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MC, compere, host, presenter, trainer, educator


If you’ve never heard of Darren Isenberg that’s PRECISELY why you should be interested in him.

Current work

He has been speaking at corporate events since 1995 with over seven hundred Conferences, Awards Nights, Road Shows and Special Events under his belt. His appeal has not been based on any fame or celebrity. Rather he is highly sought-after for one reason, and one reason only … because he is absolutely outstanding at what he does.

Corporates love him. Industry Associations love him. Franchise Groups love him. And what's not to love?

He keeps his delegates engaged and entertained with his warmth, wit and wonderful wordplay. He is low ego, high quality, easy-going and flexible to deal with. Darren knows there are a lot of MC and speaker options out there and so is delighted to simply be chosen to be part of your event.

As a qualified educational professional (ie, a former economics teacher!), his expertise is in creating a conference room in which delegates learn more.

Delegates find that Darren’s informative and entertaining speaker introductions and expertly-crafted speaker wraps show he truly understands the aims of the speaker, the needs of the delegates and the messages the client is wanting to emphasise.

He arrives on-site impeccably prepared but always ready for the last-minute changes which are an inevitable feature of life at live events.

He writes all of his own scripts after researching the speakers, the client and the industry (and, naturally, includes any key points the client wishes to incorporate). How good does it feel to know your MC will actually save you a mountain of work?

And, from 2018, he is offering clients a special service as part of his role as MC called Conference Continuing Commitment Co-ordinator, which helps ensure the main messages and motivations gained at the conference are enduring months down the track.

His client list is extensive and impressive from wealth management to waste management from health providers to hair salons and everything in-between with many coming back to use him over and over and over again.

Many of his repeat clients have been franchise groups, industry associations and financial services organisations and he’s one of the few MCs on the circuit who gets repeat work from clients whose policy is to have a different MC each year.

His Clients have included the likes of ANZ, Barbeques Galore, BT Financial Group, Coca-Cola Amatil, Commonwealth Bank, Engineers Australia, Hyundai, IBM, Telstra, Westpac and many more.

But a minute spent looking through his testimonials will give a better idea of the extent of his experience and clients.

If you are seeking a professional and charming MC who is happy to be part of your event, Darren is the easy and clever choice.

Talking Points


- Keynote or Workshop -


- make POSITIVE DIFFERENCES to ourselves and the people around us
- play a vital role in IMPROVING THE CULTURE within a workplace
- be MORE EFFECTIVE AT LEADING and working with colleagues
- BRING ABOUT THE CHANGE we want to see in the world around us.

It packages SEVEN SMART AND SIMPLE STRATEGIES into a Keynote or Workshop format that is full of HUMOUR, ACTIVITY and a myriad of memorable MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGES.

With his ENTERTAINING DELIVERY STYLE and TRADEMARK HUMOUR, Darren Isenberg provides delegates with insightful instruction in either a 40-60 MINUTE KEYNOTE presentation or a 45-90 MINUTE WORKSHOP format.
The conference MC, Darren Isenberg added huge value to the agenda with his amazing wit and intellect. Darren unquestionably increased participation and attendance rates whilst keeping motivation to a maximum throughout the conference. Apogee

Best MC we’ve ever had and worked the audience and delivered when other speakers failed. Worth every dollar!

Recruitment & Consulting Services Of Australia

In all my years of organizing meetings and conferences Darren was “Absolutely Fabulous” - Darren researched each of the presenters, he was funny, witty and most entertaining. Highly recommended.

Nestle Australia

You are the best MC I have encountered in my 15 years of event organising.

Australian Exhibition Services

It was a tremendous asset to have you as our MC and your quick witticisms, humour and timing definitely broke up and livened the proceedings at all times.

C. Inc.

Your ‘masterful management’ as the key communicator with our speakers, sponsors and delegates during the conference, your very popular and highly-acclaimed Sponsor Speakeasy segments, your creative speaker introductions, your MIAA Opening Sequence and Song, and your sense of humour and excellent timing have certainly raised the benchmark for future MIAA Conferences.

Meetings Industry Association of Australia

You gave a fascinating, informative and entertaining session.

Meetings Industry Association Of Australia

His introductions to the sessions ensured that the audience started each session with a laugh and a little excitement, which not only made the conference more memorable, but also managed to tune their attention into the speaker.

CSL Pharmaceuticals

Your ability to relate your presentation specifically to the AUSTSWIM course showed the presenters that you had done your homework. Our presenters did not miss this fact. While the ideas and techniques that you gave can be used in any presentation, the fact that you used examples and anecdotes specific to the AUSTSWIM course impressed all those who attended. The whole group was ‘a buzz’ after your session. We have had such presentations before, but what set your presentation apart was the fact that you gave the participants practical ideas and applications, which they can take away and use immediately.


You were successful in creating an environment where the crowd was able to interact with the [HSBC NSW Waratah Rugby] players, and where the players were able to relax and enjoy themselves.


The biggest compliment you could receive for the job you did will not be paid by me in this letter. I’m sure you agree that it came when Best Western International offered you the opportunity to MC their conference in Beijing next year.

Best Western Australia

Your rating in our conference survey two years in a row was outstanding. You’ll be pleased to know that we are seriously considering running you in the trifecta for next year.

Best Western Australia

As the conference's MC you managed to keep our audience alert and energised throughout several intense business sessions. The workshop debrief showcased your interview and facilitation skills, where you made a seemingly difficult task into an easy one using your intelligence, quick wit and intuition. As MC we also appreciate the research you put into preparing personalised introductions for all speakers as this helped to set the tone for a very polished conference.

Commonwealth Bank

I trust you enjoyed the the event as much as our delegates enjoyed your “Yoga Class” during the Energiser session and I don’t think many of them will forget the “Voyage Of Discovery” around Cairns … it was a great way of introducing our delegates to a greater amount of local product knowledge in a fun-filled environment.


A fabulous way to get a group of Developers, Progammers and IT Gurus way out of their comfort zone! Everybody had a great time.

PriceWaterhouse Coopers

The crowd interaction, songs, activities and competitions were a huge hit with the hundreds of spectators queued to enter the Olympic Superstore. The entertainment was a fantastic success and we were delighted with the results.


Not only was your preparation for the event well beyond our expectations but your handling of the constant schedule changes and some more memorable difficult moments with speakers were handled exceptionally well.

Australian Accident Repair Network

You took the little information that was supplied and turned it into a very enjoyable and fun-filled night. Especially when I saw some of the quietest guys in the IT industry strip for the impromptu fashion parade. That was truly a work of genius.

Oracle Corporation

I think what made it even more of a success was the fact that the entertainment was focused on the people themselves, rather than something generic. You’re pre-planning for this certainly made all the difference.

Ungerboeck Systems International

Of particular importance was the relevance of the Hunt to the audience. We certainly appreciate the effort you made in researching our culture and company history.

Trowbridge Consulting

I was particularly impressed with the way you researched each of the speakers to ensure a humorous but detailed introduction was given to all.

Orlando-Wyndham Group

The Impact crew were a great success. One of our team is very difficult to please and he said he had a ball!

St. George Bank

Feedback from members of the Conference Organising Committee commended our choice of MC because you successfully created the mood and feel we were seeking for our event.

9th Australasian Conference Child Abuse & Neglect

The challenges all were fun and I'm sure I don’t only speak for myself when I say we learned about team members that we didn’t know before.

St. George Bank

Keeping the attention of the crowd was a major priority for us… he kept the 350-strong audience of publicans, bottle-shop managers and suppliers entertained and amused between presenters with jokes and fun activities.

United Inn-Keepers Association

You’ve done it again - come up with a great quiz to make for a really memorable night. The response we were looking for was exactly what we received and it was no doubt due to your enthusiasm, research and planning.

The Events Centre

You had a great impact from the grand opening, especially the StorageTek National Anthem, right to the finale.

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