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Leading authority on productivity, mindfulness and well-being.


Chelsea Pottenger is an international speaker and a leading authority on productivity, mindfulness and well-being.

For 12-years Chelsea was known for her extraordinary work ethic and as a high performer she delivered results for a variety of big name organisations. Then a life-challenge happened. In 2015, Chelsea experienced debilitating Post-Natal Depression, which sent her spiraling to the lower depths of mental health. With determination, help and resilience Chelsea bounced back with a new purpose, passion and education.

Current Work

Chelsea is the dynamic, brilliant and inspirational Director of EQ Minds who is on a mission to empower high performance through greater mindfulness. She is regularly featured in Marie Claire, Sunrise, UK Daily Mail, Channel 9, ABC News and 2DayFM to name a few.

Anyone that attends her events will laugh, learn, grow and walk away with some lifechanging tools to help them become more successful, more energised and most importantly more able to tackle any challenge life throws at you! She has worked with many global brands such as eBay, Uber, Telstra and Mercedes- Benz, helping professionals recalibrate their brains and create more success in their work and lives.

Known for great audience connection, warm energy and passion, Chelsea has built a tribe of followers including more than 100,000 on Instagram. Using her platform for good, she is a proud ambassador for mental health charities including RUOK? and The Gidget Foundation.

Talking Points

Mindset Reset - Live

Do you want to know how to become a calmer, happier and more productive version of yourself?

To function at our best, we need to prioritise our mental health and wellbeing. That’s where Mindset Reset comes in.

In this entertaining live session, Chelsea will give you lifelong tools to adopt into your daily routine to reduce stress and burnout, tap into positive energy and build resilience. So that when you face a setback, you don’t just bounce back - you bounce forward and grow stronger.

Key Learnings

- Routines for success, longevity and performance
- Real time tools for stress
- The simple strategy that will help you win the morning
- Gut health tips for mental health
- Sleep tips for productivity

Goal Setting and Visualisation- Virtual

Today's session will help you reach your goals at both works and in your personal life. We will explore how Vision Boards are effective in creating awareness and focus in your daily life. We examine research in how goals are met and discover how to stay on track when it is often so easy to stray from your purpose. We will examine how to make goals effective, how we can create motivation, and ways to become accountable. This session will break down a multitude of areas in your life that goals can be applied and improved upon.

Key Learnings

- Goal setting that sticks
- How to amplify your happiness
- How elite performers install habits that last
- How to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs
- Tips to sustain motivation and drive

The Science Of Calm- Virtual

Our frame of mind is being challenged like never before. Today we explore some stress management techniques to reduce the noise. We also look at how our emotions, and those around us, are contagious, so how can we ensure we are creating positivity and reducing our exposure to negative thoughts. We will explore some tools for resilience and leave you with a few immunity-boosting tips.

Key Learnings
- How the brain responds to stress and effective tips to reduce the irritants
- The daily ritual that will have a huge impact on your mental health
- How to stay positive and productive in uncertain times
- How to optimise the perfect end to your workday to separate work and home life
- Mindset reframes to bounce forward from change and setbacks

Clarity in a World of Distractions - Virtual

More than ever we are surrounded by distractions that take us away from our priorities and our health. Chelsea will teach you how to disconnect from technology with some small simple hacks to refresh, refocus and revitalise. We all face setbacks and negativity, so today’s session will equip you with strategies to bounce back from adversity. You will also leave the session with some tips to help you thrive in your physical and mental health.

Key Learnings
- How to optimise your morning ritual
- Key strategies that leave you fully recharged to tackle the afternoon slump
- How to remove digital distractions so you can perform at your best
- Setting boundaries and an effective strategy to win back an hour of your workday
- Gut health tips to improve your mental health

Sleep for Success- Virtual

“Sleep may well be the greatest performance enhancer available” Dr Matt Walker.

Join Chelsea as she shares some simple tips to improve your sleep and keep you operating at your best. We will explore what coffee can do to your sleep and how your routine sets you up for success and why screens are so detrimental to your sleep quality. The adverse effects on your health are dramatic if sleep is not a top priority.

Key Learnings

- Sleep for productivity
- 4 simple life hacks for better sleep
- The impact of coffee, alcohol and food on your sleep
- How to manufacture the perfect pre-sleep routine
- Tips on how to wake up with more energy

Gut Health for Mental Health- Virtual

Have you ever heard that your gut is your second brain? Well, it turns out the two are linked and how you feed your brain, significantly impacts your mood. Today we will explore how serotonin is created in the gut and how depression is closely linked to a poor diet. We will explore some simple strategies to improve your nutrition and improve how you feel. Plus your output and performance will be increased as you maximise your effectiveness.

Key Learnings
- How to repair and grow happiness cells in your gut
- Why your gut is your second brain
- How to optimise your microbiome for mental health
- What to eat to power your brain
- How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy

High Performance Habits- Virtual

This session will explore how some simple changes to your routine and mindset will have a dramatic impact on your output. With so many distractions causing us to lose sight of what is most important, we will explore some ways to get back on track and adopt the right mindset to improve your results. We will share some simple strategies to increase productivity and look at how work time can be optimised.

Key Learnings:
- How to stay focused and remove distractions
- Work from home productivity tips
- Strategies to overcome procrastination
- Why the to-do list is harming productivity and what to use instead
- The future meeting mindset

Resilience Through Uncertainty

In this virtual session, Chelsea will explore the impact of uncertainty and our external
environment on our mental health and productivity. She will share a series of tools for
success and how to create a positive mindset. The session will leave you with healthy
habits to keep you and your team performing at your best, mentally and physically
through lockdown.

The Mindful High Performer

Harness the power, purpose and performance of a refreshed mind with Chelsea Pottenger.

What your team will learn:
- Optimise your mental health continuum
- Resilience: reframing thoughts and emotions
- Gut health tips for brain performance
- A tool to transition from stress and setbacks
- Training the brain to embrace change
- Emotional flexibility
- How to find space for creative thinking

Do you want to improve your team's mental health and performance?
In the Mindful High Performer Keynote, Chelsea will guide your team to perform at their best without feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Your team will uncover the power of emotional flexibility and adaptability to build resilience and grit. They will learn techniques to boost their creative thinking and improve their gut health to better their overall physical and mental performance.

Learn healthy habits and equip yourself with skills for a lifetime of success with an internationally accredited mindfulness and meditation practitioner, R U OK? ambassador, psychology student and author of 'The Mindful High Performer', Chelsea Pottenger.
WOW Chelsea blew the room away, from tears to a standing ovation. A last-minute addition to our event Chelsea did not disappoint, from our pre-event communications I knew we were dealing with a professional in her field. On the day Chelsea had the whole audience engaged from the get-go, the queue for one-on-one time post keynote was overwhelming to see - As an event manager this is what inspires me to create event experiences when the audience connects as they did with such a talented, knowledgable, engaging and honest speaker like Chelsea. I Look forward to working together again soon. Selina Arnall- Event Manager

Chelsea undertook a keynote speech to our team of about 200 people as part of an offsite and planning day. She used a clever balance of scientific facts, logic and real life examples to help our team with resilience, mental health and general wellbeing. Chelsea’s speaking style made it felt like she was speaking one on one to each of us in the crowd. Since the event we have seen many of our people continue to embrace Chelsea’s many life hacks to improve sleep, mental health and general relaxation. Even the partners of our staff now talk about Chelsea! I can highly recommend Chelsea to your business.


Engaging, entertaining, funny and inspirational

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