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Winner Master Chef 2023, Mental Health Advocate and Podcaster


Brent Draper, affectionately known as ‘Drapes,’ has solidified his place as a beloved TV

personality and culinary maestro, emerging victorious in MasterChef Australia Season 15 in

2023. His journey to culinary excellence, however, is marked by a courageous battle against

recurring mental health challenges, which became a pivotal turning point after his departure

from MasterChef Australia Season 13 in 2021. Only to return armed with a fresh perspective and

the wellbeing tools he needed in Season 15, a first for the TV franchise.

Beyond his culinary prowess on the hibachi, Brent has become a global figure due to his

passionate advocacy for mental health. His personal experiences have fuelled his commitment to

raising awareness and promoting dialogue around mental health issues. By openly sharing his

struggles, Brent has inspired many to prioritise mental well-being and seek help when needed.

When Drapes isn’t in the kitchen creating culinary masterpieces, he embraces the tranquillity

of fishing and the thrill of surfing. As a self-proclaimed “very keen but very average fisho and

surfer,” he finds solace in the outdoors and the ocean, showcasing a deep love for nature. His

downtime activities reflect his genuine connection to the environment and his appreciation for a

balanced lifestyle.

At the core of Brent’s world is his family, who always takes centre stage in his life. Residing in

the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, Drapes shares his life with his wife Shonleigh and their two

adorable little boys, Alfie, and Bowie. Family values and the warmth of home life are evident

in Brent’s journey, underscoring the importance of his loved ones in shaping his culinary and

personal endeavours.

Brent Draper’s story is one of resilience, passion for culinary excellence, and a commitment to

fostering mental health awareness—a multifaceted individual whose impact extends far beyond

the kitchen.

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