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Professional Surfer and Founder of the Good Human Factory


Cooper Chapman is revolutionising attitudes toward mental health, making it not only accessible but also fashionable. By distinguishing between mental health and mental illness, he underscores the importance of proactive self-care for all individuals. As a prominent speaker in Australia, Cooper has addressed over 30,000 students across 75 schools and presented to over 5,000 corporate professionals, including esteemed clients such as Telstra, McDonald's, Amazon, Red Bull, Whitefox Boutique, and many others.

With an illustrious career as a professional surfer, representing Australia on multiple occasions and consistently ranking among the top 100 surfers globally for the past seven years, Cooper seamlessly transitioned into mental health advocacy. Fuelled by a commitment to happiness and kindness, he founded The Good Human Factory (TGHF) to confront the escalating mental health challenges, particularly among youth.

Through TGHF and his captivating speaking engagements, Cooper empowers individuals to discover their purpose by aligning with their core values. His relatable approach and compelling storytelling resonate deeply with audiences, sparking transformative conversations and fostering positive change.

As the host of the immensely popular podcast "Good Humans," Cooper has amassed over 700,000 downloads, providing a platform for high-profile guests to share their stories of resilience and inspire others. Beyond his podcast, Cooper's influence extends to mentorship through surf camps and mental health workshops, where he has coached thousands of students and professionals in the pursuit of authentic living and personal growth.

With an unwavering focus on gratitude, mindfulness, responsibility, kindness, and empathy, Cooper Chapman is not just promoting mental well-being but also making it "cool," encouraging individuals to embrace self-care as an integral part of a fulfilling life.

Talking Points

Workshop: Growing curiosity around our mental well-being

The mental health industry has a huge focus on anxiety and depression. Cooper Chapman has developed a different approach. One that focuses on developing and implementing very simple skills into our lives to improve our mental health. His unique approach around placing our self-worth on our ability to live by values and find happiness in every day has been greatly received by over 3500 participants over the last 18 months. Cooper shows participants the way to “empty their bucket”, and shares various techniques and skills that are easily adopted by the audience to have lasting impact on their wellbeing.

This is a workshop suited to all people, from students up to high-level corporate staff. A workshop is a soft approach that can be valuable to everyone.

Key Takeaways :

- Growing self awareness around the skills we have in place for when we go through a difficult patch in life.
- Understanding the responsibility we all have to make dedicated daily actions for our wellbeing
- Techniques to implement into our daily life such as Habit Stacking, Gratitude, Kindness and Mindfulness.

Uncovering values

A lot of us go through life basing our self-worth on our achievements and reaching goals. But this is known to have a detrimental effect on our mental health. Cooper encourages participants to explore which values are important to them. And implement them into their daily lives. Shifting our mindset and basing our self-worth on how well we live to our values gives us an opportunity to find happiness every single day.

Key Takeaways
- Building self-awareness around our values
- Discovering the benefits of living by values
- Learning a new mindset around self-worth.

Building healthy habits

Creating new healthy habits is something we all endeavour to do, but so often struggle to stay consistent. Cooper explains an interesting way to stay consistent with new habits called Habit Stacking. When we stack our habits on top of other things we consistently do it allows us to implement them much easier.

Key Takeaways
- Mindset shift around implementing new habits
- Better understanding on how habits are created
- Shared resources and stories of how Cooper develops new habits

Emptying your mental health bucket

Cooper engages his audience by filling a bucket with water. This acts as a metaphor to show that we all have different struggles in life that "fill our bucket". He then encourages participants to reflect on how they "empty their bucket". As the workshop progresses he shows how he empties his bucket on a daily basis.

Key Takeaways
- Self-awareness on our capacity to handle challenges
- Understanding of what improves our mental health
I believe Cooper is to be commended for his dedication and focus on improving the discussion and willingness amongst young people to feel comfortable in discussing mental health. The Hon. James Griffin MP, NSW Environment Minister

Cooper has developed a strong understanding of key factors related to boosting individual wellbeing, mental health and has an excellent ability to communicate his concepts in a very warm, authentic, and engaging manner to his audiences. Cooper’s Good Human Factory workshops are engaging, practical, and impactful in raising awareness and positively changing attitudes and behaviour around mental health and well-being.

Surfing Australia

We really want to commend Cooper, he is a pioneer for creating TGHF, running these workshops, his podcasts, merchandise, and starting the 1% club, they are so unique. Knowing he is sharing his experiences and comprehensive knowledge on the importance of mental wellness, to not only others in busy workplaces like ours, but driving this message in schools to start the conversation with children, is so reassuring. His honest sharing of his, and other top athletes/ widely known figures' experiences, emphasizes further that mental health issues do not discriminate. The way he delivers this course created such an open and honest environment for us to really reflect on our own lives and what we were doing to support ourselves. His analogies and strategies are concise and straightforward, making them easy to implement in everyday life. We found his emphasis on accountability, was really motivating to pause and remember to look after our own mental health in our intense and very patient-focused jobs, especially during these COVID times. We also really appreciated his bucket analogy and practicing some of his strategies right there in the workshop, so we left the course feeling refreshed and revitalised. Thank you for your time and dedication to this very important cause.

Starship Children’s Health, Auckland, New Zealand

Cooper facilitated our Scape Speaks session to a live & online audience from our largest Brisbane asset for Good Health Month. His 'Emptying Your Mental Health Bucket' session had the session participants locked in from kick off. Cooper's ability to maintain engagement and interaction whilst clearly communicating practical steps we can take for our own health was brilliant. The feedback from our team members has been outstanding and I'd recommend any business considering Cooper as a speaker to get in touch with him.

Scape Australia
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