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CyberSpy, Speaker & TV Hunter


Ben will be in Australia from February to May 2024 and is available for local engagements.

Ben Owen is a global ‘hunter’ featuring in the Australian, British and U.S. versions of the hit TV show called ‘Hunted’. Ben features as the Head of Intelligence in the Australian version which is already one of the most popular TV shows in the country. Ben was previously ‘The Boss’ on the U.K. version. Ben also appears on a number of other TV productions and news channels discussing operational and security issues throughout the globe.

Ben Owen is an internationally recognised expert in covert operations, surveillance and online investigations with over 23 years’ experience working at the very height of national security, military operations and now the private sector. Ben’s experience is leading large covert operations across the U.K. and abroad to combat counter terrorism, counter proliferation and counter espionage operations and attacks against the U.K. and its allies. Ben’s main role was to lead, direct and manage covert operational teams to gather intelligence against individuals and groups of national security in very high paced and pressured environments.

Ben was integral in thwarting a number of high-profile terrorist cells and attack planning operations. Prior to joining the British intelligence services, Ben was a Sniper in the British Forces. Ben served in Cyprus, Kuwait and also deployed on the first missions over the border into Iraq in GWII, aged just 19-years old.

Talking Points

‘Hunted’ a global TV show

Ben provides an incredible overview of the concept and the thrill of the ‘chase’. He discusses mindsets, what makes good hunters and fugitives alike and whether you can really ‘disappear’ in today’s surveillance states.

How safe are you online?

Ben demonstrates a live hacking session where he illustrates just how much data we all give away each day. From leaving your house for work in the morning to the moment you return, you leave 100’s of digital breadcrumbs to be found by the bad guys.

Digital data in the modern world

Ben discusses how the digital landscape has changed significantly post pandemic. Companies are now mostly remote, around 75% in fact, but with remote work forces comes danger, but how do we stay safe?


Ben has been a leader since the age of 19 where he was thrusted into leading sensitive military operations as a sniper. He then led operational teams to gather intelligence on some of the world’s most dangerous people. He will discuss numerous situations where leadership skills have been tested and impart knowledge and experiences.
A highly interactive masterclass delivered by Ben, highly recommended. AXA

I wanted to say a huge thanks from the Dicker Data team - that was an awesome presentation. Ben’s presentation was direct - straight to the point and set things up perfectly for our other speaker.

Dicker Data

Ben is one of the most genuine and engaging speakers we have had on our annual events. What a story! Thank you!

Royal Air Force
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