass Career, which provides a fresh take on career advice and how to succeed in the Future of Work, today.

Talking Points

Postcard from the Future: Life and work in 2035

Imagine this. The year is 2035. You travel to work in your self-driving car, working from the back seat as you answer emails. You no longer type either - you installed a neurotransmitter that translates your thoughts directly to the screen in front of you. Once you arrive, you drop your dog off in the building’s pet creche, enter the building through a facial recognition scanner, and sit down for your two week gig that you blindly accepted off the back of a robo-call. If this sounds like a farfetched future, think again. There are signals that tell us this is already happening around us. Ben unpacks the current state of the labour market alongside key trends and signals from today that paint a picture of what the future could be like. He goes into what it means for organisations, leaders, and workers. It’s all about the Future of Work, and the future is now.

What Workers Want: Re-imagining your Employee Value Proposition

The balance of power has shifted and is sitting firmly with employees. Unemployment is low and vacancies are high. And employers need to step up their game if they want to attract and retain top talent, which will be critical for growth. Ben unpacks what workers want from their organisations and how these expectations differ by men and women, generations, seniority and a whole lot more. He also busts a whole heap of myths about workers, like ‘Millennials are lazy’ and ‘people aren’t productive working from home’, with cold hard data.

The Kickass Career: How to succeed in the Future of Work, today

Work is a massive part of our lives. If work changes, we change. And change we will. But traditional career advice is outdated. Change is happening at the fastest rate in human history. It’s also the slowest you’ll experience change for the rest of your life. And according to the experts, we’ll have at least 17 different jobs across 5 completely separate careers. Many of those jobs don’t even exist yet, with 25-40% of jobs set to be automated by 2030. This makes navigating the new world of work more complex than ever before. This is where The Kickass Career comes in. Based on Ben’s book with the same title, he provides a fresh approach to better understanding what’s happening in the world of work, why it matters to you, and how to succeed in the Future of Work, today. Because why climb the ladder if it's leaning against the wrong wall?

The State of the Australian Labour Market

What it means for organisations

The Future of Work, Now

Key global and local trends influencing organisational and workforce strategy
Thank you very much for an excellent presentation yesterday. I also wanted to say, and I’m sure you are already aware of this, but you are such a natural and warm presenter; you are really enjoyable for an audience to watch. HR Manager, ASX company

On behalf of my team, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us yesterday. Your thoughts, ideas and expertise was very insightful. It created great discussion this morning

Global Head of HR, ASX company

Thank you so much for your sessions today, they were very well received, and I have had a lot of very positive feedback. Thanks again - you have generated a lot of great conversation, which is exactly what I was after.

Regional HR Director, ASX company

It was a pleasure working with you in the lead up - we felt in safe hands all the way through. The day itself was an impressive experience, seamlessly executed. You made us look really good. Probably too good, and off-brand, for us. Also, we weren't fooled by the way you made it look easy. Thanks for all the hard work you put in

Executive, Government client
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