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Connellan & Bradley Dryburgh

Finding, Defining & Refining Your Purpose


Two young men, two vastly different stories, both connected by a commitment to helping others find purpose in their lives. Brett Connellan and Bradley Dryburgh believe that true strength lies not in the circumstances that befall you but in the unwavering fortitude with which you rise above them.

It was March 2016, and Brett Connellan was inches from death. Experiencing every surfer’s worst nightmare, he was attacked by a shark and lost three-quarters of his left quad. Whether it was sheer luck, the assistance of a brave friend and bystander, or a combination of both, Brett remarkably survived and is dedicated to living a life of purpose and helping others do the same. He firmly believes that every one of us has our own ‘shark attack’, and that we all have it in us to overcome the most significant setbacks. With a lot of hard work and the right perspective, the worst day of your life truly can become the best.

Bradley Dryburgh’s parents were told he wouldn’t survive his teen years when he was diagnosed with the life-threatening disease cystic fibrosis at birth. With a determination to prove the doctors wrong and be the author of his own story, Bradley has proven that our perspective towards hardship can foster purpose & develop formidable resilience, running his first 2 marathons shortly after being rushed to hospital for lung complications because of his illness. Through this perspective, Bradley has found his true purpose, defying all odds, leaving him healthier and more connected than ever.
In a world crying out for real human connection, experience this dynamic and thought-provoking live conversation between Brett and Bradley, where they take a deep dive into the importance of perspective, purpose, goal setting and commitment through the lens of their incredible stories, leaving the audience with the tools to overcome their adversity, whatever that may be.

Brett and Bradley’s conversation covers the below three pillars, incorporating story, experience, conversation, and examples from the latest neuroscience research:
- Overcoming your adversity (whatever that may be) and equipping you with the tools to turn every setback into an opportunity to learn
- Finding, defining, and refining your purpose
- Connection through meaningful conversation and the significant impact this can have on those around us, incorporating the importance of empathy, curiosity and effective listening.

Brett and Bradley will draw your audience into their conversation, engaging them to challenge their belief systems and leave with renewed purpose.

ALTTA Live was an impactful and engaging presentation for our Year 11 students! Being able to hear from two relatable and young presenters with very different experiences of diversity was a great way for our students to understand resilience and goal setting. The message was clear and simple, students were able to apply the teachings to their own circumstances and were given tools to identify their purpose and how to get there with support. Kiama High School

Bradley and Brett’s presentation was truly remarkable, as they connected with the students on a personal level and shared their own experiences of overcoming challenges and finding purpose in life. They demonstrated a deep understanding of the issues faced by today's youth and offered practical tools and strategies to help the students build resilience and find meaning in their lives. I would highly recommend Brett Connellan and Bradley Dryburgh's talk to anyone looking for an inspiring and impactful presentation on the topics of resilience and purpose. Their unique insights and powerful messages have the potential to transform the lives of those who hear them, and I am confident that they will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of many more young people in the future.

Dapto High School
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