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Dr Bronwyn
King AO

Unlocking Purpose, Performance and Power.

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The capacity for change does not just rest with the highly influential.

Dr Bronwyn King AO is a social entrepreneur, movement maker and a globally renowned humanitarian on a mission to inspire and transform organisations into purpose-driven businesses.

She is a sustainability expert, company director and radiation oncologist who has worked with everyone from the terminally ill to the fittest athletes in the Australian Swim Team. Her engagement across the global corporate, finance, health and diplomatic sectors has provided unique insights into universal power structures, how to build trust, harness influence and sidestep ‘the impossible’. Her TEDxSydney talk has been viewed more than three million times.

Current Work:

As the founder and CEO of Tobacco Free Portfolios, Bronwyn took her place on the stage at the United Nations in New York to launch The Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge, a global initiative she led, backed by President Macron and former Australian Prime Minister Turnbull - now has 200 Signatories that control >AU$25 trillion.

As a speaker, Bronwyn is exceptional. Her presentations are uplifting and engaging, with a focus on business outcomes and practical takeaways for every audience member. Whether virtual or in-person - Bronwyn is guaranteed to add spark and energy to your event!

Bronwyn has received countless awards in recognition of her outstanding expertise and accomplishments. Most notably, she was awarded an Order of Australia (AO) in 2019 for distinguished service to community health and named 2019 Melburnian of the Year.

Talking Points

Pivot to Purpose

Amongst the most uplifting trends of 2020 has been watching ‘Sustainability’, ‘ESG’, ‘Ethics’ and ‘Culture’ propel to the top of boardroom agendas across the globe. Each day has seemed to herald another CEO’s public pledge to a growing list of initiatives promising to prioritise people and the planet.

Expectations have been redefined and standards redrafted. While some cling desperately to the status quo, others are pivoting and leaning in to the new world, embracing sustainability, individual accountability and the notion of ‘radical transparency’.

Countless studies show that consumers, millennials in particular, are flocking to brands and institutions at the forefront of this revolution. So, are you and your team ready to embrace the next economy - one that is driven by a fresh philosophy, authenticity and purpose?

Key Takeaways
- Putting ethics at the heart of business (and why you might need two CEOs!)
-Latest examples of global trends in sustainable finance - covering a broad suite of ESG issues
- Welcoming scrutiny - why a transparency transformation will pay off

This presentation is offered as a Keynote Presentation (45-60 minutes) or a comprehensive Workshop (2-2.5 hours)

Leading Ladies

Female leaders are missing. There’s no denying it. In politics. In business. In media. And at the pinnacle of almost every ladder that exists. And it’s not for a lack of trying.

As systemic and structural obstacles are addressed, how can leading ladies leverage their gusto and grit to advance gender equality at the top? Change will not just ‘happen’ - even if it should and even if it’s the right time. Things will only change and equality will evolve when individuals and groups and movements form, to question, tweak, refine and push the world forwards.

Lived experienced (including being on the receiving end of blindsiding comments including “Now you’ve had a baby you’re clearly not leadership material”) is combined with the latest gender research to enrich audiences with practical strategies that women can adopt to help conquer challenges and that men can embrace to support them.

Audiences are invited to redefine what a leader should sound like, look like and say, and encouraged to imagine a world where talents, insights and ideas from the full population are leveraged to better shape our communities. Unconscious biases are revealed and reset and a full suite of simple, actionable steps is outlined for audience members to immediately pack into their toolkits, ready to deploy in the home, the community and the boardroom.

Key Takeaways:
- Modern meeting etiquette to rebalance power
- 5 tips to drive gender equality at your next event
- Pitfall prevention - how to avoid behaviours that disadvantage women
- Top tips for men to support the sisterhood

Name and Fame

If you’ve ever wondered how to persuade ‘the unpersuadable’, this talk is for you!

The art of influence is nuanced, deliberate yet delicate, and often found in the spaces ‘in-between’ formalities - in the moments, the mannerisms, and the magic in each personal exchange. As the COVID-19 pandemic redefines our way of interacting, with a shift to mostly virtual communications, how can we maximise our ability to drive conversations, efforts and actions in the right direction? In this presentation, Bronwyn takes the audience through a step-by-step ‘influence checklist’. She highlights a suite of practical tools she has tried, tested and refined in persuading world leaders across business, government, health and diplomacy, to
support a movement she started on her kitchen table. That movement now has AU$15 trillion behind it!

Sharing real-life and relatable scenarios, Bronwyn empowers audiences with fresh skills and strategies to build authority, trust and confidence. Get ready to make that next negotiation a successful one!

Key Takeaways:
- Influence
- Leadership
- Authentic Communication
- Negotiation

Positivity through Change

A privilege. A duty. A calling. Executed well, leadership will energise, inspire and uplift those who follow. For leaders, it’s a time to flourish and to ignite, yet invariably it will challenge and, at times, may strain or overwhelm. Some say the head of the table is the loneliest seat.

In this presentation, both the art and science of leadership are explored. Fit-for purpose leaders must be equipped with an exhaustive range of nuanced and flexible skills. Some key traits seem innate yet others - thankfully - can be curated and continuously refined. Leaders must be bold yet measured, agile yet focused,
decisive yet curious and authoritative, yet great listeners who are willing to reconsider or negotiate a compromise. It’s a lot to ask and a lot to learn!

Unpacking an extraordinary array of real-life experiences, spanning elite sport, precision medicine, high-flying business and international diplomacy, core leadership lessons are explored, scrutinised and translated into actionable takeaways.

Experienced and emerging leaders alike will walk away energised and ready to deploy new strategies, experiment with proven techniques and apply fresh thinking to their unique leadership journeys.

Key Takeaways:
- Authentic communication
- Listen like a leader
- Leader self-care
- Thinking big!
Dr Bronwyn King - just one word - “absolutely bloody brilliant!" More than one word, because we got so much more than expected. Bronwyn was a showcase of intellect, passion, integrity and rich thought-provoking “let’s change this world”. It was also full of practical tips. This presentation left the 600+ audience salivating for more. You don’t get any better than Bronwyn King. Our Community

Bronwyn came to speak to our staff on International Women’s Day 2020. She successfully crafted a unique presentation for our audience that combined her body of experience with some real learnings and takeaways. Bronwyn’s story was highly focused, with a fine balance of medicine, politics, financial services and family. Her powerful message was delivered with humour and humility. She had everyone talking afterwards and feeling inspired.

Mutual Trust

Dr King’s presentation was the most impactful talk that I’ve listened to in the last year. The simplicity of presentation, using pictures only, accompanied with her amazing story, ensured that the audience was enthralled. While the story itself is amazing, what it demonstrated is how impactful any individual can be on the world stage, if driven by the right passion…and backed up with the right credibility. I’m sure that this is a story that has many chapters to go yet, so I’ll look forward to hearing from Dr King on her next chapter!

HCL Technologies Ltd

An extraordinary story of passion, dedication and living your purpose. Bronwyn has redefined the word IMPOSSIBLE. A great keynote speaker in these challenging times.

MGA Insurance Group
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