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Dr Ben

Global Future of Work Expert

  • Exclusive

Any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous.


Dr Ben Hamer is an accredited futurist, and he was recently awarded the number one thought leader for the Future of Work in the Asia-Pacific.

Ben has undertaken work and research around the world, including time spent leading critical projects on the future of work and skills at the World Economic Forum as well as being a Visiting Scholar at Yale University. He is an Adjunct Professor at Edith Cowan University and a Board Member of the Australian HR Institute, where he was appointed as the youngest Non-Executive Director in the organisation’s history.

A sought-after media commentator, Ben is the Chief Futurist at CreativeCubes and the author of The Kickass Career: How to Succeed in the Future of Work, today.

Talking Points

An Introduction to the Future

We may still be a long way off the flying cars that The Jetsons predicted for life in 2062. But they got some things right- robot maids, smart watches, video calls, holograms, and 3D printed food, which are all part of life as we know it today. There can often be a lot of fear about the future. But by better understanding the future we can find our place in it.

In this keynote, Ben will cover:
- An introduction to futures thinking and its application in our work and our lives
- A series of current-day innovations and advancements demonstrating that the future isn’t as far away as we might think
- Forecasts around what life and work could look like in 2035 using the principle of ‘strong opinions, lightly held’
- What the future means for today and why we should be optimistic about it

How to Think like a Futurist

Disruption is the new normal. We need to be able to anticipate and respond to change, irrespective of our role in the organisation. That is, we need to learn the art and practice of futures thinking. Hear from one of Australia’s leading (and few accredited) futurists on the mindset and methodology so that you too, can think like a Futurist and design your preferred future.

In this keynote, Ben will cover:
- The art and science of what futures thinking is, and is, not and the benefits to both you and your organisation
- How to unstick your brain so that you can better anticipate and embrace change, ambiguity, and alternate futures
- The four stages of futures thinking - Discover, Explore, Map, and Create
- Some practical tools to take away for being able to develop your own forecasts and scenarios, and identifying their implications on your area of focus (whether it be career, strategy, or policy)

The Future of Work, Today

Change is happening at the fastest rate of human history. It is also the slowest we’ll experience for the rest of our lives, and arguably nothing is changing more than work. Find out about the key trends shaping the Future of Work and what it means for organisations and individuals today.

In this keynote, Ben will cover:
- The history of work, taking a look at just how far we’ve come
- An analysis of the key trends and disruptors facing organisations, the current state of the labour market, and what it all means for the workforce of the future
- An understanding of how to simplify complexity through the adoption of the Future of Work framework - Workforce, Work Type, Workplaces, and Work Experience
- Case studies with better practice examples of initiatives from organisations in Australia and abroad

Leading in the Future of Work

With a lot of uncertainty, one thing is clear - Change is the new norm. And leaders are facing the brunt of it as well. Leadership has never been more complex and the expectations on leaders have never been greater. Be inspired to be the future-fit leader that you wished you worked for with the skills and knowledge to build high-performing teams in future of work.

In this keynote, Ben will cover:
- A whistle-stop tour of the key disruptions, trends, and drivers shaping the Future of Work
- An understanding of the changing expectations of leaders from the perspective of customers, teams, and their organisation
- The role of leaders in building high-performing teams in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) environment
- The key skills and capabilities of contemporary leaders, including a practical list of do’s and do-not’s to help action the learning

Reframing Failure for the Future

Failure in life is certain. And when we think about failure, it’s as an entirely negative experience, which makes sense, because society has made us feel inadequate. The thing is, as the future becomes way more complex, we’re going to fail. A lot. Learn how you can reframe your perspectives on failure to embrace learning, build adaptability, and break toxic thought processes and work practices. And it starts with accepting your own mediocrity.

In this provocative keynote, Ben will cover:
- The importance of failure, and our need to fail, in order to succeed in a fast-paced and complex future
- Reframing our relationship with, and mindset on, failure so that we can overcome our fear of it
- Addressing insecurities and the perpetual cycle of busyness to drive efficiency, growth, and innovation
- The role of leaders in creating psychologically safe environments that cultivate high performance
Ben totally nailed it at our recent Board Director Development Day. He is well researched, thought provoking and absolutely met the brief. His engaging style allow lots of discussion on the day. thank you Ben. Cuscal

Talking about the future is always a difficult subject to attempt but Dr Hamer’s presentation yesterday was up there with the best. It was not only the high quality content of his presentation but the way in which he responded to questions. He really cared about the thought processes behind the person’s question and gave perfectly structured and highly intelligent responses. Thoroughly enjoyable and time well spent.


Ben was amazing, warm, funny and met our brief perfectly.

St Peter's College

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Nicole Hyland

Senior Consultant - Saxton Speakers

Let's talk, enquire with Nicole now

Nicole Hyland

Senior Consultant - Saxton Speakers

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