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Australia's top renovator.


Cherie Barber is a full-time professional renovator and a highly sought-after speaker. Born in an average working class family, Cherie grew up in Sydney's western suburbs and was removed from school against her will at the end of Year 10 in order to help her family make ends meet financially. At a young age, she learnt about business, self-discipline and the meaning of hard work, a lesson she attributes to her success.

Current work

Unrivalled in what she does, Cherie is Australia’s top renovator, continuously averaging a staggering $300,000 to $600,000 profit on every property she touches, regardless of market conditions. She firmly proves that lucrative profits can be made, if you know how to renovate the right way. In 2009, she established Renovating For Profit, a company designed to teach everyday Australian’s, the nuts and bolts of renovation as a profession. She has personally trained over 4,000 graduates the art and science of renovating for profit and now juggles full-time renovating with her national public speaking, media & business commitments. Cherie believes once you have the right knowledge, anyone can do it!

Previous experience

Beginning: In 1991, aged 21, Cherie bought her first, low budget, unrenovated property and cosmetically flipped it for a profit shortly thereafter. In her twenties, she bought project number 2, a structural renovation which she renovated whilst residing in the property (a lesson she now advises not to do) while working full-time in marketing. In 2001, Cherie threw in her full-time marketing job, at the end of her first professional renovation to work on old houses. This saw her earn more money on the weekends renovating, than her full-time employment.

Experience: In the first year of her professional renovating career, Cherie bought, renovated and sold 6 houses with a combined value of $6.3 Million. She did this with no stable income, no job and little money behind her by employing creative strategies. Having gained a first year profit of $1.15 Million, this phenomenal result lead Cherie to taking on property investment, renovation and development as a serious business. With 21+ years renovating experience and over a solid decade behind her as a full-time professional renovator, Cherie has personally renovated more than 35 properties (many of these structural renovations) and been involved in countless property deals well in excess of $50 Million.

Achievements: Cherie’s success is attributed to a disciplined, business-like approach to her property projects, complimented by a step-by-step system she personally developed to enable her to follow a logical process in the renovation projects she undertakes. She developed her own unique due diligence system, has intimate knowledge on property values in her target suburbs and is skilled at adding maximum value for the least cost possible. She’s consistently broken sales records in her area and says the key to achieving this, is by identifying market needs, delivering a product to satisfy that demand and creating the wow factor in properties that get owner occupiers emotionally attached to the property prior to purchase.

Media: Cherie’s leading expertise, knowledge and skills on property renovation make her the favourite contributor for anything related to property renovation in the Australian media. She is constantly featured and has appeared across all major Australian television networks, live radio, national and suburban newspapers, front covers of countless property investment magazines, internet, expo’s, talk show programs and is a regular columnist for Woman’s Day, Australian Property Investor, Burke’s Backyard, Handyman, and Renovate magazines. She appears on Sydney’s 2UE radio, is a regular TV presenter for Channel 10’s lifestyle show, The Living Room and is Foxtel’s Lifestyle’s Renovation and Development expert. The Australian media subsequently dubbed her “Australia’s Renovation Queen”™. Cherie currently represents several product brands. In 2004, she completed a 6 episode renovation series with Channel 7, which put her skills and knowledge to the test, in full public display to a nationwide audience.

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