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Futurist for leaders of tomorrow.

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The most exciting future for humans that we’ve ever seen on planet earth.

Chris Riddell is an award winning global futurist and industry recognized inspirational keynote speaker on emerging trends in our hyper connected world. He is also a renowned strategist and global emerging trend spotter for businesses and leaders in today's disrupted world.

A global trailblazer, Chris Riddell has worked for some of the largest and most successful companies and brands in the world. Having lived and worked in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, China, New Zealand and Australia, his understanding of our new world is compelling and thought provoking, to say the least.

Chris believes that being a futurist isn't simply about 'putting your finger in the air, and saying what the future might be', but about 'authentically embedding yourself into the very space from where true innovation and disruption is taking place, analyzing future and emerging trends, then distilling them into a clear and meaningful keynote message'.

As a recognised futurist and speaker on digital, Chris has transformed the platform for delivering keynote presentations, and what it means to be an inspiring speaker. His award-winning events are highly acclaimed for being the most energising and immersive experiences around. With Chris's unique blend of storytelling, customised immersive video, and exciting dialogue, audiences are guaranteed to walk away feeling inspired, stimulated and energised for what lies just ahead.

He is Australia's futurist for the leaders of tomorrow and keynote speaker for businesses of today.

Current work

Chris Riddell is a senior advisor to businesses across industry verticals, with consulting expertise in the technology, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, finance and communications sectors. He is a current board member of the Museum for Australian Democracy at Eureka and writes columns for online digital agencies and corporations, providing deep insights into the world of digital, disruption and future change.

Previous experience

CDO: Chris Riddell was the first-ever Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for MARS Incorporated in Australia and New Zealand, architecting the corporate digital strategy behind brands such as Whiskas, Pedigree, Wrigley, Starburst, Masterfoods, Snickers and Maltesers. He is frequently called on as a futurist, speaker and expert commentator to give insights into consumer technology trends within traditional media. Chris is a regular on Channel 7's The Morning Show, The Daily Edition prime time shows, and ABC 774 Radio. His insights and expertise as a trend spotter extend far beyond the walls of the corporate world.

Talking Points

Leadership and Culture

Business leaders in today's world are in truly in unprecedented times. The challenges are continually changing, the goal posts are moving, and the pressure has never been higher. Reducing your bottom line costs, increasing your top line growth, and managing risk in a world where anything can go viral in seconds, both the good and bad. This is just the start, the list goes on and on.

Leaders have to be more informed than ever, and must have robust, trusted teams supporting them across their business, at every level. Creating a culture that is innovative, and energetic, whilst being able to acquire the best talent in the market are just a few of the items on any CEO's checklist.

Leadership teams are also realising the immediate need to be transparent and open to their employees and supporters, and to lead from the front by example.

Topics Chris will cover in this area include:

• Why business leaders need to behave, act and think like entrepreneurs
• Innovation is a culture - how to create an environment that brings this out
• How does Human Resources need to evolve to enable business success
• What does winning the war on talent look like and where do you start

Customers and Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is a topic that is gaining momentum as each day goes by. Customers have higher expectations than they've ever had. They are also more informed than ever before. Your customers have access to a world of reviews, data, stories, pricing, and your competitors, all from a small device in their pocket.

Customers are demanding immersive experiences. Those businesses who provide it, are growing at a rate of knots, and are seeing their businesses expand around the world. Those who are not, are at best treading water, and at worst shrinking backwards.

Your current customers have choice, and they know it. They're already sizing up your competition and looking for alternatives. Your future customers are coming through high school and university now, and they see the world through very different eyes.

Topics Chris will cover in this area include:

• Why creating an 'Online and Offline' experience is the new normal
• What does the future customer look like, and how do you engage them
• How do Retail 'bricks and mortar' stores survive in a world of online?
• Why creating incredible experiences is now imperative just to survive

Digital and Technology

The world of digital is about breaking down borders and time, and allowing people to connect wherever they are, and whatever they are doing. This is a digital revolution that we are in, and its enabled by people and by technology.

The power of networks have allowed us to innovate faster than ever before in history, and we are in an era where digital is now our new normal.

Digital touches and impacts on every part of your business internally, and externally. Employees are demanding access to systems on the go, anywhere, and at any time. They also want things to just work, and be easy.

Your customers expect to be able to reach you, anywhere at any time, and on any channel. They want to be heard, they want you to respond, and you’d better respond quickly.

Topics Chris will cover in this area include:

• How to succeed in a volatile world where the goal posts keep on moving
• What are the key ingredients in creating an engaging digital strategy
• What role does technology leadership and strategy have in your organisation
• Why keeping up with the pace of change is crucial for your future

Data and Analytics

Data is coming at us from every single angle. Intact there's so much of it, we are struggling to cope with even storing it, let alone even making sense of it. There's more than 2.4 billion people connected to the internet right now, and by the year 2020, the whole world will be connected.

So many businesses have been harvesting phenomenal amounts of data in their storage systems for years and years, and are not doing much with it. Many other businesses are also simply letting the opportunities of collecting data from non traditional sources just by pass them.

Business leaders and decision makers need insights and data to make effective, economical and rational decisions. If you are able to make an informed and balanced decision quickly, then you are already setting yourself up for the best chance of success.

Topics Chris will cover in this area include:

• The immense power of analytics and why it will support your customer strategy
• How multisource data will enable your business to succeed like never before
• How realtime dashboards and on demand analytics is the new normal
• How predictive analytics with decision algorithms will unlock your business

Disruption and Change

There is unanimous agreement that the consumerisation of the cloud has enabled disruption, and we are only half way there. The digital economy has opened up businesses of all shapes and sizes to both be disrupted, and be disruptors.

There is no industry left unaffected by disruption, the only question is how much is yours facing, and what are you doing about it?

So many functions within traditional business have changed dramatically over the last ten years. The IT department is almost unrecognisable from what it once was, and with good reason too. It has evolved dramatically from being an overhead and a drain on your resources, to now being a business enabler and helping you grow. At least it should be.

Jobs are changing, the expectations of employees are changing almost daily, and the workforce is trying to keep up with the demands of employers.

Topics Chris will cover in this area include:

• What do the jobs of the future look like and how to prepare your business
• How can the cloud create opportunities, reduce risk and your bottom line costs
• What are the next internal business functions to be impacted by change
• Who are the big disruptors in your industry and where are they heading towards

Trends and Innovation

Everything about our world is influenced by megatrends; slow moving large, social, economic, political, environmental or technological changes that impact us everywhere.

These megatrends are influence a wide range of activities, processes and perceptions, both in government and in society, and they last for decades. These forces then drive trends around the world. The most successful, innovative and forward thinking businesses are continually plugged into these movements, and use them to support their medium to long term strategies.

Innovating in this new world is a mindset and a culture. Its about harnessing the power of the crowd, both from within the walls of your business, and from your customers. There will be jobs around the corner that don’t even exist yet, and these will require an incredibly fresh way of thinking.

How are you preparing for this new normal?

Topics Chris will cover in this area include:

• What is real innovation, and how does a well established business embrace it
• How do you harness the power of the crowd to bring new ideas on-board
• What are the emerging themes in your industry that you need to be aware of
• How to stay abreast of change, innovation and disruption, including trends

Chris Riddell Live - virtual events

The ‘Chris Riddell Live’ broadcast studio is located in Melbourne and is purpose built for Chris’s corporate events.

As well as delivering incredible mesmerising presentations, the state of the art production equipment enables Chris’s team to connect anyone through high definition video to the studio, wherever they are in the world. Whether it’s the CEO that wants to have a live video chat, or audience members sat at home that want to Skype in for a Q&A session, then this is all designed to be the most seamless and blended experience for the viewer.

The studio is designed so that client branding is integrated with ease onto the screens, to give a tailored and fully personalised experience for every single event.

Ahead of any event, Chris’s production team would work with the client to ensure everything runs smoothly and any questions are answered. There is no technology required from the client or any setup / administration costs. Anyone that wants to connect has to have a working internet connection with a standard web browser.
I recently attended a Telstra retail conference where Chris Riddell was a keynote speaker on digital. His talk was energising, thought-provoking and very real to the world we all live in. As the owner of a number of Telstra stores myself, I felt empowered to get up and do something different the moment I left the conference. Chris is absolutely relevant for anyone who works and lives in the modern world, and is a must for people wanting to set themselves up for success in the future! I can't recommend him highly enough. Retail business owner

Chris Riddell is someone who engages the audience and brings clarity to the complicated. He speaks at a level that everyone understands, and his style of presenting is exciting to say the least. Digital is something that impacts us all, and is a huge part of our global future. If you want to prepare your audience for the new world ahead, my recommendation is get them to hear what Chris has to say. They'll walk away prepared and with exciting new perspectives.


Chris Riddell showed a wonderful articulation for technology and its real life use, with practical examples and none of the propeller spinning complexity and jargon that is often seen. Chris has also recently been a keynote speaker at our Telstra Retail Conference, speaking about the future of digital and how it's impacting our world. Chris was able to not only entertain and inspire but delivered on the future ways of working and the challenges faced by business leaders today. I'd highly recommend Chris for any key speaker appointments for business that are needing thought provoking discussion on how their businesses will continue in the future with technology.


I wanted to take the time to thank Chris very much for his contribution to our event last week. The feedback has been fabulous and there's a great buzz around the country about what a great event it was and, in particular, his presentation. So thank you. We hope he enjoyed it as much as we did and we look forward to crossing paths again in the near future.

Telstra Licensee Association

Chris is an engaging speaker who's energised and inspiring. Chris used great examples and made things easy to understand; he was both entertaining and insightful. I can't wait to take his insights back to my organisation and inspire them to be their best.

Institute of Internal Auditors - Australia
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