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The Puppeteer of Communication and Body Language Psychology


Catherine Molloy is an International Speaker & Communication Expert, specialising in leadership, sales & service. With 25 years of experience in business, training, and facilitation, Catherine believes in creating effective engaging learning environments through powerful communication techniques. Catherine has immersed herself into the field of communication and body language psychology. It has anchored her authority as a Communication Master. Catherine holds a Masters Degree in Neuro-linguistic Programming as well as qualifications in Business, Leadership & Management and is a qualified DISC accredited consultant.

Catherine works internationally in the areas of business growth, customer service and leadership with communication as the overarching tool to success in these areas. Catherine developed the conscious connection framework after studying body language for over 30 years, and researching and understanding the theories behind behaviour styles. Catherine says when you take away the non-verbals and verbal language, globally you are left with the raw behaviour styles of people which is fantastic, as you can sell, serve and lead anyone, anywhere in the world.

Previous experience:
Catherine’s journey in Sales began in the 1980s topping sales nationally with the Commercial Bank of Australia and Westpac Bank. She then owned and operated a successful Real Estate business, and now owns and runs an international soft-skill training company based in Australia and has just won an International Sales and Leadership award. Catherine understands the joys and difficulties of owning and running a business and understands successful teams become more effective when they are consciously communicating and having fun.

Talking Points

The Million Dollar Handshake - How to powerfully connect and communicate in business and life

A great way to kick off a conference with energy and everyone participating in connecting and communicating with each other. In this highly interactive keynote every person will find out what they need to know about creating win-win results and how to develop their very own Million Dollar Handshake based on Catherine’s best-selling book published by Hachette in the southern hemisphere and Orion books in the northern hemisphere.

Information About KEYNOTE
What do your first 7 seconds say about you?

Your handshake is absolutely imperative in your communication. How you orchestrate your first impression will determine whether the client or customer wants to do business with you.

For this reason we are now sharing the secrets of receiving the power through the handshake as we hack your meet and greet.

In this presentation Catherine Molloy with over 25 years of experience in body language psychology will share with you some of the secrets and insights on how to master and develop your own Million Dollar Handshake.

Here Catherine will inspire through story and show you practical tools, tips and strategies to perfect and to have fun with your Million Dollar Handshake.

Key Takeways
In this keynote you will learn:

- The 5 powerful steps to your million dollar handshake
- The non-verbal intelligent aspects of your first impression
- How to inspire confidence and impress first time every time.

Selling Smarter - The Art of Sales and Body Language

A high energy, entertaining and informative session with simple key takeaways that can be implemented on the day for immediate success.

It’s no secret that the sales industry continues to change and evolve rapidly. This action-packed keynote presentation is fast paced and fun, created for you to enhance your customer satisfaction and strike rate. Most people don’t realise they have been selling all their life. The simple art of selling is a skill that anyone can achieve through training and practice.

For many businesses, the owner and every team member needs to understand the basic and fundamental skills required to master the art of sales and language for business.
Understand the nuances of your non-verbal language and how to apply this to lead well, increase sales and communicate at a master level.

In this keynote you will learn:

- To sell is to serve
- The power of understanding your behavioral style for selling
- The art of body language for leading results

Language for Leadership : Unlock your worth

An awesome presenter for all audiences as Catherine continues to walk the walk and win awards in management and leadership.
Information About KEYNOTE
First impressions matter when it comes to leading and influencing each day .

Catherine’s interactive and energetic style will engage and inspire leaders, teams, and professionals to take action and understand the power of their first impression. Learn how to utilize the tools and strategies she has collected in her 25 years of communication mastery.

Understanding how to navigate powerful communication techniques will ensure survival, happiness and growth in the future. Successful individuals and teams become more effective when they understand, and are conscious of, how they connect and communicate to create the right lasting results.

In this keynote you will learn:

- How to successfully navigate the conscious connection framework.
- The blueprint to understand your first impression and why communication is the key to leadership
- Why successful people must unlock their worth for improved sales, service and leadership to create a life worth living.

<a href="#ST04">Enhance Your Culture Awareness</a>

Catherine will be sharing her insight and advice on how to work effectively across cultures.
Having presented to and trained many different cultures around the globe, Catherine has mastered the art of how to effectively communicate by understanding the raw behaviour styles of people and how to consciously connect.

Communication is the key to boost sales, service and leadership in any business.

In this powerful presentation Catherine communicates how to:

Develop your understanding and to appreciate cultural diversity,
Recognise key patterns of cultural differences
Effectively communicate and create positive outcomes
How to enhance your cultural awareness in International communication.
The 3 hidden secrets of connecting and communicating.
Step by step interactive strategies on how to lead and create win-win situations every time with anyone, anywhere.


  • Culture
  • Sales
  • Mastering Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service

Lifestyle & Wellbeing

  • Psychology
Your skills, knowledge and experience are so needed in our projects. You have made such an impact in so short a time. We want all our teams to go through Customer Service training with you. The Oxford Partnership UK and The Middle East
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