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Controversial author and advocate from a policewoman.


For over 30 years Carolyn Pethick served with the Victorian Police with pride. It was a job she loved and she was a key part of every community she served. What most people didn’t know was that during these 30 years, she was continually bullied, discriminated against for being female and sexually harassed.

The leaders who were supposed to “have her back” clearly didn’t. Her resilience and willingness to challenge what she knew was wrong, sometimes at a horrendous cost, have been captured in her presentations and her book, “To Hell and Back - A Policewoman’s Story. Her presentations focus on encouraging women to speak up and report the discriminative treatment that women experience in the workplace on a daily basis as well as sharing the skills people need to be resilient in these situations. She also educates the offenders on the long-term effects that these behaviours can have on their victims.

Carolyn has made it her mission to be the voice of the victims who are unable to speak out for themselves. “I could have stayed in the Police Force and continued my career but when the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission Review into discrimination within Victoria Police was released I knew I had to resign and become a champion of change.” Carolyn advocates for the promised compensation to be paid to the hundreds of police members who went through similar experiences that she endured.

In December 2015 the Chief Commissioner and the Premier publically apologised to these members and promised that no matter what the cost, these members would be compensated. Many years later and this promise has still not been addressed.

Bullying costs the Australian economy up to $36 billion each year, with the average case amounting to $17,000-24,000 for employers. Let’s stop this rot!

Talking Points

A Policewoman’s Story

Carolyn speaks from the heart as she details her true-life experiences dealing with the very relevant issues of bullying and discrimination.

She is passionate about not now tipping the scales of justice in the opposite direction and discriminating against males. It should never be about gender. It should always be about mutual respect, dignity and equality.

Carolyn’s presentation is emotional, straight forward and captivating. It will inspire, motivate and help to empower your audience.

Topics Covered:

- Bullying and Discrimination
- Politics and the Workplace
- Social Issues
- Health & Well-being
- Positive Action

The audience will leave with:

- Many thought provoking questions that will be discussed long after Carolyn’s presentation
- A new outlook on workplace bullying - Why the “Bully” does what they do
- Don’t be the innocent bystander - there is no such thing
- What it means to overcome the isolation and bullying of workplace harassment
- It should always be about equality and respect, not gender
- We all have an inner strength
- Inspiration & motivation to be part of the solution

Business & Industry: Are you providing a safe workplace?

Presentation or Workshop


Had some managers not spoken up for Carolyn - risking their own careers - she possibly would not
be here today to tell her story and help others. They were strong people who recognised an
injustice and rather than bury their heads in the sand, they chose to speak out, to take action and try
to help. Little did they know, at the time, but their actions probably saved a life and will continue to
help others now by Carolyn being here to share her story.

Organisations also have to consider the business impact of having bullies in their workforces. With
bullied staff members feeling additional strain, potentially falling ill more frequently and likely to
consider quitting their jobs, bullying has a direct impact on productivity and profits.


Employees who face bullying in the workplace may experience a number of issues, including stress,
depression, illness, insomnia and even suicidal behaviour. These consequences influence the
workers’ lives inside and outside of the office, infiltrating all areas of day-to-day activities, family life
and broader social engagement.

Carolyn has lived through this and survived to tell her story. She lets the victims know they are not
alone and that they can speak out. She lets the offenders know, in no uncertain terms, of the impact
they are having on their victims and to seriously reconsider their behaviour.

Carolyn’s presentation will help to increase staff morale and productivity in your workplace by
encouraging your people to think outside of the box, in new and exciting ways, about what they can
do to eradicate discrimination and bullying in their own workplace.

Target Audience:

- Managers
- Employees
- Corporate
- Trades people
- HR Professionals
- Risk Managers

The audience will leave with:

- A deep understanding of what these behaviours are costing your business
- A new outlook on workplace bullying and what it means to overcome the isolation and
bullying of workplace harassment
- Why the “Bully “does what they do
- Identify what is going on with you and how to ask for help
- Don’t be the innocent bystander - Speak up

Bullying in Schools

Presentation or Workshop

Bullying in Australian schools is an important issue due to its high prevalence among Australian
students and the lasting impacts it has beyond a student’s school years.

The annual economic impact of bullying in Australian schools totals an estimated $2.3 billion,
incurred while children are in school and for 20 years after school completion. Almost 25% of
school students in Australia, or an estimated 910,000 children, experience bullying at some stage
during their time in school. It has been estimated that there are around 45 million bullying incidents
across all schools each year, instigated by around 543,000 perpetrators.

Carolyn relates her story in an emotional, straight forward and captivating way, guaranteed to hold
both your students and teachers attention. She speaks from the heart as she details her true life
experiences dealing with such a relevant issue in today’s society.

She will let the victims know that they are not alone, that they do have the inner strength, courage
and resilience to get through their ordeal and that no one has the power to dictate to them how
they should feel.

Carolyn lived through these experiences for over 30 years and is now stronger, more resilient and
passionate about helping others to see that they also can thrive to have a bright future ahead.

Target Audience:
- Students
- Teachers and all staff
- Parents

The audience will leave with:
- A bully is someone desperate for power
- No one has the power to dictate to you how you feel
- Identify how you are feeling and know when to ask for help
- You can get through it and become a stronger person
- Teachers: know when to take action


We all deserve respect, especially in the workplace


We all need to have the courage to speak up when something is obviously not right. Especially if someone is suffering due to the behaviour of others.


Any victim needs to be encouraged to have the strength and resilience to speak up, to protect themselves and other future victims.
“I congratulate you on having the courage to tell your story. I am sure your book will play an important role in promoting a better culture for women in the police force” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews

“Carolyn had the whole audience riveted to their seats as she told of thirty years in the police force where she endure constant bullying and harassment. You could hear a pin drop”

Rotary Club of North Balwyn

Carolyn Pethick enthralled our Sunbury and Macedon Ranges VIEW Club meeting with stories from her book, TO HELL AND BACK, A POLICEWOMAN’S STORY. The ladies loved her presentation and were eager to purchase her book afterwards to learn more. As the Program Officer for that VIEW Club, I am always searching for interesting Guest Speakers and previously, when I attended a function where Carolyn was speaking, I immediately approached her after and asked her to talk to our group. Listening to her twice was a huge bonus. I have since recommended Carolyn to nearby Probus Clubs. If you have the chance to attend a function when Carolyn is speaking, I would suggest that you don’t miss it.

View Clubs Victoria

I liked how you said we have the power to choose how we feel, and we shouldn’t let other people take that from us. Each day we can choose to be happy and do what is right. Thank you for teaching us that lesson. One part of your talk that I am especially grateful for is when you said that even though we might feel like people are always talking about us, they most likely aren’t. This has really helped me lately with worrying about what people might be thinking about me, when they most likely have their minds on something completely different. Your talk had a great impact on me.

Student, Camberwell Girls School

She captured our interest right from the start, speaking from the heart, with no notes, giving story after story of the life she led after enlisting as a 21-year-old female into the Victorian Police Force. Her 30 years in the Police Force certainly appeared to be To Hell and Back. Discrimination against women was basically the theme throughout her talk. She went into the Police Force intending to work diligently at every task asked of her but after 30 years of constant and blatant bias towards women, with promotions held back, false claims made against her and no support, she felt that she had no choice but to resign. Carolyn has now published a book and is in demand as a guest speaker. She was a most enjoyable and worthwhile guest speaker, informative and thought provoking.

Doncaster View Club
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