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Tech Visionary Working at the Leading Edge of AI



Charlie Chan (they/them) is a creative technologist, composer and pianist with a career spanning over forty years, underscored by a commitment to technological innovation & creative practice.

A pioneer in cutting-edge tech; Charlie’s workplace is part-lab, part-recording studio.

Charlie has performed/presented at NASA, the United Nations and the Sydney Opera House, as well as delivered keynotes for Apple, Google, Accenture, Adobe and IBM, among others.

In a lifetime of firsts, Charlie created Australia’s first online music distribution service: Martian Music’s internet-based sales mechanism pioneered digital downloads and music e-commerce in Australia.

Charlie also enabled orchestras around the world to play in sync with a conductor for the first time ever, using tech that Charlie created themselves: In 2015, Charlie’s initiative The Global Orchestra used Charlie’s Conductor Cam technology to bring together millions of participants across 350 locations to play in sync as the live soundtrack to Earth Hour.

Charlie continues to compose, record, and play music: they’re known for their iconic soundtracks - the original theme for Australian Story for instance.

Last year they shattered records by recording and releasing 52 albums across 52 weeks.

Since teaching a robot - Baxter - to play marimba as a member of a jazz ensemble on stage at Sydney Opera House in 2017, Charlie has been focused on Artificial Intelligence and has taught their own AI - named Ch.AI - to compose and perform just like they do.

When Charlie set a record for the longest improvised piano concert ever, performing Supernova for over 26 hours at HOTA on the Gold Coast on the Winter Solstice in 2023, it was Ch.AI who kept the improvised performance going so Charlie could have micro-naps, meals &

loo breaks.

Charlie speaks plainly and passionately about the new technological era that AI is ushering in - they have unrivaled knowledge and experience of it, and in a unique offering, they’re able to bring Ch.AI along to present with them.

Charlie Chan's presentation at Screen Forever was nothing short of phenomenal. As a composer, Charlie has an unparalleled ability to weave intricate melodies that elevate any visual narrative. During the presentation, Charlie delved into the art and craft of film scoring with remarkable clarity and insight and brought together some of the country's most experienced film composers to demonstrate how music transforms the visual medium to a new level. Charlie's detailed explanations, paired with engaging anecdotes from their extensive career, offered a unique behind-the-scenes look at the creative process. Charlie’s passion for music and storytelling was evident, making the talk not only informative but also deeply inspiring - bringing many in the room to tears. Attendees left with a newfound appreciation for the power of a well-crafted score and how it can profoundly impact the emotional resonance of a film. Charlie Chan truly captivated the audience making this presentation a standout highlight of the event. Screen Producers Australia

Charlie Chan was Accenture Interactive's Artist in Residence, embedded in the Liquid Studio in 2017. Their role was to bring music and AI together, identifying and harnessing the studio team’s unique creative and technical skillsets to produce a major musical event at the Sydney Opera House, followed by others with Accenture teams globally. In partnership with Accenture Interactive, Charlie created an immersive, interactive orchestral experience bringing together data, artificial intelligence, music, the web, real-time visualisations, and the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The Interactive Orchestra performance - featuring an AI-powered, marimba-playing robot - was a groundbreaking way to capture, analyse and respond to customer preferences in real-time and at scale. Charlie is a tech visionary and artist like no other - as creatively imaginative as they are technically gifted, able to communicate as effectively with highly experienced tech specialists, as they are with fellow creatives, and general audiences. Charlie delivered professional development outcomes to my team that couldn’t have been achieved working with anyone else. The Accenture staff who worked with Charlie were able to tap into creative capabilities they hadn’t previously used - and in some cases, didn’t know they had - to elevate and expand their output. Charlie brought dynamic energy and lofty ambitions to their work at Accenture Liquid Studio - they set the bar high, then led the team to meet it.

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