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Trusting your intuition. Filmmaker, writer, producer's near death experience.


Australian award-winning filmmaker, writer and producer Bill Bennett survived a near death experience when he chose to listen to an unexplained voice in his head. He chose to slow down and thus avoided colliding with a huge truck running a red light. The incident became the beginning of a long journey for Bill in search of an understanding of intuition and its far reaching implications for the way we live.

Each time we make any decision, particularly important business decisions, we call upon our rational mind, often suppressing our intuitive mind. Our intellect wants us to go one way, but our gut - our intuition - might want us to go another way.

Bill Bennet is a fascinating speaker with a remarkable story which forms the basis of a unique body of knowledge on the subject of intuition - a body that enables us to develop successfully in both our business and personal lives.

Current work

Bill has spent the past few years travelling the world interviewing experts from across the spectrum of science and religion, to understand intuition and has used his filmmaking skills to create the film PGS. The film looks at the concept of having out own Personal Guidance System (PGS) and using it to our full advantage.

Bill says our intuition however deals with what’s NOT known - it’s timeless, limitless - and it’s through intuition that we get the great breakthroughs in science, medicine, technology, and business. The list of those that have attributed their success to intuition include: Einstein, Carl Jung, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Paul McCartney, Stephen Spielberg, JK Rowling - to name but a few. These are people who have overcome the fear of trusting their intuition, and have made major breakthroughs in their respective endeavours.

Bill says before trusting his intuition he was a typical Type A personality - highly motivated, driven, goal orientated, competitive, impatient, always using his powerful will-force to achieve his objectives. This will to succeed, to push through and over obstacles, defined his personality. Now, his insights into Intuition and how it’s changed his life will leave audiences astounded, inspired and ready to trust their own personal navigation systems.

Previous experience

Awards: In a career spanning more than thirty years, he’s made sixteen feature films, four documentaries and five feature length documentaries. His feature films have won numerous awards, both in his home country of Australia, and internationally. In Australia, Bill has won Australian Film Institute Awards and Australian Film Critics Circle Awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Writer.

He’s had three major retrospectives - at the Chicago Institute of Art’s Film Centre in the US, at the Hof Film Festival in Germany, and at the Mumbai Film Festival in India.

Film and TV: His films have been distributed through most of the major Hollywood studios, including Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal, and the Samuel Goldwyn Co.

In his early television work, he won two Logies - Australia’s Emmy - for Television Reporter of the Year, and Most Outstanding Documentary.

Author: He's also an author, with a series of young adult novels to be published in 2018.

Education: He is also an Adjunct Professor of Screen Studies at one of Australia’s largest universities, Queensland University of Technology.

Talking Points

PGS: Using Your Intuition as a Personal Guidance System

Presentation can be altered to suit a business focus or spiritual focus.

Trusting your intuition to make better decisions (Business oriented)

An address that explains what intuition is, how it works, how to access it, and how to use it to make better decisions in business, and in life! With Q&A.

Intuition as a Personal Guidance System (Spirituality oriented)

An address that explains how intuition is as legitimate a functioning system in our bodies as any other system - such as our nervous system our digestive system etc. And how it can be used to fulfil your life’s purpose. With Q&A

Bill's 1 hour presentation looks at his life before and after his dramatic experience that led him on is journey to discover intuition.

An explanation that Bill’s life can be divided into two - Before the experience and after.

Before the voice he was a typical Type A personality - highly motivated, driven, goal orientated, competitive, impatient, always using his powerful will-force to achieve his objectives. This will to succeed, to push through and over obstacles, defined his personality.

And then the Voice.

Bill tells the story of how hearing a “voice” while driving saved him from certain death when a truck ran a red light.

How this intervention changed his life:

After this scrape with death, Bill spent a decade researching intuition, from the perspectives of science, religion, and spirituality. Then he made a film about his search for that voice. The search took him to the furthermost corners of the planet, and the innermost depths of his soul. He came out of it a changed man.

How was he different AFTER the Voice?

He was no less motivated - if anything he was more motivated, but he was calmer, more relaxed,-and perhaps most importantly he no longer used his force of will to make things happen - he used his intuitive guidance.

He trusted that this guidance would deliver him everything he was seeking - and it did! He discovered that this was a better and far more efficient way of working than his old Type A way of always pushing and struggling!

How do you tap into your intuition?

Bill will explain the five step process of how to access and use your intuition -


He will talk through each of these stages, and explain how you can begin to access and fully utilize your latent intuitive powers.

Intuition is all about choices

Bill learned that intuition is all about choices - your intuition always tries to help you make the right choice. But most times we don’t trust it, or we ignore it, or we’re scared to follow it - that’s if we even acknowledge that intuition exists at all.

But intuition does exist, and it exists within each of us - as part of what Bill calls our Personal Guidance System - a system which he believes is designed to help guide us along our life’s journey, so that we can achieve our full potential, and lead happy fulfilled lives.

As Bill says: Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could always make the right choices, the right decisions? We can, if we follow our Personal Guidance System.
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