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Innovator, entrepreneur and driver of growth.

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Brad Seymour is passionate about building businesses that succeed through leveraged investment in people, process, product and promotion to drive shareholder value creation and disrupt the status quo. From the Boardroom to the showroom his focus is on solving the business challenges that liberate growth and his passion to share the learnings from his three decades of business experience are what drives his sought after keynote speaking engagements.

His 25 years of experience as a Senior Executive, Company Director and Entrepreneurial Proprietor in Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia and India has forged his ‘back to basics’ management principles and helped define his rules for business success.

Current work

More recently Brad has refocused on his core passion of growing Australian small to medium business and their leaders both through his keynote speaking platform and involvement in a number of business mentoring and advisory engagements.

Brad has a firm belief in partnerships and sharing his ‘school of hard knocks’ learnings and fundamentals of success.

Previous experience

Co-Founder: Brad was a co-founder of Wizard Home Loans with Mark Bouris in the mid 90s, a business created with the vision to drive real competition in the Australian & New Zealand Mortgage market for the consumer and to monetise this proposition in amplified value to the shareholder - it delivered both with stunning success. The business went on to become one of the most recognised financial services brands and 5th largest lender in the country ahead of its ultimate sale to General Electric Company in 2005 for nearly half a billion dollars.

Wizard: Following the sale of Wizard Brad went on to take up a role as a Senior Executive at GE, responsible for the growth of the global brand in Financial Services, including the launch of the Wizard brand and business model into the Indian subcontinent in 2007/08.

TV: In 2009 the opportunity to take on the Australian banking landscape yet again lead to Brad becoming a foundation member of the team that launched and floated Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management, including his involvement in the Channel 9 hit TV Series of The Apprentice Australia and The Celebrity Apprentice Australia as an on-air advisor.

Director: Over the past 4 years Brad changed tack to broaden his business experience base becoming a Director at Australia’s fastest growing Insurer Auto & General (owner of both the Budget Direct & Compare the Market brands). Hi focus at A & G was driving 10 times system growth through smart business and distribution partnerships.

Talking Points

How to Drive Authentic Strategy and Excel at Execution

Strategy is the thinking but you need to look at the doing as well.

Strategy is an overused word in the business world and often misunderstood. Strategy is simply your game plan and a game plan without action is only a set of words on a page. Execution of your game plan is where thoughts become real and actions drive success.

Strategic planning and business execution is all about authenticity, awareness, focus and alignment. A smart understanding of who you are, what drives you and your team, your customers and your competitors is crucial and you need to stay on top of this rhythm relentlessly.

Then it’s about the honest and open assessment of capacity and capability - what have you got and what can you deliver effectively and consistently? And what do you need to buy or build to get there?

This session focuses on helping you build authentic thinking and delivery into your DNA , question your role as a leader in connecting with your business at the grass roots, and challenges your preparedness to ask great questions and listen with intent in equal measure.

Brad shares the lessons he’s learnt first-hand, forged through three decades in the school of real-world strategy, execution and self-reflection here in Australia and internationally across multiple businesses, brands, industry sectors and economic cycles.

- Assess the authenticity of your current strategy and execution processes and the alignment to your core business culture
- Define the role of a balanced, engaged team in design and delivery
- Ask you the question of how connected you really are with your core business and what you are prepared to do to keep it real
- Define the importance of process and communications in all you do
- Help you focus on the keys to success
- Give you the tools to develop your leadership through real self-reflection and the art of the great question

The 12 Rules of Leadership Success

Leadership comes down to getting the special balance between self and team right, and then continuously calibrating that balance as the platform for your success.

Brad shares the 12 rules of leadership success that he has forged through three decades in the school of real-world business here in Australia and internationally across multiple industry sectors.

This session focuses on connecting with your team as a leader, aligning with your stakeholders and developing your personal strengths - all crucial to underpin your leadership and drive your sustainable business success.

- Understanding the role of personality in team balance and performance
- Defining the importance of keeping it simple
- Mastering the art of the great question and listening with intent
- Helping you stop ‘doing business with yourself’ and become externally focused

How to ask great questions

Do you want to be informed, smart and connected with your business? In a digital world of Zoom and Facebook, email and LinkedIn, learn how you can access the power of authentic conversations and listening with intent.

- Learn the value of insightful questions
- Learn how to create an environment that allows for authenticity and honest communication
- Learn how to listen in a way that will help you reinforce your leadership objectives

Lessons from big business

Brad Seymour has spent 30 successful years working in multiple industries across Australia and Internationally. In this talk he shares the biggest (and hardest) lessons to help you succeed in your business or career.

- Learn how to avoid common big business mistakes
- Understand how business has evolved over the past 30 years and what leadership skills are relevant now
- Listen to anecdotes about different industries with lessons that you can apply to your own business

The Founder’s Mentality

Do you want to approach business with the energy, enthusiasm and purpose of a founder?
It’s about staying connected with the frontline, staying connected with your staff, and staying connected with the reason the business exists.

Whether you’re a founder who has lost their mojo, or a manager who wants to up the ante, this talk will leave you feeling inspired with practical information to lift your own energy and motivate your team.

- Understand the benefits of the ‘Founder’s Mentality’
- Apply ‘Founder’s Mentality’ thinking, no matter what your position in the business
- Learn how ‘Founder’s Mentality’ thinking is a vital motivational tool for you and your team


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Working with Brad over the past eight years and witnessing his incisive thinking and brilliant business mind has spiraled him to the top of a very competitive industry. His ability to communicate what he knows in simple yet powerful ways, clearly makes him a leader in his chosen industry. Executive Sports & Entertainment
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