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Technology, marketing and digital media authority.

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If change is not optional, then neither is foresight.


Brad Howarth is obsessed with change. As a writer, researcher and author Brad has been examining the impact of technology-driven change on business and society for 25 years, writing for local and international publications including The Australian and BRW, and developing numerous whitepapers and research reports.

Brad has also authored four books focusing on topics including start-ups and entrepreneurship and life in a highspeed broadband society. His most recent, Innovation is for Everyone, was co-authored with Peter Fritz AM and provides insights into Australia’s innovation system and what it will take raise our capabilities.

Current Work

Brad continues to write on technology-driven change for numerous publications and also works directly with businesses and community organisations to create strategy documents, research reports and discussion papers, and facilitate workshops that bring greater understanding about the impact of change and the possible responses.

He is a passionate advocate for the need to ensure that all members of society can share the benefits of digital technology, having served as Ambassador for the Broadband for the Bush Alliance and Champion for the National Year of Digital inclusion. Brad believes that as more and more elements of society switch to digital technology it is vital that we do not create a society of digital ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, but instead ensure everyone has access to digital services and the training to use them effectively.

Brad is an accomplished keynote speaker on the topic of change, delivering presentations focusing on topics such as the impact of technology on business and society, the future of work and management structures, and how organisations can best understand and respond to change.

He is also in demand as an MC, having hosted conferences and events for organisations including the Committee for Melbourne, the AHRI and Worksafe Tasmania. Brad brings deep domain experience across numerous industries, and his background as a journalist makes him well suited to facilitating panel sessions and on-stage interviews.

Brad’s message is simple - If change is not optional, then neither is foresight.

Talking Points

What All Businesses Can Learn from Start-ups

Software start-ups are all the rage once more, commanding massive valuations and creating havoc for traditional businesses. But behind the hype, the web-based businesses of the past decade have fundamentally different structures and processes to anything that has gone before. These very same tools and processes are available to every other business in existence today. Brad shows you how to harness them so you too can rapidly build services and products and win loyal customers like a start-up.

Navigating to a Digital Future

Smartphones, the internet and other digital technologies have given us access to a massive range of new services and entertainment options, and transformed how we do business. They have also led to the creation of entirely new business models and new internet-based competitors - the so-called digital disruptors of Google, Amazon, Uber and many more. The ultimate impact is the digital transformation of all businesses - a transformation that is creating significant challenges while also presenting huge opportunities for those who are willing to embrace it.

With more than 20 years’ experience in reporting, researching and advising on technology and business, Brad brings a unique perspective on how digital technologies are impacting business today and into the future. Brad calls upon his experience working across multiple industries to tailor presentations to the specific needs of audiences, explaining how they are or will be impacted by digital transformation and providing practical advice on how to respond and make the most of emerging opportunities.

His presentations cover:
- Digital disruption - what it is, why it happens and who is affected.
- How to think and act like a disruptor
- The key steps in digital transformation
- Practical examples of transformation in action

Dealing with Disruption

The internet has enabled new forms of competition that evolve and develop at a rate that is staggering for many traditional businesses. However, it is only through understanding the changes that are happening in the world can we successfully deal with them - and potentially profit from them.

Brad Howarth has spent 20 years documenting the impact of technology on Australian business and society and is now working directly with organisations to help them understand and develop strategies to understand and manage change. In this talk, Brad shares some of the essential strategies to not only deal with but benefit from disruption.

Managing for Change

We know that change is inevitable, but how many of us can honestly say we are able to adjust to change when it happens? But rather than simply reacting to the changes happening around us, what if we could anticipate and plan for change before it happens?

Brad Howarth is fascinated by change. As a journalist he has been reporting on change for more than 20 years, and in 2015 co-authored the book Managing for Change, which provides guidance on taking a more active approach to change. In this interactive presentation/workshop, Brad takes participants through practical strategies for better understanding, envisioning and planning for change, with the goal of helping them design and shape their future of in a rapidly changing world.

The Masterclass

Navigating to unknown shores: A workshop on building strong opportunities in an era of rapid change

As a student of change, Brad has spent the last 25 years studying the traits of organisations that successfully navigate change, and of the people who lead those organisations. The Masterclass will examine these traits and provide pointers on how business leaders can adopt these in their own working lives. The Masterclass will ask participants to explore future possibilities and market changes, take a different perspective on risk, and consider the skills that will be essential as they navigate through the next ten years.

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Brad is an exceptional presenter who understands the intricacies of the ever-changing world of technology and also manages to actively involve the audience throughout his presentations. Brad presented on the 'Next Big Things' that will happen in the online/interactive industry at the end of year wrap up panel for Interactive Minds. He also participated in our expert panel discussion. His insights and knowledge are exceptional and his easy rapport with the other panellists and audience made him a standout guest speaker. Interactive Minds

I have worked with Brad for over 10 years. All my interactions with Brad as writer, reporter and more recently as Panel Host or Master of Ceremonies have been positive. And whether it was the public face of Oracle, Intel or currently TIBCO that I manage, I can rely on Brad to assist and guide me.

TIBCO Software Inc.

Brad did an excellent job as MC of our HR Technology Conference. He was very well received by the audience and guest speakers. Brad has an easy going communication style and is professional and easy to work with.

Australian Human Resources Institute

I was looking for a new face in regard to the subject of the future and technology. Not just another futurist talk about stuff that people would never use, something more hands on for business owners as well as having the knowledge at a far greater level. Brad was perfect. His presentation was pitched right at the required level. He took the time to talk to the Members of our Industry to find out their thoughts and needs and he also took the time to not only talk with me on the phone but also in a face to face meeting about the theme of the conference and what I was trying to achieve. He was actually interested! Some of the comments from his session included... - Extremely worthwhile. - Very insightful and relevant. - I'm from the IT industry and have followed Brad. I thought he did a brilliant 'futurist' presentation to get us thinking. - Made a usually bland subject very interesting. - Relevant to lovers of global workforce and internet workers. I guess we need to know this stuff to keep current in a changing world. Not my cup of tea however I was engaged and found the session exceptionally informative. - WOW, did Brad shift us into the future and what can be possible? His presentation was edgy, he obviously is passionate about his topic and this was evident throughout his presentation. He opened my mind to what can be created, if we use our imagination and embrace technology, and apply it in those areas that work best.


Brad is a skilled and professional moderator. He oversaw two sessions at our forum, on relatively technical and obscure Internet-related issues. He was able to strike a balance between making the sessions accessible to the average layperson and useful for those with previous subject matter knowledge. Brad's pacing of the sessions was excellent, allowing our panellists to make their points and audience members to contribute frequently. He was well briefed and well prepared and I would not hesitate in engaging him again and recommending his services to others.

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