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The World’s Leading Authority in Story-Based Leadership


Christopher Kai is one of the world’s leading authorities in story-based leadership, a communications expert, a #1 international bestselling author, and a former American Express business strategist on Wall Street.

For the last 20 years, he has taught his clients how to scientifically connect and communicate 22X more effectively as an inspiring leader, sales expert, or business relationship builder.

Current Work:

He has given more than 1,000 presentations in 6 continents with Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, and employees.

Christopher has also been featured on Huffington Post, Fast Company, Inc., and Forbes and as the host of The Gifters Podcast (Top 5% of the world’s 2 million podcasts), Christopher Kai has interviewed or researched more than 2,000 of the world’s most inspiring individuals like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and Jeff Bezos.

In his sixth and newest groundbreaking book “Story-based Leadership: How 2 Rise 2 the Top with Your Story,” he shares how your story will determine your success. Elon Musk once exclaimed during an interview, “Wow, you really know a lot.”

Talking Points

Success: How 2 Rise 2 the Top with Your Story

Three-year-old Gail was so poor her dress was made from a potato sack. Wilhelm was a high school dropout who grew up on a street with prostitutes and drug dealers. In high school, Preston used to work at McDonald’s as a short-line cook. Oprah “Gail” Winfrey, Leonardo “Wilhelm” DiCaprio, and Jeffrey “Preston” Bezos are three of the most successful individuals in the world who had the most humble beginnings.

In this groundbreaking keynote based on Christopher Kai’s new book “Story-based Leadership: How 2 Rise 2 the Top with Your Story,” you will learn the 2 most important skills that you need to advance in your career. Based on 1,500 interviews with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives, he found that how you share your story helps you stand out. But, who you know in your network will determine your success.

Key Takeaways
1.) Why Your Network is the #1 Best Predictor for Success
2.) How to Connect With Anyone Based on 4 Happy Chemicals
3.) What is the Single Best Way to Start Any Conversation

Story-based Leadership: How to Be a Wizard of Words Like Steve Jobs

Bill Gates has said that Steve Jobs was a “wizard” of words where he could motivate and mesmerize anyone with his story. What exact words can you use to positively impact your team? How did MIT’s Human Dynamic Laboratory finally prove that team building is in fact a science and that you can measurably and quantifiably improve the success of your team with one specific, simple action? Christopher Kai dives into the science and psychology of how you can communicate your message with clarity, conciseness, and confidence.

Key Takeaways

1.) The 3 Basic Elements of a Persuasive Story
2.) Why Stories Are 22X More Memorable Than Facts
3.) How You Share Your Story Determines 50% of Your Effectiveness

Story-based Sales: How To Outshine, Outsmart, and Outsell with Storytelling

According to a McKinsey Report called the “Consumer Decision Journey” where they surveyed 20,000 customers in 5 different industries across 3 continents, they found that 74% of the sale came down to just two simple areas: 1.) the direct interaction and 2.) consumer-driven marketing. Christopher Kai breaks down these two areas and illuminates how when you share your stories, you will outshine, outsmart, and outsell your contemporaries.

Key Takeaways
1.) How to stand out with your clients
2.) What is the best way to build rapport in one sentence
3.) Why client testimonials are 31% more effective in the sales process

Elevate Your Relationships: The 3 Proven Keys to Unlock Authentic Connections

How do you develop more genuine relationships, minimize arguments, have more productive meetings, and be more persuasive with your boss, co-worker, client, or employee? What words, tone of voice, or body language can you use to scientifically connect with anyone? Christopher Kai combines what he learned from American Express as a business storytelling strategist with his fascinating research on the science of connections to share with you how you can effortlessly start and develop lasting connections in your business relationships.

Key Takeaways

1.) The 2 network science concepts that will amplify your professional network
2.) Be a 93% more effective communicator
3.) Why 5 Love Languages & stories translate into authentic business relationships

The 19% Difference: Why Diversity Measurably Improves Business Success

The Boston Consulting Group reviewed 1,700 different companies from 8 different countries and found that when leadership teams were more diverse it increased their revenue by 19%. The reason came down to one word: innovation. When you have different viewpoints, ethnicities, genders and experiences, you are able to communicate and connect with different stories to build stronger rapport and camaraderie ultimately leading to innovative, new ideas. Christopher Kai dives into the science of why diverse backgrounds and viewpoints lead to measurably better and exponentially different results.

Key Takeaways
1.) Why talking to strangers is the key to your success
2.) Forget tolerance. Focus on appreciating someone’s differences
3.) The One Simple Step to Start a Conversation
Wow, you really know a lot. Elon Musk

Christopher Kai is the best presenter I've seen in 18 years.


Christopher Kai elevated the event to a TED Talk-Level Conference.

McKinsey & Co.

Christopher’s “communication is king” concept will be tremendously helpful in building stronger client relationships.

Merrill Lynch

In all the years we have had our annual leadership conference you were our best speaker ever! No one has ever received a standing ovation except you. Our executives learned so much about science-based team building, having a shared mission as leaders, and how to be more effective communicators with our teams. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


We invited Christopher Kai to speak at AIME, the leading trade event for the events and meetings industry in the entire Asia Pacific region. His two keynotes on “Story-based Leadership” and “Elevate Your Relationships: 5 Proven Ways to Connect Better” were powerful and memorable. Christopher Kai was one of our highest rated speakers, which is quite an achievement as he was speaking to seasoned event professionals who are exposed to many great speakers. Not only was he great on stage, he's a joy to work with and a true professional.

Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME)

His energy is fantastic. He will rock your crowd.

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