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Leadership, Engagement, Mindset & Wellbeing


Dan Haesler is a performance and leadership coach who specialises in Mindset, Mental Skills & Leadership. He works with elite athletes and sporting teams, as well as corporate leaders and organisations.

In the NRL, he is the Performance and Leadership Coach with 3 x NRL Premiers, The Penrith Panthers, the 2023 RLPA Player of the Year, Shaun Johnson. He has worked with members of the Australian Olympic and Commonwealth Games Teams, as well as athletes from a wide variety of sports.

As a Director of Cut Through Coaching, Dan and the team work with all manner of organisations across the Asia Pacific, including the likes of Boston Consulting Group, Roche Diagnostics Australia, CHEP, People’s Choice and Boston Scientific as well as schools and educational organisations.

Since its release in 2021, Dan’s book, The Act of Leadership has been the best-selling Australian-authored business title (perhaps because it’s about people not business) and has been described by James Kerr, the best-selling author of Legacy as a book that will, “Change your life”.

As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Dan Haesler marries the rigour of the research with his experience of working with high performers, some of whom are - literally -amongst the best in the world at what they do.

He prides himself on his ability to ensure your audience is not only provided with an entertaining, motivating experience, but it’s also empowering with immediately actionable insights.

Talking Points

Own the Moments That Matter

Whether it’s orchestrating a comeback in a Grand Final or closing a large client, taking the game-winning shot or managing difficult people, we all experience moments that matter.

Dan Haesler will share with your audience key insights, frameworks and techniques that have helped the athletes, teams and organisations he works with to develop their capacity to perform at their best when the pressure is on.

Key themes: Performing Under Pressure, Mental Toughness, Mindset, Mental Skills, Emotional Intelligence, High Performance, Self Leadership

Leading High Performing Teams - The Secret Sauce

Dan Haesler will explore the #1 essential element required for teams to create and sustain a high performance environment.

By digging into some research as well as their own lived experience, the audience will be encouraged to consider how they could immediately start influencing their environment and conditions in order to bring the best out in their people. (Hint - it's not about talent, resourcing, money or free muffins in the kitchen.)

Key themes: Leadership, Team Dynamics, Culture, Belonging, Psychological Safety, Wellbeing, Emotional Intelligence, High Performance, Self Leadership

Mindset Matters - How Mindset Impacts our Capacity to Navigate Change and Challenge.

"Change is hard." So commonly held is this belief, that it's rarely scrutinised. And whilst, objectively speaking, most behavioural psychologists agree that it is hard, it's worth noting the extent to which our own behaviours and beliefs are contributing to the difficulty we experience.

Performance Coach Dan Haesler will share some frameworks and techniques that can help individuals, teams, organisations and families reframe the changes and challenges they face at work and at home.

It's this reframing that allows us to find a sense of agency and control, so that not only can we respond to what we're faced with, but we can become more proactive and chart our own course in life.

This keynote will resonate on a professional and personal level, and will impact how you relate to those you work with and lead, and those you live with and love.

Key themes: Growth Mindset, Mental Skills, Emotional Intelligence, High Performance, Self Leadership, Motivation.

"Why don't they just do their job?"

Often we see motivation or mindset as an individuals' responsibility. Dan Haesler will set out to challenge that notion and explore the importance of understanding and creating an environment and a culture in which people can authentically engage.

Together with the audience, Dan Haesler will explore Self Determination Theory - the foremost theory on human motivation and use it as a lens to consider how you can reach more of your people, more of the time.

Key themes: Motivation, Belonging, Leadership, Learning, Emotional Intelligence, High Performance, Self Leadership

How to Coach - And Why (Even if you’re not a coach)

Being more coach-like extends beyond techniques, frameworks, or acronyms; it is a unique 'way of being' that fosters an environment of growth, learning, and connection. It’s as useful in personal relationships as it is in professional ones.

Together the audience will explore the 'coach-like' mindset and how it can profoundly impact interpersonal relationships, team dynamics, and organisational culture. By embodying this approach, leaders can unlock immense potential within their teams, fostering resilience, innovation, and enhanced performance.

Key themes: Coaching, Motivation, Belonging, Leadership, Learning, Emotional Intelligence, High Performance, Self Leadership
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