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The Voice of the Future

The best way to engage with the future is to create it.

As the Chairman of the Futures Foundation, Charles Brass gives voice to the forces and trends which are shaping Australia's future. He is also an active member of all major international futures organisations.

Current work
Charles is a regular international commentator on the future in print, radio, and TV and works with clients to help them create their future. He focuses on how good foresight practice can be (in fact, should be) built into all organisations and institutions. Combined with the research capability of Australia’s Futures Foundation, his presentations always include trends and themes relevant to each individual audience.

Previous experience

Charles has had five careers during a life in Australia that began as a German speaking immigrant in the 1950s. He has been a successful business entrepreneur, teacher & educator, multinational business director, community builder and visionary - and his presentations combine wisdom and practical insights from all these.

His educational qualifications are just as diverse, ranging from degrees in photography, physical science and education to a Master of Business Administration and a Masters in Strategic Foresight.

Talking Points

How to think like a futurist - and why this matters to you

The world is crying out for better foresight and more future thinking, but just how this is done is not obvious. This presentation builds on over 70 years of scholarship and practice within organisations and governments to explain how effectively engaging with the future means exploring the many possible alternative futures, choosing a preferred future and then taking action in the present to bring about that future.

At the end of this presentation, you will:
- Understand why futurists exist and how they can help organisations, institutions and individuals create better futures
- Have access to easy-to-use techniques that enable you to begin your own foresight journey
- Be better able to identify meaningful trends in a mountain of data

Future Success IS as simple as this: Navigate Uncertainty, Create the Future, Constantly Question

In today’s constantly changing world those in charge of businesses, institutions and governments need a different range of skills than their predecessors if they are to be successful. They also need to engage with their various stakeholders in different ways. This presentation explains how the principles of strategic foresight nurture these new skills and behaviours.

This presentation will answer the following questions:
- How do you make effective decisions in an environment full of uncertainty and change?
- How do you effectively sift through the mountain of data arriving every day to identify what is critical to your situation?
- How do you ensure that your carefully crafted strategy is actually implemented and doesn’t just sit on a shelf?

It’s your future - make it a good one

What was once called ‘career management’ is in the twenty-first century better described as “creating individual futures”. The 21st century offers everyone a much wider range of options through which to create a meaningful and sustainable life, but navigating through too much choice can surprisingly often be much more difficult than being forced to accept a much more limited range of possibilities. This presentation explains how all of us can use the principles of futures thinking to navigate our way into futures we would prefer, rather than futures we stumble into.

At the end of this presentation you will:
- Know how to decide what from your past could/should be present in your future
- Begin the process of creating your future life
- Be able to involve others in helping you create your preferred future
With the Minister delayed and a room full of people, we could have had a PR disaster on our hands. But the depth and liveliness of your presentation, plus your ability and willingness to handle all manner of questions, meant our guests came away informed and enthused. Over 50s Association

Feedback from group members indicated they found the seminar challenging and confronting. Their increased knowledge will be invaluable.

Fairley Leadership Programme

Thank you for the expertise, time and support that you devoted to our conference. Our delegates gave your presentation the highest votes of any presenter in terms of both content and style.

Facilities Management Australia

Charles presentation was not your normal business planning, cookie-cutter type; I think he was able to give a different and far more interesting insight into future planning than what the majority of our attendees have probably heard before.

Daylesford and Macedon Ranges Tourism Board
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