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Inspiring Leaders to Understand & Practice Strategic Empathy to Drive Results

Strategic empathy is the leadership superpower to drive performance.

Daniel Murray blends the worlds of organisational strategy, behavioural economics, and strategic empathy with simplicity and practicality to help even the most analytical thinkers to engage in the world of empathic leadership.

Current Work:

With a degree in Mathematics, an MBA and a long career in strategy and management consulting within Australia’s largest Financial Services organisations, Daniel now helps businesses and leaders to drive performance through people, culture and empathy.

His company, Empathic Consulting, was born out of Daniel’s desire to embed empathic leadership tools in business. He has seen time and time again that businesses that largely ignore the unique emotional needs of people suffer disloyal customers, higher staff turnover and lower overall performance.

Through his presentations, workshops, and consulting services, Daniel empowers leaders to leverage empathy as a capability to cultivate productive teamwork and experience tangible corporate success.

Daniel is renowned for his ability to entertain audiences with engaging stories, practical tools, and relevance that bring to life the often-hidden side of human behaviour.

Talking Points

Leading With Empathy


In times of change, leaders must build connection and confidence. In a world dominated by social & technological disruption, we need to lead with empathy.

Actions shape culture for better or worse. This is where creating clarity, taking accountability and equipping teams with the skills to practice empathy in the workplace makes a huge difference.
In this internationally renowned keynote, Daniel unpacks the actions needed for people leaders to empower connection through empathic leadership.

Key Outcomes:
- The importance of shared commitment
- Unlocking the psychology of resilience
- Powerful strategies to create more personal & team-based resilience
- Shared action plans to build network resilience

Ethics & Empathy

We live in volatile times. Royal Commissions, natural disasters and a global pandemic remind us of our turbulent and complex modern world. News and social media make it easier than ever to crucify companies for even the slightest error or misdemeanour.

Today, we need our people to make tough choices to protect themselves, their teams and organisations. But how do people make good decisions in the face of ambiguity and competing priorities of various stakeholders? Companies have invested in values and purpose statements, but are these a compass for decision making or just corporate wallpaper?

In this session, empathic leadership expert, Daniel Murray, will unpack the strategies that move the values from posters on the wall into behavioural commitments and how these will shape your future risk culture.

Using tools focused on developing practical skills of empathy and strategic alignment, Daniel shows how our people can, and must, uphold the ethical and behavioural standards of the organisation, no matter their position.

Leading the Great Reconnection

Inspiring leaders to use empathy & curiosity to rebuild teams in the face of uncertainty. There has never been a more important time to begin the reconnection in our fractured workplaces. In a world dominated by complexity and uncertainty, your leadership is under the microscope.

Many employees are feeling isolated, afraid and disconnected from the people they need to trust, understand and work with the most. Are you going to be a victim of the great resignation or lead your team to a great reconnection? Now is not the time for locking ourselves away in the busyness of daily work. It is not the time for controlling with an iron fist. Now is the time for curious and empathic leaders to foster empowerment and confidence for the future.

This keynote provides inspiration and key strategies to help leaders reconnect their people and recapture their performance.

Empathic Leadership Masterclass

Duration: 3 x half-day sessions held over 3 consecutive days.

A practical and inspiring Masterclass to supercharge capability and growth as a leader.

Practical, personal, engaging and hands-on, this comprehensive masterclass will optimise your professional performance and accelerate your growth as a leader.

Specifically designed for new and emerging corporate professionals, you will gain key tools to thrive as a leader and build your career with drive and resilience.

Designed to build your professional and leadership development, this program has been thoughtfully crafted to optimise your learning experience. You will walk away with tools and resources that leave you refreshed, inspired and confident to lead with empathy to drive performance.

Benefits of this Program:
- Build leadership authenticity, understand your values and boost confidence to lead high-performance teams
- Develop self-awareness and empathy to become a more effective leader
- Receive an individual Team Management Profile (TMP) to identify work preferences and opportunities to work more effectively with others
- Learn how to communicate with influence and build trusting relationships
- Build resilience in yourself and others to navigate challenging situations
- Master strategies to break out of being busy and become a more strategic leader of your team
- Learn how to solve complex problems by embracing complexity, collaboration and accountability
- Shift from being a manager of the process to a leader of people

What to Expect:
- Before the Masterclass, each delegate completes a Team Management Profile and Individual Report from one of the world’s leading psychometric profiling tools
- A personalised learning experience: With a maximum of 25 participants, this intimate and hands-on Masterclass is shaped to allow you to share your personal objectives and challenges, work in intimate groups to solve problems and integrate your work preferences to receive personalised feedback and insights.
- Build new connections and a support network of like-minded peers: You’ll get the chance to collaborate and problem-solve with a new network of emerging leaders, all with a special interest in growing their skills.
- Each participant will work in small groups throughout the modules to provide support, advice and networking between sessions, with many support networks continuing beyond the program as lasting relationships.
- A toolkit of takeaway resources: Walk away with a toolkit of practical resources, frameworks and hacks that you will be able to implement immediately to assist your leadership development journey and career progression goals.

Empathy in Risk Management

Why data-driven decision-making leaves us vulnerable in a complex world.

Mastering the hard conversations

Giving feedback with empathy & confidence.

Effective Performance Management

How to manage performance in the public sector.

Strategic Empathy

Leading with values, empathy & ethics

Even [Engineers] can lead with empathy

Demystifying the essential skills of empathy

Empathy, Ethics & the world of AI

Why we need to be more human in a world of artificial intelligence.

Are your people concerned about the rise of AI and what it means for their jobs?

Are they struggling to see how they will fit into the future of work?

Is it time to reframe their importance and reignite the fire of human intelligence?

With the world of artificial intelligence and technology changing our lives so quickly, it is easy to be left paralysed, overwhelmed and struggling to understand our workplaces of the future. But we must not let the uncertainty of the future hold us back from the important role we will have in shaping it. This session is focused on repositioning the role our people need to take in developing the future of decision-making, workplaces and culture.

The future will be shaped by people. By the level of curiosity, empathy and ethical decision-making we make. This session will compel audiences to rethink what AI means for the future and put the spotlight directly on the critical role they play today and in the future.
Thought inspiring, provoking and interesting. Took you through the emotional journey of using empathy in your business. Tyro Payments

He engaged people in the room who I didn't think would ever respond, let alone take-away actions. Post this session, I observed genuine behaviour changes. This was one of the best things I could have done for the team.

Commonwealth Bank Australia

As a master storyteller, he led us as willing volunteers, on a journey of change. Through powerful analogies and images finely balanced by science and supporting frameworks (to build Empathy) Daniel speaks and people not only listen but are compelled to do better.

Partners in Performance

I can honestly say it was one of the best sessions I have been part of. His content was unique and his style was very interactive. I highly recommend using Daniel if you are looking to build empathy & understanding to drive performance.

Nova Entertainment

Daniel provided a fantastic presentation to Fiji accountants and government leaders on empathic leadership. A really critical topic for developing countries who are seeking to drive innovation and transformational change - this has to be led by people and the right character, humility and leadership is essential. Highly recommend Daniel - a great style and creates a safe environment for self reflection.

Mark Dixon Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Fiji Revenue and Customs Service

Engineers Australia engaged with Daniel for content to deliver to our Engineering community. In particular on the topic of 'Leading with Empathy'. The presentation style was fantastic, engaging and impactful, applying personal stories and examples one would experience in the workplace which made it relatable. Daniel has such a calm nature which was lovely to work with leading up to the event, feedback following the presentation included comments such as - "Wow! That was incredible. I wish I had heard Daniel 35 years ago" / "This was one of the best sessions ever attended". I would highly recommend Daniel for any future events and certainly look forward to working with you in the future!! Keep up the great work and knowledge sharing you are doing Daniel!

Engineers Australia

I had the privilege of listening to Dan talk about leadership and empathy. The session was full of moments that made you think, practical ways to apply empathy in leadership situations and to approach everyday situations a little differently. Dan made us think more about our perception of people and our preconditioned responses to certain situations and how these play out at work. There were so many valuable learnings for me and things I will now do differently from my short time listening to Dan. I really enjoyed the style of the content of what we went through!


I was fortunate to meet and experience Daniel’s presentation on empathetic leadership at a large conference held for the Fijian accounting community recently. His presentation was so engaging and honest, and so well tailored for the audience. He has such an authentic storytelling style, with the ability to have you immediately think of the potential to use empathy in your own life and organisation. I would highly recommend Daniel!

Institute of Public Accountants
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