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Dr Clio

Mathematician, author, writer, and media presenter.

Like art, poetry and music, maths is just another way to connect to the world.

Mathematician, Dr Clio Cresswell PhD, believes the answers to most of the big questions lie in mind-bending equations. After years of research, she explained her theories on finding the perfect relationship in her book, Mathematics and Sex.

Now, she turns the same boundless energy and humour to some of the other biggest challenges facing humanity, including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Social Media.

"Mathematics is all about patterns, whether it's in the stock-market, society or in your bedroom," she says.

Dr Clio Cresswell is an expert on translating these patterns into a language that the rest of us understand. She has delivered two TEDx presentations, spoken at International Future Congresses, government summits and corporate retreats around the world.

She is able to connect diverse themes, explain difficult concepts, and entertain large audiences with expansive ideas and a lively sense of humour.

Current Work:

Using mathematics to open a unique window into our humanity, Dr Cresswell is looking at how the brain works and makes sense of its environment.

The work is about unpacking our problem-solving ability and the current place of logic and the analytic in our global culture. She is examining where we find ourselves today as a species. Is there something beyond analysis? Or if we head towards an analytic infinity point, do we lose part of what makes us human? How does creativity make its way in for novel solutions?

“If you want to understand the full picture you need to have both an analytic and emotional understanding. Most of the time the analytic is well contextualised while the sensorial side is neglected. “ Dr Cresswell’s vision is more balanced and centres on integrating the two aspects.

Talking Points

The Mathematics of Change.

The Future of Analysis. Is there always more? Can we offer more?

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