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Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader and Business Futurist.


With extraordinary economic growth over the last decade, the rise of China is underway. Chinese Influence in business will continue to rise, and the next decade will be pivotal to Australian organisations seeking new opportunities for growth. China represents a unique opportunity to the rest of the world driving wealth and prosperity across the globe. Of all of the disruptive trends defining the future of business, the Chinese economy is one that simply cannot be Ignored. How will you and your organisation embrace a view to China?

David Thomas has carved out a reputation as a global thought leader, Influencer, innovator and game changer who inspires business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors all over the world to consider the business opportunity that is China.

Current work

Today, David is the CEO and Founder of Think Global Consulting. Think Global facilitates business and Investment partnerships between Asia and Australia. In essence, David is a bridge builder providing a solid foundation for the west to do business with China in Australia, China and all over the world.

Previous experience

Beginning: David recalls his first trip to Hong Kong at only 18 years of age when he visited the border and took in his first view of a country that would define his life's work. Little did he know at that time that China would become one the world's economic superpowers.

Finance: David’s extensive career has led him to work and live in London, Asia and Sydney. He managed his own financial services company in Hong Kong, and as result gained Insights into the rapidly changing markets within the Asia Pacific Region. Along with Asia David also has a keen Interest In the economy of Latin America and Eastern Europe driven by a passion to decode the Influence of the four "BRIC countries" (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

Chairman: During this period David was also the Chairman of the Australasian Financial Forum that provided him with a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the trends that were redefining business between China and Australia. This experience further solidified David's credibility and mastery as an expert on China for business leaders, entrepreneurs and Investors looking pioneer in a new and abundant marketplace.

Speaker:As a speaker on Innovation, Future Trends, Leadership and Globalisation, David’s unique value is his ability to identify business trends, opportunities and challenges in China. Having worked on the ground for 30 years, he has practical examples, case studies and anecdotes that invigorate his presentations and consulting. He regularly speaks at Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Board Meetings to a wide range of audiences/industries and tailors each presentation accordingly. His insights as a China expert can definitely add value to your next event!

Talking Points

The future of your business and industry is here and now!

We live in the Asian Century. A massive wave of people, capital and resources is heading our way as cashed up Asian middle class consumers, tourists, students, migrants and entrepreneurs head to our shores and start participating in our economy. Whatever industry you are in, and whether you're an SME or working for a large institution, you can position yourself and your business to take advantage of the new opportunities arising from this fast growing wave. All you need are the knowledge, tools and skills to adapt to the changing environment. Are you ready?

Business growth - capturing the Asian market

With the massive transformation taking place in China and the rest of Asia, many industries and sectors throughout the world are being disturbed, shaken up or changed forever. Innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders in the services sector, particularly in food, healthcare, education, tourism, real estate and financial services, are adapting quickly to the changing environment and staying ahead of the curve. How are you and your organisation placed for this disruption? How are you repositioning yourself to take advantage of the opportunities, whilst managing the risks? Will you be at the front or the back of this big wave of change?

The Art of Relationships - take 3 cups of tea

There is a saying that in order to do business in the Asian Century you need to take 3 cups of tea with your prospective clients, partners and investors. With the first you're a "stranger", the second you're a "friend" and, if you ever get to the third cup, you'll become part of their inner circle. It's only after the third cup that you can talk business! This is only one of the many skills and tools you need to master to succeed with your Asian clients, partners and investors, and there are many more. Are you ready to learn the others?


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