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Leading Voice on Change Fatigue & Resilience

Optimally leading yourself through exponential change requires courage and resourcefulness.

Australia’s female speaker and bestselling author dedicated to helping you transform your team from change fatigued to re-energised.

Finally, a keynote speaker with real-world business experience, resilience AND stage presence.

Ciara Lancaster, a former Change Manager at Deloitte Australia, has led teams of 500+ through change management, business transformation and digital innovation efforts. Add to that, that she literally went on to write THE book on the topic.

During the peak of the pandemic, 'Reimagine Change' became a #1 best-seller in Organisational Behaviour and Stress Management. You will frequently see Ciara Lancaster's thought leadership in the media. The Financial Review, Sky News, In The Black, Women's Agenda and CEOWorld Magazine to name a few.

Keynote speaker, Ciara Lancaster, is also an alumna of Sydney University, University of New South Wales, Stanford University and The Mind Academy in the domains of Psychology, Economics, Organisational Change Management, Compassion Cultivation and Modern Psychology. Most importantly, in a world dominated by celebrity, Ciara brings authenticity, vulnerability and relatedness that the audience comments on time and time again.

Ciara Lancaster knows that in the business world inspiration isn't enough. It's all about impact. For this reason, audience members will learn at least three action steps, as shared from the stage.

Many leaders also gift their team copies of the book as a valuable post-event resource to embed the learnings. If this is resonating with you and you are ready to transform your team from fatigued to re-energised, then connect with Ciara Lancaster today.

Personal transformation is a powerful precursor to business transformation. Let's do this!

Talking Points

Rapid Resilience Reset

Discover the four core modern zones of personal resilience.

With life and change speeding up, often we the individual get steam-rolled by our to-do lists, our digital demands, and life's curveballs.

This keynote looks into our personal blueprint and what might be holding us back.

It's time to consider the inner work required to set yourself up for sustainable success. Often it is the tough questions that we ask ourselves that deliver lasting results.

- Dive into reality roadblocks
- Discover sustained resilience insights
- Level-up your high-performance habits
- Feel a fresh new focus to flourish
- Thrive as a whole human
- Be ok being a perfectly imperfect individual

Reimagine Change

Join thousands of leaders experiencing the Reimagine Change® movement.

Shift from change fatigued to re-energised thanks to business storytelling and science-based strategies that supercharge your personal and professional approach to change in the workplace and beyond.

Step into the future of work with ease thanks to the signature 3-step framework, designed to better ready yourself for this epic era of change with more optimism, energy and the belief that you truly are
resilient and resourceful for all of the new possibilities on the horizon.

- Activate the change resilience mindset reset
- Leverage EQ + change leadership insights
- Lean into the cinematic visuals
- Enjoy meaningful, fast-paced table activities
- Powerfully lead through change in 3-steps
- Watch the ripple effect impact team culture

Customisation & Panels

(45-minute bespoke customised keynotes for unique events)

A selection of key clients prefer to reach out to me months in advance to design and deliver a bespoke end-to-end keynote. This style of briefing works best with specific parameters agreed upon.

As a certified Change Leader with corporate lived-experience in the trenches of business transformation, Ciara is well-versed in conducting one-on-one interviews with team members to gather data. This data is then used to shape the on-screen narrative and is guaranteed to have your audience nodding along in agreement.

This presents a follow-up opportunity to have Ciara Lancaster switch from keynote speaker to panel host for a deeper panel discussion with key audience members. A thoughtfully prepared panel with a pre-determined structure becomes a powerful and memorable addition to any conference agenda!

Women in Leadership & Future of Work Panels

You can't be, what you can't see!

Representation matters more than ever on leadership panels and conference agendas. Let's celebrate diversity and disrupt the narrative together!

“Thanks once again for your outstanding contribution to the success of our Dell Client Solutions Series. The feedback that we received has been extremely positive with the panel being called out as a highlight, and that was in large part due to your valuable insights and wisdom. Thank you for the role that you played in
making the day a success.” - Dell Technologies

- Australia's leading voice on Change and resilience
- Certified Change Leader with Big 4 experience
- Well-versed in conducting 1-1 leadership interviews
- Elevate panel conversations with inclusive debate
- Experience a vibrant, researched stage presence
- Excite your audience with meet and greets
Ciara was phenomenal…by far the best facilitator and speaker that I have seen! She was warm, engaging and welcoming. The session was really thought-provoking, even emotional at times, with lots of key takeaways that our leaders can go away and implement as soon as next week when they are back with the wider team. Why did we book Ciara? She is the leading expert in this space and all of our interactions with her leading up to the event were so positive. Having just finished the session, the room is absolutely feeling pumped and ready to tackle change moving forward! The Page Group

Ciara is an amazing speaker with easy to digest advice! Thanks for bringing the energy you bring to our 5 state forum tour. We are already hearing good news stories from our teams implementing the personal changes shared in the Rapid Resilience Reset keynote.


Ciara Lancaster was a great addition to our global conference! She was very adaptable to our unusual circumstances and was able to help problem-solve with us to make it a great event. The content was highly relevant to the audience and very well received; we had a lot of people telling us they were interested in reading Reimagine Change after seeing her dynamic presentations. Ciara was highly professional before, during and after the event and brought a lot of positive energy and “can do” spirit to the whole experience. Ciara should be on everyone’s shortlist for keynote speakers!


Thanks once again for your outstanding contribution to the success of our Dell Client Solutions Series. The feedback that I received has been extremely positive with the panel being called out as a highlight, and that was in a large part due to your valuable insights and wisdom. Thank you for the role that you played in making the day a success.

Dell Technologies

Highly engaging and perfectly pitched. Ciara’s opening keynote was received exceptionally well. It was a fabulously energising in-person session. Thank you for sharing your change expertise and commercial lens with our Victorian Leadership Team. Allowing us to feel uncomfortable together and to reimagine change with a positive mindset. We have a real appreciation for this collaboration.

Hays Recruitment

Ciara's closing keynote was hugely successful! The company-wide feedback was very positive after witnessing the energy, enthusiasm and engagement in the room stay super high right to the end of the day. Her content on 'Change Resilience Readiness' was a welcomed shift after a full day of product-specific content. Our team found her session really beneficial with several inspiring takeaways. We loved having Ciara join us for our conference and you will too. "You could feel the energy of introspection buzz around the room. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to hear you in person today. And I'm excited to read through the bonus content over the weekend.


Ciara was brilliant…really fantastic! She was right on the message and achieved all of the desired outcomes from our briefing. The culture and change messaging was very motivational.


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Ciara for our event. Her topic on resilience and overcoming change fatigue was very topical at the time of our conference (when most of Australia was in lockdown) but would be equally relevant to any time or place, as her keynote provided a sense of optimism and togetherness, and contributed to a positive message on which to end the conference week. Ciara was professional, organized, and an absolute pleasure to engage with. She was also very keen to understand our sector, to ensure her session was tailored to our audience.

Australian International Education Conference

Ciara went above and beyond to prepare for the event and tailor her presentation to our audience. She delivered a thought-provoking presentation.

Australian Accredited Certifier Conference

Ciara provided exceptional value for our community at Mental Health & Change During Challenging Times, we look forward to having her back!

Change Management Institute

It was great having Ciara join us at our recent company update. Her content was expansive and in particular, her pointers around celebrating experimentation, encouraging our people to take risks and fail, and to challenge each other to ensure we don’t repeat what might have worked in the past was particularly powerful and relevant for our business.

Shopper Media Group

Our team found Ciara’s virtual session really insightful. Her delivery via video highlights, research and business storytelling brilliantly validated the emotions our team have been feeling through so much change. All of the feedback gathered after the session was consistently positive. Ciara also provided a variety of valuable post-event resources to further embed the concepts showcased. Highly recommend connecting with Ciara!

Citibank Australia

Very high standards. Very high energy. Very easy to deal with. If you are questioning whether to bring in Ciara to virtually keynote to your team. The short answer is do it! Leading up to the session, Ciara completed a thorough briefing to understand the challenges of our team and pin point what would be personally meaningful to them. Ciara then brought the topic to life via an engaging mixture of media, industry terminology and in our case, references to our internal wellbeing initiatives. Feedback from across the team was that it was very well received, as were the very generous selection of resources. Thank you, Ciara!

Monash Health

Applause is the test of any performer’s ability, and Ciara’s were loud. Not only a crowd-pleaser but a professional from our first email, through to briefing calls, and her time on-site and on stage. Ciara gave the closing keynote speaker at one of our 3-day conference, and as required, she held our delegates' interest and enthusiasm to the bell. Feedback from our attendees was that it was captivating, relatable and pertinent. We look forward to reconnecting with Ciara for future conferences. ”Brilliantly delivered and such an important part of the event. The human side of business propels everything and understanding what drives, impacts and challenges people is paramount to success. Lots of great insights and takeaways.

iMedia Comexposium

If you are looking for a sophisticated keynote related to change, disruption and the future of work, Ciara Lancaster knows how to engage senior leaders and executive teams. You’ll experience real stories and real insights that will challenge your audience to sit-up, expand their thinking and show-up in more useful ways that drive momentum. It was very well received and the themes aligned well with our deep focus on team culture.

RX Global Australia

Ciara cuts to the chase on the complexities and challenges of change very quickly. She challenged us to broaden our awareness and adaptivity towards workplace change and resilience at our national retreat. Her opening keynote was on-brief and helped to set the tone for the day, with follow-up presenters easily tying back to key messages such as future of work skills and trends in change leadership expectations. Thank you for generously sharing your professional insights with our team Ciara.

Hopgood Ganim Lawyers

Ciara’s keynote shined a light on the complex topic of constant change in the workplace. Our team enjoyed comparing her real-world challenges to theirs and were curious to dive into insights into adaptive leadership. It was a credible and timely message! Thank you for joining us Ciara.

Toll Logistics

The team really enjoyed all the insights and learnings in what is a key topic, especially after the unprecedented year of change.

Pepper Financial Services

Ciara was energetic, engaging, informative and connected on a personal level with the audience following the event. I would highly recommend Ciara to other event organisers.

Cessnock City Council

Ciara Lancaster did our opening keynote session on Reimagining Change. Ciara really brought the energy and got everyone ready for a great two days of learning. She spoke to the audience of legal professionals about really key issues with change fatigue and change management, that they would have been able to take away so many great learnings from and strategies back to their businesses that they can implement straight away. So thank you so much Ciara for kicking off the conference!

Legal Innovation and Tech Fest
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