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Creator of SugarMumma.TV & the $1000 Project


Canna Campbell is a Financial Planner who established her boutique practice, SASS Financial in 2007 after a prosperous career with a major bank. Then in 2014, Canna launched her YouTube channel, SugarMammaTV, after realising there was a need to provide accessible financial education to everyday people who felt intimidated & confused by personal finance.

SugarMammaTV has blossomed from its original incarnation back in 2014 from YouTube to now include Instagram and TikTok and her wildly successful podcast, SugarMamma’s Fireplay. She’s also
the author of bestselling book, The $1000 Project and her follow-up title Mindful Money. With the plan to commence work on her next book in 2023.

Canna’s warmth & friendly content resonates as she transparently & passionately shares her savvy financial solutions in her bite size videos that get watched around the world. Canna creates her
inspiring content to motivate everyday people through financial freedom in all areas of their lives.

She comes from a place of empowerment and maintains a philosophy that embraces not only financial but also mental wellbeing and holistic health through her videos & social channels. Canna consistently presents the most authentic version of herself by inviting her viewers & followers into her home & get to be a part of her & her family’s journey.

Canna was also a regular Financial Expert & commentator on Channel Nines’ Today Extra & Channel Sevens’ the Morning Show. Her content is also covered by the Daily Mail & News Corp on regular basis. Canna has also developed an app, ‘Sugar Budget’, when launched it was #2 on the Apple App Store for most popular financial budgeting apps.

Talking Points

My Story

This presentation unpacks why Canna is so passionate about showing how to build financial independence. Canna discusses the power of proactive planning and simple awareness and how this alone can make such a huge difference.

Key Takeaways:
- 7 Practical steps to apply to your own personal finances.

5 Steps to Jump Start Your Financial Health

This keynote dives straight into the “How To” of personal money management. Starting with budgeting, financial goal setting, saving and of course building passive income through investing and preparing for retirement.

Inside Story of The $1000 Project

This keynote is based on my private video which is usually only available to people who buy The $1000 Project book. This is where Canna shares the successes of this project, why she started it, the fears and challenges that she faced and the powerful movement that is happening around the world with this simple and fun challenge that anyone can do. (This presentation includes video footage).

Why Females Need To Take Control Of Their Finances

This presentation shifts the focus from the problem to the solution. Canna discusses the power women hold in managing finances, the benefits of being in control of your finances and the difference being financially independent makes to your sense of self-worth and contribution towards a relationship and raising a family. This presentation concludes with tangible takeaways you can implement today.

Workshop: How To Get Out Of Debt

This workshop unpacks Canna's “Hit List Strategy” which has helped 1000s of people get out of debt, (even $80,000 worth of credit card debt!)

Attendees will not just get out of debt but have strategies and solutions in place that keep you debt-free, enjoying financial freedom and control, and start working towards building wealth rather than living paycheque to paycheque.

The Magical Light of PND & PTSS

Searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.

This presentation is based on Canna's personal experience with PND & PTSS; what helped and what has kept her out of the darkness. This is an open and honest account of what Canna went through and how she now realises the gift of the darkness.

The Struggle of The Juggle

Motherhood in a modern-day world.

Trying to do it all, trying our best but simply losing it sometimes. Sharing the tricks and tips that Canna has picked up from other busy mothers and how more than ever we need to be transparent and support each other if we want to do it all.

Excitement to Excellence

The adventure of new a business being born.

In this presentation, Canna will unpack what you need to do to make sure your new business thrives.

From understanding your numbers to setting goals, to networking in the most unexpected places and how to make sure luck is always on your side.

Canna concludes this presentation 5 Rules to follow for success.
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