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Sales Expert, Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

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Cian McLoughlin is a bestselling author, award-winning blogger, MC, leadership facilitator and sales and business expert. With a business career spanning 20 years, including senior management roles in a number of the world’s largest software companies, Cian provides a unique perspective on what motivates (and demotivates) people when making a buying decision or influence attempt.

Previous experience

Author: Author of Amazon #1 bestseller ‘Rebirth of the Salesman’ and co-author of the bestseller ‘Secrets of Business Success”, Cian is a regular sales and marketing commentator in the mainstream media. His blog was voted one of the Top 50 Sales Blogs for the fourth year running, and his book was voted one of the Top 50 Sales Books for the third year running by Top Sales World. Cian also had a brief stint as a TV comedy writer. This comedy background, coupled with his Irish heritage means audiences are entertained, informed and inspired by Cian’s workshops and keynotes.

Clients: Businesses such as SAP, Orange, Salesforce, Westpac, Qantas and DXC regularly request Cian to help facilitate workshops and deliver keynotes at their events. Above all else, Cian is a passionate proponent of an ethical, honest and authentic approach to business.

Features:Cian has been featured in the Huffington Post, Sky News Business and many more media publications.

Talking Points

Perfecting the Art of Business Storytelling: Why Storytelling has become the #1 skill to master In business today

As human beings, we’re hard-wired to learn through stories, so why have so few of us mastered the art of telling a great story? In this engaging presentation, Cian challenges many of the accepted norms of presentation skills, to explore the increasingly significant role storytelling plays in engaging, educating and inspiring an audience. Chock full of industry war stories, neurological insights and actionable tips, this presentation will change how you think about stories for ever.

Why People and Purpose, not Product and Price, matter most to your customers

Some funny things have happened recently in the business world. The balance of power shifted from seller-led to customer-led; from product-led to service-led; from complex and cumbersome to simple and agile; from outbound push to inbound pull; from hard to do business with to easy to do business with. What does all of this mean for businesses trying to stay relevant and engaged with their customers? It means that suddenly your people and your purpose are you’re biggest point of differentiation and your product and price are simply your ticket to play.

Why EQ, not IQ, is your Key to Success

“For some reason I just didn’t feel right about working with those people” she said.

“I know what you mean, I felt exactly the same” he replied.

In a business world governed by logic and reason, rules and structure, is it possible that our hearts actually rule our heads? Conventional wisdom says no, but compelling evidence from the field of behavioral science and a weight of anecdotal evidence from the business world tells another story. In this fascinating presentation, we’ll investigate the science of decision making, the power of empathy and why the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes may be the most important skill you could ever master.

Rise of the Machines: Who will triumph in the war between Man and Machine?

Boston Consulting Group predicts that by 2025, up to a quarter of all jobs may be replaced by either smart software or robots. Oxford University takes it a step further, believing that 35% of all jobs in the UK are at risk of automation in the next 20 years. In this keynote, Cian tackles this thorny issue head-on and questions what these statistics mean for individuals wanting (and needing) to continue working for many more years to come. He presents a vision of this business future and offers a surprising Five Step Survival Guide for surviving the automation revolution ahead.

There’s no such thing as a silver bullet in business or is there? Why win loss analysis could redefine your business success

A mythical ‘silver bullet’ is supposed to offer a simple and effortless solution to a seemingly intractable problem, unfortunately in the business world at least, they don’t exist. In this humorous and engaging keynote, bestselling author, award-winning business blogger and media commentator Cian McLoughlin, will put his reputation on the line by making the case for Win Loss Analysis as a ‘silver bullet’ strategy for the majority of sales-focused businesses. As founder and CEO of Trinity Perspectives, a business dedicated to helping sales organisations unlock the power of their customer’s insights, this keynote will pack a punch for any business-focused audience and provide quick, actionable strategies that can be applied throughout your business.
As keynote for our annual sales conference, Cian drew from his own personal experiences as a sales leader and customised his content to our specific organisational needs. He energised the sales team and helped them understand the personal characteristics that create success. Managing Director, Draeger Medical Australia

Cian does something special on stage, he shares his own story and connects at a human level with his audience. His content is relevant, powerful and it delivers quick results for those that work with him, but it’s his delivery that really sets him apart. A lot of speakers market themselves as world-class, but I can tell you with certainty that Cian can prove it with one measurable result - voted the No.1 speaker at one of the world’s most regarded sales industry conferences, the Centre of Sales Excellence Summit.

Managing Director, The Centre of Sales Excellence

Cian was a very impressive moderator for our CIO round table dinner. He kept the discussion focused and constructive whilst deftly integrating new ideas being put forward by the participating CIOs. We also found him to be highly engaged with us pre and post event, which was very effective in ensuring a positive program for all. I can highly recommend his services.

Summit Director, GDS International

Cian’s style not only boosts the fire in the belly, but his presentation helped our team develop clear plans and actions. He undoubtedly knows his stuff, but our team particularly appreciated his genuine and personal style. 100% positive feedback, 5 stars from the Promapp jury!

Director, Promapp

Cian asked for additional information to tailor his presentation and spent time understanding our business and our aims as a department. He had done his homework, made the effort to arrive early to setup and then to sit in on the session before his presentation to get a flavour for the room. He delivered a highly engaging presentation and went out of his way to ensure he delivered as much value as he could to the team over a 1.5 hour session. I’d highly recommend him to businesses looking for a down to earth speaker that can connect and motivate a salesforce.

Retail & Marketing Mgr, Huon Aquaculture

We worked with Cian to deliver sales excellence workshops for us. He engaged with our sales leaders early to truly understand their challenges, built high quality content and delivered classes to great acclaim from the sales reps. His knowledge, empathy for his clients, and overall professionalism set him apart from the rest, and we're looking forward to continuing to unlock his magic across many more selling acumen areas


Cian participated in a panel of industry experts at the Salesforce World Tour in Sydney, March 2019. Cian was great to work with in the lead-up to the event and needed minimal briefing. I engaged Cian for this event to bring his expertise in the sales field and he certainly delivered that, securing a score of 4.7 out of 5 from the audience for the panel discussion. I look forward to working with Cian again in the near future.


2019 was a big year for Saxton, after this amount of growth and change in the business I needed to bring the leadership team together to reflect, ready ourselves and reimagine 2020. Saxton engaged with Cian McLoughlin to ensure we not only had a clear understanding of, but also achieved our objectives. Cian digs deep to find the outcomes required and ensures they are deliverable at all levels. He is a powerful and professional facilitator with a warm and engaging style tailored to his audience.


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Emma McDowell

General Manager - Sales

Let's talk, enquire with Emma now

Emma McDowell

General Manager - Sales

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