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Founder and CEO, The Impossible Institute.


Daniel Gregory is the co-founder and CEO of The Impossible Institute™, a Research and Training organisation that advises management and sales departments on what truly drives their customers and employees.

Creativity, collaboration, culture, change, innovation, sales, marketing are only a handful of topics Dan has tackled for organisations. He also regularly advises the C-suite and Boards on how to lead with the power of a purposeful and compelling identity in a rapidly changing world.

In a 20 year history as a thought leader in human behavior, marketing, NPD and communications, Dan Gregory has worked with the biggest global brands and won countless awards around the world for creativity, effectiveness and ROI. In terms of accolades not much has changed as clients continue to rave about his innovative, creative presentations delivered with intelligence and humour.

With his experience on the ABC’s Gruen Transfer and time spent in the US and UK as a stand-up comedian, his delivery and timing is impeccable. With his experience and depth of knowledge there are few topics Dan can’t bring his focus to. His keynotes and workshops are supported by hours of research and some of the sharpest humour the industry has seen.

Talking Points

Drive: What makes us buy and buy in?

In a challenging business environment where our capacity to persuade and engage determines our results, drives successful sales and marketing and is a measure of modern leadership, organisations and individuals must understand the hidden driver that motivates human beings at their core. This goes far beyond logic based reasoning and even emotional manipulation. In this insightful and motivating presentation, Dan will:
- Identify the key driver to all human behaviour
- Provide clarity around why one size doesn’t fit all
- Establish a process for overcoming objection through four simple motivations
- Give your organisation the tools it needs to have customers buying and employees buying in

We-Q: Working with collaborative intelligence

The hyper-specialisation and interconnectedness of the modern workforce make the capacity for intelligent collaboration a must have, not some touchy, feely nice to have. However few orgnisations can generate inter-departmental cooperation, let alone coordinating multiple organisational cultures. In this interactive presentation, Dan and his business partner Kieran Flanagan will facilitate:
- How “I can’t” but “we can”
- Why conflict is critical to collaboration
- A process for unleashing the multiple skill sets within your organisation
- The tools managers need to activate every member of their team

Innovation on Purpose: What you make is who you are

In a world of change it is our capacity to innovate that keeps us competitive, yet too often the process of innovation is left to random invention, or worse still, trend watching and late adoption. So it should come as no surprise that the majority of corporate innovative processes meet with market place failure. In this business critical presentation, Dan will demonstrate:
- The the next big thing is already in your organisations’ dna
- How to turn your people into a creatively competitive machine
- Why innovation must be congruent with the vision of the companies leadership
- That ideas are impotent without action

Shift: How to shift perceptions, people and products

The rate of change in our society, our values, the media, the market place and our businesses is unprecedented in history. It is our capacity to understand the implications and uses of these shifts, rather than falling victim to them, that determines our success. In this challenging and exciting presentation, Dan will reveal:
- The possibilities these shifts offer us as individuals and organisations
- The fundamental shifts that are changing our culture, communications and companies
- Where those shifts are taking us from and to (and the threats if we don’t keep up)
- The latent possibilities that are just waiting for us when we get in front of the game

Gravity: How to lead with engagement, alignment and attraction

There has been a fundamental change in the way we engage people as leaders, employers and businesses taking us from an era of push and ushering in an age of pull. This understanding is critical to the success of any leader, movement or manager. In this compelling presentation, Dan will cover.
- The elements of gravity and how to create it
- The traits common to successful leaders, products and movements
- How to create alignment within organisations, teams and markets
- The actions required to attract volunteers and create followers

The Way We Shift Perceptions, People and Products... Is Shifting

This presentation looks at how changes in technology, communications, culture and the marketplace have created huge shifts in how we engage people with our ideas, products and services. It replaces outdated marketing theory with new opportunities and practices that these changes have made possible. The media landscape has democratised, the individual can now have the global impact of a corporation and mediocrity is dying. This is the most exciting time in history to be engaged in business and communications... that is, if you know how to follow the shifts. Specifically, this presentation covers:
- The four shifts in market, media, culture and values
- Where those shifts are taking us from and to
- What the implications are for marketing and communications strategy

How Small Business Can Punch Above Its Weight

The story of David and Goliath is often interpreted as a lesson about pride preceding the ultimate downfall of the big guy. We believe it's actually got a lot more to do with the ingenuity of the little guy, David. Small business is often strong in its product or service offering but lacks sophistication and effectiveness in it's marketing. This presentation demonstrates the secrets of the Goliath brands and how a little of this knowledge can help small businesses market above their weight. Specifically, this presentation covers:
- What big brands do that small brands should
- The 12 critical components to giving a small business scale and visibility
- How to make your marketing budget look bigger than it actually is

How to Lead with Engagement, Alignment and Attraction

Critical to the success of any leader, movement or idea is the concept of gravity. Gravity has the ability to generate 'pull', to attract, engage and align followers, employees and customers to our greater purpose. An idea is only as powerful as your capacity to engage people, make the idea popular and ultimately, sell it. Specifically, this presentation covers:
- The elements of gravity and how to generate them
- The common traits in successful leaders, products and ideas
- How to create alignment and engagement within organisations, teams and markets

How to Engage Both Sides of Your Creativity

Edward DeBono, in his book Lateral Thinking, stated that lateral thinking was creative thinking. We believe he made a critical error and in fact denied the creativity of a style of thinking dominant in at least 50% of the population. We need to stop thinking in terms of linera and lateral thinkers and instead think in terms of leapers and linkers. This presentation looks at:
- How to identify your dominant creative thinking style
- Tools to increase your idea generation
- How to configure problem solving and innovation focused teams

The Limits of Our Thinking are the Limits of Our Lives

All progress and innovation is the result of an impossible thought, the ability to imagine solutions beyond what currently exists. In a world that is rapidly changing, it is our ability to adapt and innovate that will determine our success, an ability that relies on our capacity to think in new ways, unencumbered by past practice. Specifically, this presentation covers:
- The belief systems that keep us trapped in "what's possible" thinking
- The practices used by the most innovative companies on the planet
- How to have ideas on purpose, both deliberately and in line with your higher goals

The Business of Customer Experience

Too often we tend to think of the business we are in as the products we sell or the services we provide. However, these products and services may come and go as consumer trends and technological advances impact the desires and behaviours of our customers and clients.

It is far more accurate to describe our core business in terms of the value we provide and the entire experience and journey our customers enjoy (or not) This includes their initial exposure to our brand, the purchasing and delivery experience, how we handle issues and complaints and even how we choose to behave as corporate citizens. In fact, our business can be either made or undone at any of these customer experience points. This makes CX a critical responsibility, not just of those with face to face roles with our customers, but for everyone seeking to drive both the bottom line and our marketplace value.

In this inspiring and entertaining presentation, Dan Gregory will explain:
• Why customer experience needs to be consistent at every touch point
• Why we need to transform beliefs into behaviours
• How to align our value with the values of those we seek to serve
• Why customers only notice the extraordinary, the surprising and the exceptional
• How customer experience feeds business outcomes


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Seeking counsel of experts is the best way to do things right, the first time. A real estate agency consulting company, we needed an expert in marketing, social media, and advertising to advise our group of 170+ agents. We chose Dan Gregory because our reputation was on the line. The result: over one hundred leaders left our convention buzzing with possibilities after just over an hour with Dan. If you need an advertising, marketing, social media consultant - or an excellent convention speaker - if you don't engage Dan Gregory, in my opinion you have rocks in your head. We WILL be doing much more work with Dan and recommend that you do the same. Pittard Training Group
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