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Co-founder & CMO of Sendle

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In challenging times you don’t rise to the occasion, you fall back on your training.

Craig Davis has a healthy relationship with failure having fallen on his face and landed on his feet in equal measure.

He is a startup entrepreneur, advisor, mentor, board member, teacher and keynote speaker. He has worked on a corporate scale leading business and creative transformations across international networks of 10,000 people and worked at his kitchen table as an entrepreneur to start three businesses since returning to Australia 9 years ago.

Current Work

His most recent startup, Sendle, is a disruptive technology company locked in a ‘David and Goliath’ battle with Australia Post in the booming parcel delivery business. The AFR has recognised Sendle as one of Australia’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies, twice. Sendle is growing at a staggering rate through a commitment to remarkable customer experience, values-driven culture, innovation and service, and is Australia's first certified technology B Corp and Australia's first 100% carbon neutral delivery service. CMO Magazine also put Craig on their Top 10 marketers in Australia list two years running.

He is an Advisor to KPMG's High Growth Ventures helping them increase the speed and scale of startup successes in the Australian ecosystem. He is Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School, a mentor at the Startmate accelerator, and a Certified Teacher of Google's 'Search Inside Yourself' Leadership Programme. All of which are ways to exercise his abiding belief in human potential and our limitless capacity for creativity and innovation.

Previous Experience

Advertising: Craig worked at the forefront of the global advertising business for 20 years. After starting his own agency in Sydney he went on to lead Saatchi & Saatchi across Asia, and J Walter Thompson’s 10,000 strong network as Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide, based in London.

He has worked with many of the world’s biggest brands - Coca-Cola, P&G, HSBC, Unilever, Vodafone, Shell, Sony, Bank of China, Toyota, Kraft, Ford and Diageo to name a few - and won countless awards for effectiveness and creativity.

Craig also happens to be the fastest Australian to run a marathon at the North Pole - a long way from Dubbo where he grew up.

Talking Points

Waking up to Conscious Capitalism

The Keynote

Capitalism is the greatest operating system for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship ever invented. But business as usual is broken.

Growth is hard to find and profitability is elusive. The challenges are mounting as we find ourselves running ever faster on the hamster wheel. Your people are 54% exhausted, 22% overwhelmed and 10-20% depressed. They might be turning up to work, but they're not really present.

The world is changing faster than your thinking. So how do you go about building a successful and sustainable business in the 21st century? How do you outperform the market significantly and reliably?

Conscious Capitalism is a new way to think about, lead and operate your business in the face of mounting complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty. It's proving to be far more creative, resilient and financially rewarding than old-world models.

More importantly it's changing the way we think about business to include emotional, physical, environmental, social and spiritual value.

In this Keynote you'll discover a happier, healthier more fulfilling approach to business. You'll be introduced to the competitive context for Conscious Capitalism and the four tenets of this new business movement. And you'll learn about some of the companies (many of them in the S&P 500) already practicing these principles with some cold hard facts about their success.

The Masterclass

When the considerable advantages of Conscious Capitalism strike home you'll want to know where to start.

This Masterclass takes you through the building blocks of Conscious Capitalism in a simple, practical format that you can apply directly to your business.

Craig examines the impact of purpose on stakeholders and provide you with a framework and examples to help you discover the true purpose and values of your business. He looks at stakeholder models and ways of developing your systems thinking using real-world examples. And he spends time examining the contribution of leadership and culture to Conscious Capitalism.

Ten reasons to get involved

1. Discover a new way to imagine your business;
2. Find out why you need a purpose beyond profit;
3. Learn how to redefine the path to success;
4. Start building a new engagement model;
5. Equip yourself with left and right brain reasons for change;
6. Stop toxic behaviors you don't even see;
7. Learn why conscious capitalism is not CSR;
8. Develop your agility and flexibility;
9. Boost your creative capability; and
10. Make your investors happier.

Who should sign up for the Keynote and Masterclass?

Business leaders, entrepreneurs, senior executives and government officials who are discontent with the status quo and optimistic about a brighter future for business.

Craig believe all businesses have massive reserves of untapped potential and the ability to create new and enduring value. Waking up to Conscious Capitalism will help you get there.

You Are More Creative Than You Know

The Keynote

Creativity used to be a silly word in business. It was a good word to use if you wanted to blow yourself up in a boardroom, not get invited into one. But creativity is the new black. It's the key to building engagement and unlocking growth through innovation.

Creativity is a force for good, creativity changes the world we live in and creativity powers progress.

"Human creativity, partly individual but mostly collaborative and cumulative, is at the root of all economic progress" - Deirdre McCloskey.
Creativity is the most important resource in your business, it's remarkable and it's renewable. In an era of rapidly increasing complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty and the acceleration of everything, creativity has never been so valuable.

Craig believes that everyone has creative abilities and everyone can become more creative. They're not God-given gifts or mysteries, they're skills. And like all skills, they get better with coaching and practice.

The Masterclass

When you understand that creativity is a conscious process, problems, opportunities and challenges look very different. This Masterclass teaches that curiosity, empathy, imagination and experimentation lie at the heart of creativity and innovation.

The programme immerses you in a simple, proven approach to developing your personal Creative Quotient and throws you in the deep end with the disciplines of Design Thinking and Agile Development as methods for innovation.

This inspiring, challenging and practical programme will re-stoke your creative fire and equip you with tools and practices to step-change the way you work and lead your organisation.

10 reasons to get involved

1. Rediscover your right brain to become a better balanced, more agile leader;
2. Future proof yourself with new, life-long skills;
3. Change the way you look at change;
4. Build your core creative strength;
5. Learn where ideas come from and how to get there;
6. Radically improve your creative confidence;
7. Learn why creativity and innovation are part of a conscious processes;
8. Practice proven methods for developing creativity and innovation;
9. Immerse yourself in Design Thinking with 'hands on', kinetic learning; and
10. Develop teachable skills to take away with you.

Who should sign up for the keynote and masterclass?

Every child is born creative. But we are taught out of our creative abilities and schooled in left-brain, rational, linear and reductionist thinking. In the age of the acceleration of everything, rediscovering and developing your creativity has never been more necessary or more desirable in your career and your life.

This programme is designed for senior executives, team leaders and entrepreneurs from all industry sectors and government who want to radically improve their creative abilities, collaboration skills, career prospects and success rates in a world of accelerating change.

The Future Looks Human

I’m a big believer in the power of technology to disrupt, disintermediate and radically reshape markets. Just look at the music, film, news, travel, investment and recruiting industries to point to just a handful of examples. But I believe in humanity more. I think that the biggest leaps in productivity, creativity and innovation in the immediate future will come from harnessing the human potential of organisations.

It comes down to nurturing three uniquely human capabilities:

Trust. A quick look at the Global Trust Barometer, an annual survey of around 30,000 people in 33 markets including Australia, shows that the number one driver of trust in business is the ability to “listen to customers”. Listening, aided and abetted by technology, is a human skill.

Empathy. So too, is the ability to empathise. The capacity to put yourself in someone else’s shoes - a client, customer, employee, supplier, prospect or investor - is the starting point for genuine innovation. It’s the first phase of Design Thinking, an innovation process taught at Stanford and other leading universities (including UTS here in Sydney that I’m involved with).

Consciousness. People are smarter, looking for meaning and purpose, better connected and more “aware” than any previous cohort on the planet. As a result, they don’t buy into business as usual, and they’re suspicious of the usual corporate rhetoric (like CSR). These are the people you need to engage in and around your business, where the four tenets of “conscious” business kick in.

Happy Business. Pull the Other One

Happy business may sound like a massive oxymoron so prepare to be surprised.

The future is not about technology, it's about humanity. Yet businesses consistently lose sight of their customers and employees. People are disengaged with business as usual - they just don’t care. Worse, it's making them unhappy. But what if we could turn that around, wouldn't that be truly transformational?

In a world characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, there are four bright lights to navigate the new reality showing the way to a happier, healthier future for businesses.

What do they mean for the future of recruitment and how can you reinvent your business to make the most of them?

International business expert and entrepreneur Craig Davis has helped clients develop and launch broadband services, software and soft drinks, banking and payment services, beer, cosmetics, foods, cars, mobile devices and not-for-profit organisations. Hailing originally from Dubbo NSW, this country boy at heart has lived and worked all over the world and draws on his international experiences to show you a different kind of future.

The Happy Business Workshop

How do you make your business happier, healthier and more successful? More successful by a factor of 10.5!

This interactive workshop gets your brains busy, your hearts engaged and your hands dirty working on your own business. It will help you rethink and reframe your business as of now.

Using simple principles and practices, and examples from the real world, you'll emerge with a new approach to your business that you can take back to work and begin to apply immediately.

What's the point of sustainable buildings (read cities), if the people in them aren't?

Don’t forget the little people.

Ask most working stiffs what they love about their work and they’ll quickly get to “people.” Ask them what they find most challenging about their work and “people” come up again. When you ask CEOs what’s troubling them they say “people" too. People, it seems, are the best and the worst of business, both hugely positive and deeply problematic. While we’re busy designing and developing buildings for people to work in, most of those people just don’t care about their work. For every person who is fully engaged, there are two and a half who are actively sabotaging their best efforts, and six who are off with the Pixies (Gallup).

It’s not that these people are failing business, business is failing them. The fixation on profits and productivity has become thoroughly dehumanising in the workplace. Add to that the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of business, and the acceleration of everything, and we have a cohort of SADDOs (pronounced sad-ohs) - people who are Stressed, Anxious, Depressed, Disengaged and Overwhelmed. They’re not about to get more productive, creative or innovative any time soon.

But here’s the big opportunity. These same people are smarter, looking for meaning, better connected and more conscious than any other cohort in history. They’re craving purpose, community, culture and authentic leadership. They want to be fully human. And the biggest gains to be realised in productivity, creativity and innovation lie in connecting people on a holistic human level.

What does this mean for architects, developers and managers? How do you introduce ideals, values and experiences to re-humanise buildings/cities? It’s all the little people that hold the key to prosperity and success.

Remarkability: How to build remarkable customer experiences

Customer experience is a business-critical topic unpacked and explained in this entertaining and actionable keynote address. Craig has worked with many of the world’s most famous corporations and has started (or partnered) in 11 businesses of his own. He understands the transformative power of purpose in organisations large and small and how to build teams around them to create a brilliant experience for customers.

Drawing on lessons from the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ Craig will explain the keys to customer-centricity (clues are purpose, values, culture, focus), reveal the “unfair share” you can gain by solving customer pain points, and share how Sendle has grown at over 250% year on year and earned a Net Promoter Score higher than Disney.

Learning outcomes:

- Understand how your purpose is the first step towards a better customer experience. Too often, businesses are focused on the top or bottom line. It may sound obvious, but you’ll see how critical it is to get your purpose and vision right for the customer. Craig will share a simple XYZ framework to help you to develop yours.
- When you know your customers, you can figure out what they really care about. Learn how to feel their pain and discover a three-part framework for you to put things right.
- Improving customer experience is a never-ending story. Learn how to set up feedback loops to help you and separate the signal from the noise. Then you can create the culture and focus on doing the right things brilliantly.
- By the end of this talk, you will know how to start (or improve) your own customer experience journey, why purpose and culture matter and how to rethink yours, why feedback loops are so important, and how to prioritise what you’re doing in your business with “startup-like” precision.

Transformational leadership: Unlock your full potential

How do the best leaders manage change, stay resilient, and inspire growth? Developed at Google by leading experts in neuroscience, business, and psychology, the Search Inside Yourself leadership program (Craig is one of the world’s few certified Level 2 teachers) gives you the practical mindful leadership and emotional intelligence tools to bring out your best.

Born at Google and based on neuroscience, the Search Inside Yourself program was developed to help elevate performance, improve leadership skills and enhance wellbeing in one of the world’s most innovative and consistently high-performing companies. Craig was one of the first teachers certified to teach SIY outside Google and has led the program to investment banks, media companies, manufacturing enterprises, technology companies and startup entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific.

The secret sauce? Search Inside Yourself combines cutting edge neuroscience, emotional intelligence training and mindfulness practices to reduce stress and improve focus, productivity, collaboration, resilience and more.

The program can be delivered as a Keynote (appetiser), a half-day, one day, or a two-day interactive workshop for the whole immersive experience. The program is perfect for building new professional muscles, opening up additional mental bandwidth and inspiring new levels of team connectivity for groups from 30 to 300.

Learning outcomes:

Today’s leaders face unprecedented and accelerating rates of change in every industry - from manufacturing to technology to the financial sector - and many people don’t have the skills to navigate these new challenges successfully.

- Craig will introduce you to the concept of neuroplasticity and teach principles and practices to help you “change your mind to change your brain” to manage distractions better, handle change and reduce stress to perform at your best.
- Discover the five emotional competencies and how you can develop yours to become a better leader, a star performer and a happier human.
- Understand why emotional intelligence correlates with improved collaboration, teamwork and leadership.
- Learn how ten years of research shows a consistent connection between mindfulness and wellbeing. And how simple practices can help increase creativity, innovation and job satisfaction,
- Leave with powerful tools and simple practices that will improve your performance, leadership and wellbeing. Not to mention the positive impact on the quality of your relationships at work and home.

How to tackle Business Transformation

No business can afford to stand still. It’s no longer the big that eat the small; it’s the fast the eat the slow. Business transformation is often touted as the solution to big business problems, but what are you transforming from, what do you want to transform into, and, most importantly, why?

Craig argues there is no business without customers and that transformation, whether driven by desire or necessity, has to be led with a customer-first focus. Want to increase your revenue or market share? Put your customers first. Need to improve customer satisfaction and tap into loyalty economics? Put your customers first. Have to cut costs? Even here, you need to put your customers first.

Learn what disruptors do to transform industries and how you can apply those principles to transform your business. As co-founder of Sendle, Craig has been at the centre of innovation and disruption in action. He has bought choice and competition to the parcel delivery, a business dominated by the last remaining government monopoly, Australia Post. He knows, first hand, what it takes to shake up large organisations and the transformational power of an unblinking customer focus.

Learning outcomes:

- So you want to transform your business? You’re going to need to be agile. Learn why agility requires a new set of skills and ways of working that you’ll need to master
- Learn why understanding your customers must be at the epicentre of any transformation plan and discover new tools for sharper customer insights
- Learn why humility is is a key value for transformation and why you need to make a shift from ego to empathy and compassion if you want to succeed
- See why speed is more important for transformation than size
- Leave with a simple three-part framework for business transformation called the “Golden Triangle” that will help you navigate the most challenging transformations

What big business can learn from startups

Startups are sexy. Australian entrepreneurs are working crazy hours to be the next Atlassian, Canva, Culture Amp, Safety Culture or Sendle. What makes them so alluring is the potential of unlimited upside - together, these businesses are worth billions. Startups are now attracting some of Australia’s best and brightest talent and some of the most sophisticated capital.

But the risks, uncertainties and demands of startup life aren’t for everyone. So what can big businesses learn from the world of startups to help them innovate faster and less likely to be disrupted? What are the real drivers of startup success that corporate Australia can emulate?

Craig is one of the co-founders of Sendle, one of Australia’s most celebrated startups. In this keynote, he explains the fundamental drivers of startup success. The urgency to “find a customer” and the challenges of getting to Product/Market fit fast.

He will also share the importance of perspective, empathy and insight as to the building blocks of startup success. He explains why self-awareness and humility (not arrogance and swagger) matter in building a high-performing and highly collaborative culture. And why your best ideas are often buried in your business, hiding in plain sight.

Learning outcomes:

- Product is marketing; marketing is product. In startups, the product is king. Learn about the importance of feedback loops, how to get closer to your customer, understanding product/market fit, and leveraging your product into growth
- What are you missing? Your best business idea may be buried in the complexity of your business. See what happens when you focus your efforts on developing it. Learn why it’s better to be a 100% solution to 30% of the market than a 70% solution to everyone.
- Big businesses tend to place fewer bigger bets. Learn why startups believe in placing lots of small bets, upping their testing cadence, and full stock marketing.
- Discover the potential of customer problem solving, remarkability, and loyalty economics to fuel your growth
- Learn the secret ingredients of wildly successful startup teams
As a creative director Craig Davis was awesome. Took JWT Worldwide from ninth in The Gunn Report's Table for Agency Networks to fourth in one year. He is a lovely writer - one of the best in our business, and certainly one of the best brains in our business. As for Craig as a speaker, I remember one year we were on the same bill at GoaFest in India. And Craig was on right before me. As he spoke with supreme ease and panache with the audience eating out of his hand, my confidence drained. I felt awful. The Gunn Report

Craig was the perfect speaker to open our Agile Leader executive education program. He understands and encapsulates in an entertaining and thought provoking way the present and the potential future. He made our senior business audience laugh, consider and engage in trends such as social media, the digital era, the importance of customer engagement which set the tone and pace for the next three days. He isn't a way out futurist, more a present-er - he uses trends and information to describe and imagine what our near future looks like, enabling us to think creatively about the wicked problems of today - which is far more useful and applied to our work.

University of Technology Sydney, Executive Development Unit

The Creative3 forum bridges the gap between creativity and commerciality to provide the inspiration and tools to build a successful creative business. Craig's engaging, motivating and thought-provoking presentation spanned both these worlds conveying the value of creativity to improve business productivity. Craig has a natural gift for communication, with a charismatic style which resonated so well with our audience and speakers that two years later delegates are still talking about his keynote's impact and meaning. Building that type of audience connection is definitely an art which Craig has skilfully mastered.

QUT Creative Enterprise Australia, Creative3 forum

Craig hit JWT like a whirlwind, his energy and enthusiasm were infectious and helped drive huge change within the business. Craig has the ability to stand on any stage and captivate any audience, from the most junior creative person to the most senior of clients. His knowledge of marketing is second to none. He is an outstanding leader, respected industry commentator and someone who took the leap to digital world early in his career. I'd go out of my way to hear Craig speak.


Craig Davis is an exceptional speaker. It's not often you get professional speakers who are so prepared to research and tailor their presentation to the exact needs of the conference - but on the two occasions we've used Craig Davis (and we've already booked him again for another client) we have seen exactly that - and the crowd is just so appreciative. Not only is Craig prepared to put the time in to his presentation to make it relevant for industry, he presents his challenges in a manner that is just so engaging. Craig has ranked 'most favourite speaker' both times we've used him.

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